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    John (BGD)

    It’s time to play the music!
    It’s time to light the lights!

    Welcome, everyone, to the 2017 Golden Lion awards!


    Thank you, thank you. It is so good to see all of you here. The room is so beautiful with all you ladies in gowns and all you gentlemen looking so dapper. It looks like Børge has a new hat, and… is that Gu in a tuxedo? As I scan the crowd, I see several dozen countries represented. So good of you all to make the trip! You can really feel the excitement in the room as we prepere to hand out the most prestigious fiddle award on the internet… The GOLDEN LION!

    And now for the moment you have all been waiting for. The presentation of the Golden Lions!


    The first award is for outstanding contributions to the Composer’s Corner. This was  NOT an easy decision. The moderator and I have spent the last two days sequestered in the executive boardroom of BGD Tower, taking only our meals and the occasional strawberry-papaya smoothie as we deliberate on the most deserving recipients.

    First, I would like to give honorable mention to three fantastic compositions which were appreciated by all. In no particular order:

    Lucy Pevensie – Lucy’s Composition
    Rock – Rock’s Composition
    Fiddliferous – The Backwoods Reel

    And now, for the winner of the Golden Lion award for the Composer’s Corner, and his very own copy of
    Band in a Box UltraPlusPak from PGMusic!

    Nagumaq – Goodbye November


    First, I would like to give Honerable Mention to ten brave souls who entered the Lions Den on multiple occasions. In no particular order:

    Fran H
    The Future Streetfiddler!
    Butch Dixon

    And, now, for the prize of first runner-up, a red ribbon and a
    $25 gift certificate to fiddlershop.com
     go to…


    Cricket also tied with Rodger for the honor of “Longest Ramble in the What-Else-Is-On-Your-Mind Forum.”

    And finally, your 2017 Golden Lion winner for the Lion’s Den forum… For her outstanding contributions to the Lion’s Den this year, the winner of the 2017 Golden Lion Award and a
    $50 gift certificate to fiddlershop.com go to…


    Congratulations to all of our winners and honorary mentions. BGD would not be the same without them, and their contributions are much appreciated! The Golden Lion Award will be an on-going annual event here at BluegrassDaddy.com. And, as such, you are all encouraged to enter as many of your own self-playing videos for critique in the Composer’s Corner and Lion’s Den forums during 2017. You never know; it could be YOU receiving a Golden Lion this time next year!


    Doggone, I’m only wearing ol Jeans!  Congratulations to Gu…???!  Who knows what wonderful thing you will do with a band in a box…it’ll be exciting to see what comes next, besides maple syrup, of course! Congratulations to Kaeleigh???! You’ve shared so much and have obviously worked hard at fiddling excellence! I’m always happy to see what you’re playing! Of course I’m humbled to be among the chosen…and WOW to all other participants at BGD. Everybody here has so much to offer.  Whoops, am I rambling…where’s Rodger…I don’t like to ramble alone, and next time…we need some competition here on these long and winding posts…but, now it’s celebration time, and new year time…time to get our batteries recharged and priorities organized. Come on, guys ( and that includes us girls too), a new year is here…time to make music, share music, learn music, breathe music!  Thank you John and Great Scott, too, for the wonderful place we have here because of your dedication, hard work, and open arms.  Next award ceremony I’ll dress up…I’ll wear NEW jeans?!


    Haha that was fun, John you are so full of surprises.

    John (BGD)

    Great Scott’s idea! I hope you all enjoy this. We really do appreciate your online presence here. Every time you contribute to the forum, BGDU becomes a bigger and more beautiful place.


    Congrats to Kaeleigh?????


    And congrats to all who join This side:)


    Happy new year??



    I haven’t posted in The Lions Den yet but I have been inspired to attempt learning some of the songs others do. Many I’ve never heard before seeing them here.

    Thanks to all of you brave folks!



    Congratulations to all the winners.  And all the nominees.  I am so inspired by all of you.  Thanks for the community.



    Lots of fun. Congrats everyone. Thanks BGD!


    Well I just ordered myself a dark, low dust rosin that costs about 8 times as much any of the stuff I have laying around here currently, or ever…lol.  Hopefully that will make for some pretty smooth bowing. Plus a wall hanger so my fiddle can sit up above where all the action takes place around here…out of danger! Also picked up a sound post straightener…which sent me slightly overboard, but, oh well…ya never know when you’re gonna need that kinda stuff. Gosh I sure appreciate that!???

    fran h

    WOW.  I am just happy for honorable mention. Congratulations to ALL ! ! !


    Thank you so much! Yay! It’s such an exciting surprise for me to win anything 🙂

    This is such a wonderful site, and it’s so fun to be part of this great group of fiddlers!

    Thank you Mr. Cockman, for making such a worthwhile learning place as BGD!!!



    On no, you mean now we have to protect our ‘golden wind bag’ ribbon?  That’s going to take some doing Cricket!  After sifting through all that for the last year the guys in the white suits with the butterfly nets are probably hauling John away…

    John (BGD)

    Haha Rodger, I never told you, but the farm I grew up on was actually called the Funny Farm. 🙂

    Congrats to all! Cricket, I knew you would put the prize to good use. Kaeleigh, you are very deserving! I’m not kidding; I consider you all to be a big part of this site. You are the BGD family!


    Wow ! I must give credit to Jasmyn my beautiful wife and friend who by agknoleging the strange creepy sound of the stainless steel pot full of water on the fire place , made me sample and add originality to this song .  I am at lost of words how happy childlike feeling in me receiving the gift ? Of Sound recording ( big WOW), hopefully now I will be able to conclude the original with some Algonquin vocals and slip it back into the Den .

    thank you John and Great Scott , feeling like a million tunes ! Love you all s much, congrats to all and CONGRATS TO KAELEIGH , THE REAL lions Den Lioness !


    Congratulations Gu…now all you have to do is find time to make some more music…(please?)


    Rodger, better think of something to say…we have a job to do on here and can’t let the long-winded conversations slip away from us!  Like I said to Rock…my problem is that everything reminds me of something else.  Rock, are you staying close by enough to read here?  Hope things are going as well as they can with you and your dad and family.

    Great Scott

    My sincere apologies for not being able to post my Congratulations and words of thanks and gratitude sooner than now to the winners and all those who were honorably mentioned — as well as to everyone else who entered the Lion’s Den in 2017.  I know without doubt, that, by contributing your videos to the Lion’s Den — from those members just getting started with the fiddle to those more advanced players — your valiant efforts have been a huge inspiration to so many people; and no doubt, a wonderful learning and growing experience for yourselves.  Thank you all again, for your wonderful contributions and presence.


    I extend those same sentiments to all the members who contributed their fabulous original songs and tunes to the Composers forum.

    Great Scott

    Kaeleigh — You have truly come a long way to being a wonderful fiddler.  Your dedication to practice and your acceptance of, and, utilization of critique advice offered to you has clearly demonstrated your continual improvement in every video you posted.  I hope your award and prize inspires you to do great things!


    Cricket — I somehow knew that Rosin would be the first thing on your shopping list.  After all these years, you deserve a decent block of quality rosin.  The wall hanger is a great choice, as is the soundpost adjuster.  Life is too short to go without the simple things that add a bit of happiness it.


    Bien joué, Gu!   I guess now we will have to hold your feet to the fire in hope of you coming up with some truly outstanding tunes this year.  No pressure, of course!  Many happy and rewardingly creative hours of music making await you.

    🙂  🙂   🙂


    John,  this is a wonderful surprise tonight. Congratulations to Bluegrass Daddy for making these awards possible. Congratulations to everyone!! I do love this forum. I will get back to fiddling soon because I’m working with a physiotherapist to help the tear in my rotator cuff get better. Not practicing for a few weeks now will likely set me back a lot but that’s okay because I still love fiddling and will keep listening to Bluegrass Daddy’s wonderful lessons and of course, the Lion’s Den. Thanks everyone. 🙂


    John (BGD)

    Ann, I’m glad to hear you are moving forward with the therapy. Make sure they know fiddling is top priority! 🙂

    Gu, that was an acceptance speech for the ages. Please let me know if you need any assistance using the BiaB!

    Great Scott, I believe the awards banquet was a smashing success. Thanks again for the moderating and great ideas in 2017. You deserve an award as well!

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