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    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Hi everyone, to view the PDF lists, click on the image.

    Enclosed in the PDFs are the complete and final lists of entries.  If there is a tune missing from your name then I sincerely apologize.  It was a mammoth task (five days with limited time and resources) to get these lists corrected and now finally completed, and I am unable to spend anymore time on them. So again, my apologies if any of the spelling is incorrect or if there is a tune missing. If you would like to vote for the ‘People’s Choice’ award, then there will be ONE vote per member from the Lion’s Den list, and ONE vote per member from the Composer’s Corner list. And remember: you can not vote for yourself. And please do not share your selection with other members.  There is no need to rush your decision, but when you have decided, please Email your choice(s) to john@bluegrassdaddy.com

    Please do not share your decision here on the forum.

    The Lion’s Den and Composer’s Corner entrants are NOT judged on the number of entries they submit. They are judged on a number of other criteria; one of which is how the entrant has improved in their fiddling (mostly for the Lion’s Den).

    PLEASE NOTE: The Golden Lion awards (like most years) were to be held on January 17, 2021. However, due to on-going other commitments by John and myself, they will be held sometime after January 17 this year. The newer date will be announced here on the forum when one is decided. Sincere apologies if this causes any inconvenience. However, this gives you more time to choose an entrant from the lists as well as having more time to make your infamous tasty dips.  🙂

    Thanks, GS

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    I voted…yay!  It’s always tough choices…good luck to everyone who has given us their gift of music over this past year.  Music always helps us through trying times.

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