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    Applause, applause, applause!  Congrats, Fred and Steve!!!  Well done, guys!  Congrats to the honorable mentions too, and I appreciate being among them.  Well done, everyone…oh, and better go easy on the fudge…kinda rich.


    Who invited all the Chihuahuas?  They keep begging for fudge.  I thought this was exclusively for humans, aliens, and zombies.

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    Congratulations to the fantastic Composers, Fred and Steve…and to our Young Guns, Kaeleigh and Gunnar!

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Golden Lion Awards
    First and Second Runner Up: $25 each
    Grand Prize Winner: $100

    Now for the final award of the night — the Golden Lion! Thank you to the three recipients to follow for your hard work and dedication. You have made the Lion’s Den a wonderful place to visit!

    First, we will announce the First and Second runner up winners, each recieving a $25 gift certificate to the Fiddlershop:

    Drum Roll…..

    — Kentucky Waltz
    — OBS
    — Annie
    — Another Orange Blossom Special
    — Salty Dog
    — Keep On The Sunny Side
    — Clinch Mountain Backstep
    — Lonesome Fiddle Blues
    — Red Haired Boy
    — Cajan-ish Fiddle
    — So This Happened
    — Bowing The Strings
    — Road To Columbus
    — Ballad of Salty Ann
    — Options Please

    — Granny, Does Your Dog Bite
    — Monroe’s Hornpipe
    — Pass Me Not
    — Tune For Andy
    — Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
    — Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom
    — Jamming
    — The Cabin Song
    — Just A Memory
    — Two Different Worlds
    — Oceans of Diamonds
    — You’re No Longer A Sweetheart of Mine
    — Sally Goodin
    — Cry Darlin’
    — Last Waltz
    — Red Rag
    — My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darling


    What Ed said!  We are so lucky to have them all here to brighten up our musical days!


    Yay!  Applause a bunch!  Congratulations to Angela and Dave!  Well done!  Great tunes and well played.

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    And now, for the final award of the night! This Year’s GOLDEN LION award goes to our very own, one-and-only Cricket, who will recieve a $100 gift certificate donated by Pierre “Fiddlerman” Holstein of the Fiddlershop!


    — Icy Morning Moodiness
    — Crawdad Hole
    — Going Down That Road Feelin’ Bad
    — Over The Waterfall – on Viola
    — Poor Little Turtle Dove
    — Victory Rag
    — I think I got my recording problems solved
    — Fisher’s Hornpipe
    — My Old Kentucky Home
    — Kitchen Girl — Banjo only
    — Down In The Valley To Pray — on new Cello
    — Cello and singing a little today
    — Sourwood Mountain with Fiddle, Viola, Cello
    — Handsome Molly
    — Old ballad with Cello
    — Hop Light Ladies
    — Boatin’ Up the Sandy
    — Bonaparte Crossing Rhine
    — The Ranger’s Command
    — Fly Around, My Pretty Little Miss
    — Over the River to Feed the Sheep
    — Shove That Pig’s Foot a Little Further Into the Fire
    — Ol’ Jake Gillie
    — Little Sadie
    — Turkey in the Straw (Remake)
    — Cripple Creek
    — Bonaparte Crossing the Banjo
    — Super Mario-like Stuff
    — Julianne Johnson
    — Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies
    — Willie Moore
    — Ashokan Farewell on Cello
    — Jenny Lynn
    — Old Aunt Jenny With Her Nightcap On
    — Step Around, Johnny
    — What’ll I Do With the Baby O
    — Cluck Ol’ Hen
    — Speed of the Plow
    — Come Back Boys, and Let’s Feed the Horses
    — Spotted Pony
    — Pallet On The Floor
    — Cumberland Gap
    — A little something for Steve
    — Groundhog
    — Windy and warm at the fundraiser
    — Bear Creek Blues
    — Short Life of Trouble
    — Blue Railroad Train
    — Cotton-Eyed Joe
    — A sacred harp selection
    — June Apple
    — I Heard My Mother Weeping
    — Hangman’s Reel
    — Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes
    — Mike in the Wilderness
    — The Blackest Crow
    — Which Side Are You On
    — Boatman in key of A
    — I’m Thinking Tonight of an Old Southern Town
    — Here’s proof I’ve lost my mind
    — Breaking Up Christmas
    — I’m Going Back To Dixie
    — Georgia Railroad
    — Trying out my tracks with a new project
    — Forked Deer
    — The Old Blind Sow
    — New River Train
    — St. Anne’s Reel


    Congrats everyone. Cricket you especially deserve the best of the best and I’m so happy for you and everyone else, too. Any fudge left?

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Thank you all for coming out tonight. I hope you enjoyed this year’s Golden Lions awards banquet and ceremony.

    Please take time to comment and congratulate our winners! They have put in a lot of time and effort to make our Lion’s Den an amazing resource and source of endless inspiration.

    (Theme music swells)

    Thank you all, and good night! Please make youselves at home, enjoy the bar and pot-luck snacks. Thank your servers and valets, and don’t forget to leave a tip!



    Congratulations to the Golden Lions, three…Angela, Dave and Cricket! Your posts always give the rest of us, something great to aspire towards!


    What Edmo said. Congrats all the way around. Boy that fudge was good!


    Oh gosh…I’m a-chokin’ on the fudge and Perrier.  Thank you so much.  Thanks to everybody here…for putting up with my presonus obsession and all the yakkin’ I do.  I appreciate everybody here so much.  I love music so much.  And I especially love fiddling.  And I would like to say thank you to my great aunt, Aunt Ret, who, when i was ten years old, gave me a calf to sell and then took me to the music store to buy my first guitar.  She is one of many helpful people in my life I always think of when I pick up any instrument to play.  Thank you so much, John, Scott…and all of my precious friends at BGD.  Here’s to another great year of music, learning, and fun!

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Winners: Look for an email from me at the address you used to sign up here at BGD. If you do not recieve an email within 24 hours, please contact me at john@bluegrassdaddy.com. Congratulations to you all!


    And…can I take my flip flops off now?  They’re really not comfortable with socks on!

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Cricket, thank you for your heartfelt and humble acceptance speech. You are appreciated here at BGD!


    Thank you, John.


    Wow! Congratulations to all.

    I got stuck on the Red Carpet and had to wait for the the list of winners by internet as I missed the Pay for View TV showing.

    I have enjoyed listening to every  Lion’s Den post.  This is a great place for fiddling friends to share, encourage one another and to get to know you all.

    The winners are all well deserving of these awards! Thanks for sharing your talent and thoughts on this forum.

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    Congratulations to EVERYONE! And Hooray! And Thank you!

    And special congratulations to Cricket!!!  I make excellent fudge, Cricket, are you sure you’ve had too much?

    Steve SraderSteve Srader

    What a wonderful night and say Congratulations to everyone at Blue Grass Daddy that participates in all the forums and lions den , Composer’s corner and just everyone being there for support ! I look forward to 2019 A Wards !  We are all winners !


    Thank you, Kaeleigh, I’ve had a lot of fudge tonight, but I’d love to try some of yours!  Congratulations on your well-deserved award tonight!  Kenny, sorry you got caught up and were a little late…I hope you didn’t miss that great intermission show with Ricky Skaggs singing the daylights out of …, well I don’t think I actually know the name of it, but very appropriate, classic Lion’s Den song.

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