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    John (BGD)

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The dimming lights mean that it is time to take your seats. We have had a wonderful evening of food and fellowship, but now it is time for the main event, the reason you all are here. That’s right, I’m talking about the 2019 Golden Lions Awards!

    Prizes this year will be gift certificates for the Fiddlerman Fiddlershop in Pompano Beach, FL.


    Fiddlerman has donated the top prize, which is a $100 gift certificate to the Fiddlershop! If you are a recipient of any of tonight’s awards, here are the instructions for claiming your prize: After the awards are over, watch your email for an email from me (john@bluegrassdaddy.com). This email will contain a code for your gift certificate to the Fiddlerman Fiddlershop. When you visit the Fiddlershop to make an online purchase, you will enter this as a promotional code, and the amount of the certificate will be subtracted from your order.

    Let me just say that I wish everyone could have been a winner. There were some very worthy honerable mentions out there who will not receive a certificate tonight, but who are winners all the same. Every time you post your video submission to the Lion’s Den, you will be recieving great advice from me and from your peers that will encourage and help your fiddling tremendously.

    OK, the band is beginning to play, which means it is time for me to stop talking and start handing out these wonderful awards!

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    John (BGD)

    First, let me honor our “Honorable Mention” recipients. Although no monetary prize is awarded, there is a lot of honor that goes with getting your avatar mentioned on the main stage here at the annual Golden Lions awards! Congratulations on your hard work and perserverance! Please forgive me if I have ommitted any worthy names from this list. We are only human, after all!

    — Happy World Fiddle Day
    — Dooley: in the key of A
    Fran H
    — A Little Clinch Mountain Backstep
    — Old Joe Clark
    — Mississippi Sawyer
    — Every tune is a work in progress
    — OBS
    — Me and Bobby Hicks
    — Bristlecone Pine
    — Wayfaring Stranger
    Jeff Craft
    — Fiad An Lolair (The Eagle’s Whistle
    Kody Foster
    — Johnny Gimble’s Barefoot Fiddler
    — I Have Decided To Follow Jesus (cover)
    Nancy Bitter
    — Wayfaring Stranger
    — And Then I met The Master
    — Byelorus Duet
    — Amelia’s Waltz
    — Weekend jam in Rock Hill, S.C

    John (BGD)

    Moderator’s Award
    Two recipients
    $25 each

    Now, on with the show! The first awards of the night will go to participants who have impressed the moderator with their effort and improvement. So at this time, I would like to welcome to the stage our hard-working moderator and world-traveler: Great Scott!

    Great Scott

    Thank you, John! What a fabulous night this is. Okay, without further ado I would like to present the Moderator’s award which is given annually by me to the person whom I feel has shown consistent improvement in their fiddle playing. There are a number of members who have demonstrated their improvement, and although the Moderator’s award is usually presented to just one member. as it was last year, I have found two particular members who have demonstrated their commitment via lots of practice and some very hard work. So, now it’s time to hand out the award. For the 2019 Lion’s Den Moderator’s award, the two members chosen are: Edmo45, and Pipcan. Congratulations to you both. I hope this award encourages you further on your fiddle / violin journey. Happy fiddling!”.

    — I’m back here with my progress:
    — Pachebell’s Canon in D
    — Despacito
    — Minuet by Boccherini
    — Waltz Number 2 by Shostakovich
    — One Day This Happened (Fish)
    — A very rare moment caught on cam

    — Aura Lee
    — Simple version of Jambalaya
    — Si Beag, Si Mohr
    — When Irish eyes are smiling
    — Ashokan Farewell
    — Tennessee Waltz
    — The Parting Glass
    — Star of the County Down
    — Inisheer
    — The Cradle Song
    — The South Wind
    — La Vie En Rose
    — The Dunmore Lassies
    — Prarie Spring Waltz
    — My Cape Brenton Home
    — Tennessee Waltz with Octave strings
    — Prarie Spring Waltz (updated)
    — Blue River Waltz
    — The Boat to Inverie
    — Arran Boat Song
    — The Starry Nights of Shetland
    — Da Schlokt Light
    — Midnight On The Water
    — Wild Mountain Thyme
    — Hallelujah
    — Auld Lang Syne

    John (BGD)

    Promising Youth Award
    Two Recipients
    $50 each

    Thank you Great Scott, and congratulations to these worthy recipients!

    Our next award will be to our most promising young lions. We are very proud of our young people here are BGD, and want to do all we can to encourage them to continue fiddling and take this wonderful form of music far into the future. These two recipients have shown tremendous resolve and improvement this year, and have a been an inspiration to all of us!

    Drum roll……….

    Gunnar Salyer
    — Morrison’s Jig
    — The Irish Washerwoman
    — Thanksgiving gig: no fiddle content — Red Haired Boy
    — Happy New Year

    — My first performance of the year: Scottish medley
    — The Teardrop Waltz — Westphalia Waltz
    — Spent Money Polka
    — St. Patrick’s Day Concert:
    — Danny Boy
    — The Dark Island
    — Morrison’s Fancy
    — The Lakes of Sligo
    — Siuil A Run
    — Sagart Ceolmhar (musical priest) Reel
    — Jock O’ Hazeldean
    — Pale Moon Waltz
    — Brenda Stubbert’s Reel
    — Prarie Spring Waltz
    — An Early American Medley
    — General Lee
    — Benny and Bea’s Waltz
    — McClannahan’s March
    — A Scottish Waltz
    — O God Beyond All Praising


    Wow! Thank you, so much!


    Guys, I am wearing flip flops with socks…so I’m all decked out a bunch tonight…plus I’ve made peanut butter fudge…please have some!  Congrats to Edmo…well done!  Congrats to Pipcan…oh…Gunnar and Kaeleigh…well done…applause, applause applause!!!  This is fun!

    John (BGD)

    Edmo, you are most welcome! Thank you for being here tonight to accept your award in person. You have been a great addition to the BGD family!


    Congrats to the honorable mention folks too…it’s been a great year because of you all.  Please have another bite of peanut butter fudge…don’t worry…it’s got honey insteada sugar…maybe that’s not so bad, hey?

    John (BGD)

    OK Folks, we are now at the halfway point of our awards! Still to be given out: The Composer’s Corner awards, and of course, the Golden Lions!

    As we take a short break for intermission, please visit amongst yourselves. Also, take a trip down memory land as you revisit first two annual Golden Lions awards ceremonies!

    2017 Golden Lions Awards Show

    2016 Golden Lions Awards Show

    John (BGD)

    For our intermission entertainment, please welcome to the stage our surprise special guests: Ricky Scaggs and Patty Loveless!


    Wonderful memories.  I’m gonna pour drinks now…who wants Perrier, Coffee, what else…sorry, I have no moonshine to offer.  Maybe a Coke would suffice?  We mustn’t get tipsy on Lion’s Night!  And WOW…look who showed up!!!!

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    yum, who made this wondeful fudge?  oh yeah, it was me…daggone, its good. That’s some mighty fine singin’ and mando playin’!

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    John (BGD)

    Cricket, thank you for bringing peanut butter fudge for everyone! What a treat.

    Ok, everyone the lights are dimming again, so come back in and take your seats for the rest of the program. We have to hurry — we only rented this warehouse for an hour! After that we have to pay the security guard extra.

    So… On with the show!

    Steve Srader

    congrats to all the winners your great , what a wonderful night !


    Steve, have you tasted the fudge yet?  I’m very proud of it.

    Steve Srader

    Yes thank you Cricket , lovely fudge !

    John (BGD)

    Composer’s Corner Award
    Two recipients
    $25 each

    The next awards come from entries in the Composer’s Corner forum. The winners of this award have shown style and creativity, plus a lot of effort in bring an original song from inception to finished product.

    Before we give out these awards, however, this category also has quite a few honorable mentions. Although the following avatars did not win an award, we thank each of you for participating, and for sharing your music with us!

    — Recorder in the Merry Wood
    — Panic
    — Sneak
    — One more that she couldn’t remember the title to (These 4 were on the same forum thread.  Written for her daughter’s new film and B-Roke opera)
    Steve and Cricket
    — Co-wrote words to Amelia’s Waltz.
    Great Scott
    — Hercule’s song (Oral Hygiene)
    — The Cabin Song
    — Why the Willow Weeps
    — Lunchbox Joe
    — How Blue are Yo
    — guitar instrumental that has no name
    John Cockman
    — You’re the Happy in My Holidays

    And now for the winner of the Composer’s Corner Awards:

    Drum Roll……

    John (BGD)

    Frederick Warner (fiddliferous)
    –The Afternoon Reel
    — Sundown Reel
    — Memories of John Gott
    — Blue Almonds CD (Jay-henge, An Adirondack Nocturne, It’s Only a Dream, Autumnal Tempest, Nocturne in B, Clurty Burn, October Love Song, Numen the Blue Stone, The Journey to Ounca, Waltz of the Santanoni, Camenae Dance, The Temptress, Impromtu, Our Waltz, Copperas)
    — Namaste CD (Namaste, A Shaman Dream, Elysium, Prelude in A, Carousel, Nocturne in D flat, Nocturne in A flat, Starlight, Elegy, Tauro, Naiad, Lori, River of Crystal, Valley of Birches, Commissure, Bariah)

    Other non-original entries by Frederick Warner (fiddliferous)
    — My fiddling attempts
    — Drifting Too Far From The Shore

    Steve Srader
    — Jesus I Pray, Achin’ Broken Hearts
    — Crystal Heart
    — Daddy My Daddy. Lord She’s Perfect
    — Marry Me
    — Pound for Pound
    — In the Book of Life What Have You Done
    — Merry Christmas to All and to All a Happy Day
    — The song Steve wrote for Fred, put to the tune of Fred’s Carousel. I don’t think it was ever named.

    Other non-original entries by Steve Srader:
    — Ashokan Farewell
    — Amelia’s Waltz
    — Over The Waves
    — Maggie
    — End of my first year
    — Amelia’s Waltz
    — End of year — Over the Waves
    — Kentucky Waltz
    — Ookpik Waltz
    — The Lover’s Waltz — Long Black Veil
    — Arkansas Traveler
    — Beer Barrel Polka
    — Silver Bells Western
    — Margret’s Waltz with Octave strings
    — Long Black Veil
    — Over the Waves
    — Maggie
    — Cowboy Waltz
    — Ashokan Farewell
    — Over the Waves
    — Over the Waves
    — Ashokan Farewell with Octave strings
    — The Lover’s Waltz — Ashokan Farewell
    — Over the Waves
    — Margret;s Waltz
    — Maggie
    — Ookpik Waltz Western
    — Arkansas Traveler

    Congratulations to the the two of you!


    Ok, I’ve had too much fudge I think.

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