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    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    You guys are the greatest. 🙂 Thanks for making all this possible!

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    I have been thinking a lot about the Lion’s Den awards and all the GREAT contributors to the Lion’s Den for 2019.

    I am curious to know what the winners of the gift certificates bought with their prize.  I read that Cricket bought some rosin and a new bow.  What did you other guys and gals purchase? Please let us know.

    Cricket, is your new bow a Fiddlerman carbon fiber bow?

    Can you please post a short review on the bow and also the rosin in the “Strings and Things” forum when you get a chance to use it and assess it.

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone.



    I just ordered a new Bow, today, and used your gift certificate towards it! Thank you, again!


    I owe most of my fiddle progress to BGD. I have been blessed with some paying gigs that have allowed me to get a few goodies. So I asked John to use my gift for one of his students. I didnt want to mention this, but I was afraid you guys would think I was ungrateful if I didn’t respond. ?

    I thank the Lord often for this fulfilling hobby He has granted me and for John and my BGD friends.

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    I appreciate that, Angela! You all are great people and fiddlers and my prayer is that the prizes will encourage you and help you get to the next level!

    Speaking of next level, I’ve officially reached the next level of crazy. It is almost 3 AM here in Blowing Rock, and I have been practicing fiddle for around 10 straight hours for a local musical… First rehearsal is in a few short hours!

    Gunnar SalyerGunnar Salyer

    Oy, get some sleep. We need you healthy.


    John…I agree with Gunnar…get some rest as soon as you can…we need you here!  I hope the best for the musical…I know it’s gotta be really exciting to do.  You can rest up and tell us all about it…vacation time, soon????  I hope so.

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)
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