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    Yes, Steve…we ARE all winners for sure.  Anyone lucky enough to own a fiddle to play and to find John online (I first found him on his Johnsfiddlelessons youtube site), or better yet, find him in person…lol as some here have done…and to get to know all of our friends here…yes, I’d say that’s a winning situation for sure.  Wishing everyone a wonderful year full of music and fun comin’ up ahead.


    Well dagnabit!  I had band practice tonight and the banjo player had to stop so many times to tune up,  everybody got confused on how to start Jerusalem Ridge and I forgot which break to play in How Mountain Girls Can Love.  By the time I got my fiddle in the case and packed in the saddlebag I spurred my mule all the way to the warehouse only to find an empty parking lot and peanut butter fudge crumbs scattered everywhere.  I’m so disappointed I missed the live show.  But imagine my surprise and honor to see my honorable mention! I am truly humbled and thank everyone who gives me encouragement and tips along the way.   I just love our BGD community and continue to learn from each of you. Congrats to everyone.  Big shoutout to our young lions especially!!

    Steve SraderSteve Srader

    Cricket You truly deserve your award , REMEMBER when I brought up how many tunes you had done and the year was not done by a long shot ! That was October 6 , 2018 and you had already done 56 tunes  at that time ! I really think You could do a song a day for a year 365 songs and you would be just getting started ! Hah and the fudge was great ! You inspire me , Thanks

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    A belated congratulations to everyone!

    I love watching people create, learn, and improve here. Thanks to John for providing this place on the net for us to take our learning adventures together, and to the donors of the prizes.

    Finally, thanks to all who participate here. I learn something from everyone and truly enjoy coming here to share in the learning experience.



    I did see Ricky and Patty.  Do you know the name of the fiddler singing harmony with them?

    Congratulations on your award.  You make the forum for many of us.


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    Angela…you might wanna try a horse instead of a mule…they go faster.  Congrats to you and all the rest.  And it sounds like another interesting and fun gig.

    Steve, yes I do remember when you formed my Lion’s Den list…lol.  It’s the presonus…I’m obsessed with that thing…gotta run down there and play music on that any free minute or two I get.  That doggone thing is even more addictive than the peanut butter fudge, speaking of which…WHY did I make that stuff????   Lol…now I’m all loaded up on peanut butter fudge.

    Dave, congrats to you too.  And Kenny… I don’t know who the other singer was…they did sound good though, didn’t they?  Anybody know the name of that song?

    I gotta wake up Mike and the Chihuahuas and tell them to go to bed.  Good night, all ye fiddlers and friends!

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Well, what can I say except this was one heck of a night!

    Congratulations to ALL the entrants who received an honorable mention. You all braved the terror of the Lion’s Den, stood your ground, stared those lions in the face, and showed us your wonderful resolve; and at the same time, entertained us by sharing your fiddle journey with us.  You were all EXCEPTIONAL.  I would like to congratulate you all on your achievement.  You should be very proud of yourselves.  I has been a wonderful pleasure to watch your improvement and be entertained by your various repertoires.

    Congratulations also to the two winners of the Moderator’s Award — Edmo45 and Pipcan.  I sincerely hope that your award and prize inspires you, and encourages you further in your studies.  It was a great joy to see the improvement that you have both made.

    Pipcan, I know how difficult it is to play most of the music that you have submitted to the Lion’s Den; and I admire your tenacity and patience in learning and your improvement with the classical pieces that you posted, especially the Boccherini compositions.  Not an easy feat!

    Congratulations to those who did receive an award and prize.  You have all been a huge inspiration to us all.

    Big congratulations to Fred and Steve who won the Composer’s Corner award. Very well deserved!  Your compositions were well-crafted, and a joy to listen to.  I do hope the winning of this award will inspire you to create more wonderful original compositions.

    Congratulations to Cricket for winning the ultimate BGD achievement — the Golden Lion Award. You have entertained us, inspired us, brightened our days, demonstrated your creative skill, shared your Presonus addiction, and your love of music with us, and have been an all-round great contributor to the Lion’s Den forum; as well as all the other forums at BGD.  Well done, young lady! And yes; you can take your flip-flops off now.

    A big thank you to John for hosting the awards for another year.  I am sure he will need to rest his voice after tonight’s ceremony; and also for incessantly screaming out his innocence when accused of being the person who ate the last piece of Cricket’s Fudge. (says me while licking my fingers and giggling).  I think the last piece of fudge is always the tastiest… and it tasted so YUMMY!, Cricket.  Oops, did I just fess up to being the culprit?  NO, NO!  It was John who ate it!  I saw him! Check his waistline! (says me as I wipe fudge crumbs from my mouth).

    A big thank you to all who attended the event this evening or watched it LIVE via satellite . Thank you also to our catering team, our security team, our wardrobe team, our hairdressing team, and to Team America.  “… YEAH!!!!”

    And to top off the evening, I would like to extend my expression of gratitude; and offer a HUMUNGOUSLY warm and wonderful THANK YOU to our friend Pierre and his FANTASIC Fiddlershop (fiddlershop.com)  for his extremely thoughtful and very generous donation of the $100 gift certificate for the winner of the Golden Lion award  Pierre, you have made the Golden Lion awards so much bigger and brighter by your generosity.  Thank you, Pierre, and Michael.

    Well, I guess that just about wraps up the Golden Lion awards for another year.  Be sure to check out the photographs of the Red Carpet and all those who graced it upon their entrance to the awards.

    This is Great Scott signing off for another year.  Be happy; and play your music safely.  Nighty-night!   🙂




    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Tonight was a night of the “whose who” of showbiz.  My pick of the night for the most stunning and original gown was Lizzie Borden in her white designer gown — lightly embroidered and laced at the back, with both sleeves wrapping somewhat around her waist — courtesy of the Highlands Hospital for the clinically insane.  She was also sporting a FABULOUS hair style courtesy of “Dos on the Loose”  She has certainly set the bar high for all other future escapees.

    O gosh!  I just realized the time!  And my limo driver expects double time after midnight.  So,please be sure to check the forums soon for my full report of the Red Carpet and who wore what.

    Toodle-loo for now!  )


    Gunnar SalyerGunnar Salyer

    Oh no, I was late. I checked the forum at about eight, and thought, I’ve got time for some motocross. only to get back late and see that all the fudge has been eaten without me. but I did catch Ricky Skaggs singing Daniel prayed. that’s the tune name Cricket. ok. Thanks so much for the award, and the prize! I realize there’s probably not too many youngsters to choose from, but I’m so grateful and happy to be one of them. CONGRATULATIONS to all who have received an award, especially to Cricket, your grand prize was well deserved. and to all the honorable mentions, you have my respect (cuz saying you have my honor seems weird) and to Kaeleigh, my fellow youngster aboard the forum, I always love to see what you’ve posted, you always play so well. I am greatly honored to have been part of such a wonderful event, and look forward to next year’s! oh, that finger style guitar piece that I wrote has a name now. I named it sort of.

    Thanks all!



    Congrats everyone what fun.


    How I’ve missed you, Scott, how we’ve all missed you…and your…your…your serious nature.  I hope that Borden gal got some fudge, and whatever else she wanted.  Gunnar, Sort Of is a great name for your piece, sort of, I mean, definitely!  What a cool place this is…we really should have more parties!

    Very generous of Fiddler Pierre to provide the prizes.  I already ordered mine: a new carbon fiber bow (I really like the one I already have and need another!), some gold flaked rosin, because rosin really makes my day and I love trying all kinds for various things I do and I’m just obsessed with rosin…it’s nice to have lots of types aorund me…lol. And I got a special treat for my little grandson, Roro…Magic rosin with really colorful treble clefs on it.  He’s taking a violin class, classical violin, and, don’t tell him, but I’m putting the magic rosin as a big surprise into one of his Easter eggs he will be hunting for soon.  They don’t allow much candy, so it’s always a challenge to come up with interesting stuff to put in his eggs.  He is obsessed with various rosins (uh-oh), and has melted some different cheapie rosins down to form different kinds, etc.  He even invented a “rosin stick,” where he takes old chopsticks and dips them into rosin and builds up a few layers for wiping it across the strings in a hurry…lol.  Some of his classmates have his rosin sticks…lol.  When he sees the magic rosin (which I know he’s never seen…we don’t have good music stores for anything but guitars around here) he’s gonna go nuts.  So anyway, I sure appreciate the chance to shop around for some good fiddling stuff.

    But happy shopping to all who won gift certificates.  And once again…thanks to John for creating such a unique forum that’s just bustling with so much interesting stuff.  I love this place and everybody here.  I get a charge out of the conversations and hearing what everybody’s playing.  Thanks, all, for the charge…my batteries are staying full and I appreciate that!

    Scott…please stay on board…your posts are so, so…weird!  What a great mind, if you don’t mind my saying so.  A post from Scott, or a song from Scott, or anything from Scott always makes the morning coffee more, more, well, chokeably good!

    Come on, guys…let’s make it an extra special year in 2019! We’re all in this together.



    Great night and congratulations to all.  I feel like I am also a winner because you let me get to know you on the forums.  You are a great bunch of people.

    Daniel Prayed is the perfect song for anyone entering a Lion’s Den.

    Thanks to John for hosting BGD.


    Congratulations to everyone and thank you so much for the mention!!!?Special congrats to Cricket!!!!

    I’m so sad I missed the live show and the fudge.


    Am I late?  Were’d everyone go so fast….what’s all this about fudge?  You mean it’s all gone…I missed it?  Was it million dollar fudge?  Guess I’m late for everything….sure hope I’m too late for my funeral….If I am, Fred will write a tune about that…


    Rodger, get a newspaper and make sure the obituaries don’t mention your name…if you’re not on there, good thing for you and all the rest of us…so, Pick up that fiddle and play.  Actually, I’ve gotta be honest about that fudge I made…I’ve been cutting back on things I’m considering not good for me…so I found this idea for sort of fudging on fudge, so to speak, where you take nut butter of any kind, pumpkin (I always have a ton of mashed pumpkin in the freezer), honey or maple syrup (I’ve switched to honey because of the dissacharrides in maple syrup, which is hard to spell, of course, and spices and vanilla…plus coconut oil…then you get it all blended together, freeze it and viola…or even voila!  You’ve got fudged fudge…pretend fudge actually. This is my great food allergy fun…lol.  But it’s really not bad, except I ate too much of it the other night and felt like I swallowed an anvil or something similar…lol…but it’s pretty good and you can avoid certain stuff that’s kinda tough on the sensitive gut that refuses to cooperate with our modern array of goodies.  So…I mean it’s pretty good stuff, but Kaeleigh mentioned how good her fudge is, so it’s probably not so bad I ate most of it and didn’t leave you guys enough…next time…Kaeleigh makes the fudge for the next BGD celebration!


    back home my favorite was what Mom called ‘million dollar fudge’   I think it was real soft & had walnuts in it.


    I got an awful tooth ache from the fudge I ate too much of at the party and I was wondering where to send the dentist’s bill. I played the fiddle for the dentist in an effort to reduce his invoice, but he complained of an ear ache from the tune I composed for BGD members (The Bitten Finger Rag) and he in turn had to visit an otolaryngologist and wants me to pay his bill. This whole thing is quickly spiraling out of control….and now I read that  Kaleigh will be making next years’ fudge. There must be a fiddle tune in there somewhere…I’ve got to get my thinking cap on….wait, where is my cap?


    These wild parties tend to get expensive…lol.  I guess you were kinda tipsy on fudge and forgot your composer’s thinking cap at the party, Fred.  Now John is probably wearing it!

    Steve SraderSteve Srader

    I could use a thinking cap !

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Thank you for your kind words / diagnosis, Cricket.  I am afraid I was born “WEIRD”.  I think it’s a genetic thing. Like my big feet — they run in the family.

    I have no intentions of going anywhere; however, access to the Internet remains a challenge for me sometimes during travel, especially during the monsoon season.  Cannibals I can deal with.  Long drives through scorching heat and the risking of loss of life by wild animals to access food and water and the Internet, I can handle.  Bad attitudes, I can manage.  But not having immediate to the Internet is something I am finding terribly FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!

    Just one point I would like to make, in case there is any confusion regarding the prizes.  Pierre (Fiddlerman) donated only the main prize; which  was an extremely thoughtful and generous gesture on his part.  All the other prizes were donated by John and myself for the other various categories and purchased  from Pierre’s shop (fiddlershop.com).

    Glad you were able to buy some great goodies with your prize,Cricket. I buy ALL my violin gear from fiddlershop and have always been extremely happy with their level of friendly service and expertise, and great products.  (I am not affiliated with fiddlershop in any way — I am just a happy customer of theirs).

    Fiddlershop has moved to their new location, and had their grand opening last week.


    Unfortunately, I was not able to attend due to other commitments; but I am sure it would have been a wonderful day for everyone.  🙂


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