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    John (BGD)

    Greetings Ladybugs and Gentleworms!

    (assortment of groans and a smattering of polite applause)

    Wow, tough crowd tonight… Who is ready for the 2020 Golden Lions Awards!

    (better applause, a few cheers)

    Oh, you can do better than that! Let’s make some noise! One more time,

    (Big cheers, whistles, partial standing ovation)

    That’s more like it!

    First I would like to thank the Woodmen of the World for allowing us use their nice facility for free. The only caveat is that we have to make sure to clean it up afterward this program, and also every Saturday morning for the next 8 weeks. I will be asking for volunteers after the show.

    I see some of you are still coming in. Please put any refreshments on the two folding tables in the rear of the room. Drinks and punch go on table one, assorted guacamole dips can all go on table two. I do have some simple instructions for Dave’s famous grasshopper tacos. 1) Remove from the wrapper, and 2) place directly into the toilet. There was an intermediate step that involved eating the tacos, but I removed that step to save you some significant pain and embarrassment.

    For our pre-show entertainment, Miss Sally Jackson, owner of Twinkletoes Dance Studio on the corner of 3rd and Rivers, has brought her intermediate class and they are going to practice some of their new clogging routines on us! Please get settled in and greet one another. I’m going to go make some notes. We will get this show on the road in just a little bit!

    While you are mingling, feel free to check out some of the awards shows of glory days gone past:

    2019 Golden Lions Awards
    2018 Golden Lions Awards
    2017 Golden Lions Awards

    John (BGD)

    Ok, Ok, is this thing on?

    (thump thump riiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnngggggg)

    I guess so! OK everyone take your seats and quieten down, it’s time for the awards! First off I’d like to say that we got a good spread of votes this year, and so many should be honored tonight for their contributions. To prevent leaving anyone out, however, I am not going to anounce any honorable mentions this year except for the People’s Choice award.

    Once again, our awards are courtesy of the Fiddlerman Fiddlershop in Pompano Beach, FL.


    Fiddlerman has donated the prize for the brand new “People’s Choice” award, which is a $100 gift certificate to the Fiddlershop! If you are a recipient of any of tonight’s awards, here are the instructions for claiming your prize: After the awards are over, watch your email for an email from me (john@bluegrassdaddy.com). This email will contain a code for your gift certificate to the Fiddlerman Fiddlershop. When you visit the Fiddlershop to make an online purchase, you will enter this as a promotional code, and the amount of the certificate will be subtracted from your order.

    Great Scott

    Moderator’s Award

    Okay, me and my team just arrived, and I am in a mad rush.  The shrunken head bow tie that Rittle Rotus Brossum gave me for Christmas is choking me!  She said it used to be her grandmother whom she loved so much, and said that she would really feel like her grandmother were here at the awards with us if I wore it.  So I stupidly agreed.

    The Moderator’s Award is still on as far as I am aware, but am not able to locate John at the moment to get a definite on this.  I’ve looked in the Green Room, in the Blue Room, in the Red Room, and I have even looked in the Bath Room, but no sign of him.  I figure he’s either back stage fixing that pesky microphone, or he has been taste -testing all the dips and could possibly be laying unconscious on the floor somewhere — or — just being a little camera shy. Yeah, right!  🙂  How very nice of Pierre aka “Fiddlerman” to support the Golden Lion awards again this year.

    And now for a word from our sponsor:

    Folks, if you haven’t done so already, please check out Fiddlerman’s amazing shop of stringed goodies at fiddlershop.com. Here you will find everything you need for your stringed instrument at a very competitive price, including friendly personalized service. Plus, he even has a fabulous bricks and mortar building in Pompana Beach, Florida.  This is a fantastic store run by a super professional friendly team.  Whatever you want for your stringed instruments, Fiddlershop.com has it.  Don’t have a violin?  Then here’s your chance to grab a quality fiddle / violin at a really super price.  Get free shipping (to most US states) when you spend over $25, PLUS … get $10 off your first order. Call, e-Mail, chat, or simply drop in and speak to Pierre, Mike, and the very knowledgeable team at:

    1550 SW 13th Ct, Pompano Beach, Florida, 33069


    + 1 – 800 – 595 -0592

    Okay, I just located John —caught him with his finger in the tangy Scorpion dip moments after he had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on one of our members after they got a hair ball lodged in their throat.  I did warn them about eating anything that once meowed but they just wouldn’t listen.

    Okay, now back to the awards:

    It was a difficult decision deciding who should receive the Moderator’s award, simply because there were so many fantastic entries.  As you all know, the Moderator’s award is given annually to the person who I feel has shown some really good progress in their fiddle playing over the time that they have been a member here at BGD.  Choosing who should receive the Moderators award was just so darn difficult, because there were two members whom I had in mind, and it was a very close call.  However, sadly, there is only one award.

    The Moderator’s award for the 2019 goes to


    Congress Reel – 12/28/2019
    Farewell Trion – 12/23/2019
    Cane Creek(Original) in composers corner- 12/18/2019
    Elzic’s Farewell-12/12/2019
    Hog went through the fence- 11/24/2019
    Angelina the Baker – 11/3/2019
    I Wish My Baby Was Born – 10/27/2019
    Missouri Autumn Waltz(Original) composer’scorner – 10/27/2019
    Clinch Mountain Backstep – 10/21/2019
    Swannanoa Waltz – 10/20/2019
    St. Anne’s Reel – 10/11/2019
    Quail is pretty bird – 10/6/2019
    I Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow – 10/5/2019
    Miller Road(Original) composer’s corner – 9/28/2019
    Whiskey Before Breakfast – 09/22/2019
    The Squirrel Hunters – 09/19/2019
    June Apple – 09/19/2019
    Dubuque – 09/13/2019
    Loch Lavan Castle – 09/09/2019
    Cold Frosty Morning – 09/8/2019
    Soldier’s Joy – 09/8/2019
    Bonaparte’s Retreat – 09/7/2019
    Salty River Reel – 09/7/2019

    Congratulations John Bounds! I hope this award encourages you to develop your fiddle skills further.

    Cheers, GS

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    Steve Srader

    Oh wow what a great award , nice !

    John (BGD)

    Promising Youth Award
    Two Recipients
    $50 each

    Our first award will be to our most promising young lions. We are very proud of our young people here are BGD, and want to do all we can to encourage them to continue fiddling and take this wonderful form of music far into the future. These two recipients have shown tremendous resolve and improvement this year, and have a been an inspiration to all of us!

    I should note that winning this award does not preclude you from being in the running for any of the other awards!



    We wish you a merry Christmas
    The last waltz at the Islay ball
    Christmas Eve Reel
    The Eagles whistle
    Ookpik Waltz
    Macleod’s Reel
    An Irish Jig
    The Blackest Crow
    Lament for a sailor who fell from the masthead
    Tha Mi Sgith
    Brisk Bob
    Begley’s favorite
    Morning dew
    The Wedding polka
    Unknown Scottish waltz
    An Irish Medley
    The Boys of Bluehill
    Spent Money
    Lazy John
    Come Ye thankful people

    Twin fiddle arrangements:

    The Tombigbee Waltz
    Just around the corner
    Silent Night

    Original compositions:

    Last Summer’s farewell
    Walking Upstream
    Kishwaukee Waltz
    Summer Day
    Lullaby to Summer
    Lullaby to Summer (2nd try)
    Just around the corner
    Another Lovely day



    Amelia’s Waltz
    The 8th of January
    The 8th of Jan (guitar)
    8th of Jan (banjo)
    Arkansas Traveler
    The Butterfly/Cooley’s Reel
    The Road to Lisdoonvarna/the Flame in the Fiddle
    Sgt. Early’s Dream
    Paddy on the Turnpike/Tommy’s Tarbukas in G minor
    BlackBerry Blossom on the waterwheel
    The Cliffs of Moher
    St. Anne’s Reel on a fence post
    Tam Lin
    Red Haired Boy
    The Wren/Trip to Pakistan
    Old French
    My last jam in the states
    Jerusalem Ridge
    Old Dangerfield (mandolin)
    Flint hill special dtuners demo (banjo)
    March 32nd (mandolin)
    The Star Spangled Banner (guitar)
    Big Country (banjo)
    Cajun Fiddle
    Road to Lisdoonvarna (again)
    Fire on the Mountain
    Haste to the Wedding (harmonica)
    Fire on the Mountain (harmonica)
    Irish Washerwoman (harmonica)
    A Mighty Fortress (trumpet)
    Jerusalem Ridge (again)
    My Last days on Earth (mandolin)
    Squirrel Hunters
    Cherokee Shuffle
    Ashokan Farewell
    Elk River Blues (bamboo piccolo)
    The Dusty Trail (banjo)
    The Haunted Pantry set
    Drunken Sailor
    What Child is This/Romanza (mandolin)
    Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel (banjo)
    Cold Frosty Morning (with vocals and banjo)

    From the clawhammer thread:
    Coleman’s March (banjo)
    Pear Tree (banjo)
    Shove that Pigs Foot a little bit Closer to the Fire (banjo)

    From the guitar thread:
    Where the soul never dies (guitar)
    Cherokee Shuffle (guitar)
    Salt Creek (guitar)
    Hag at the Churn (guitar)
    Drunken Landlady (guitar)
    Africa (guitar)
    Hotel California (guitar)
    Windy and Warm (guitar)
    Lewis and Clark (guitar)
    Classical Gas (guitar)
    Classical Gas flatpicking (guitar)
    I’ll have to say I love you in a song (guitar)
    Super Mario theme (guitar)
    He’s a Pirate (guitar)
    Grandfather’s Clock (guitar)
    Mad World (guitar)
    John Hardy (guitar)
    Away in a Manger (guitar)
    Away in a Manger (guitar and mandolin duet)
    Silent Night (guitar and harmonica)
    Oh Come Emmanuel (guitar)
    Nothing but the Blood (guitar)
    Vem Kan Segla Förutan Vind
    Auld Lang Syne

    Original Tunes:
    Midnight Firefly (banjo)
    Owls in the Attic
    A Waltz in the Dust
    Temperance Jig (mandolin)
    Raise an Irish Eyebrow (mandolin)
    Small Beginnings (guitar)
    Flowers of Corenwald (banjo)
    Little Brown Birds
    Dragonslayer’s Reel (mandolin)
    Sort Of (guitar original)
    Mom’s Breakdown (banjo original)

    John (BGD)

    People’s Choice Award
    Two Recipients

    We received many votes for this year’s People’s Choice awards, including a broad spread of names! This year’s award is sponsored by the Fiddlerman Fiddle Shop, and is shared by two very deserving recipients!


    The First Runner Up Award goes to…


    Mingulay Boat Song
    Arran Boat Song
    Skye Boat Song
    Sitting in the Stern of a Boat
    Si Bheag, Si Mohr
    The Last Rose of Summer
    My Love is a Red, Red Rose
    The Lonesome Boatman
    Blue Bonnets over the Border
    Farewell to Tarwathie
    Fear a Bhata
    Farewell to Whiskey
    The Foggy Dew
    Midnight on the Water
    Captain O’Kane
    Out on the Ocean
    Give me your Hand
    The Hills of Lorne
    The Dark Island
    Auld Lang Syne
    For Ireland, I’d not tell her name
    The Town I loved so well
    The Road to Lisdoonvarna
    Mockingbird Hill
    When You and I were young, Maggie
    Loch Lomond
    Margaret’s Waltz
    Mairi’s Wedding
    Hector the Hero
    Morag of Dunvegan
    The Lilting Banshee
    Maggie West’s Waltz
    Ookpik Waltz
    My Cape Breton Hpme
    Maggie in the Woods
    Arkansas Traveler
    The Kerry Polka
    I Saw Three Ships
    Farewell to Tarwathie, Octave Strings
    Star of the County Down
    Si Bheag, Si Mohr
    Will ye go, Lassie, go? Wild Mountain Thyme
    Midnight on the Water
    Elk River Blues
    Silent Night
    O Tannenbaum
    What Child is this/Greensleeves
    Auld Lang Syne
    The Parting Glass


    And now, announcing our first annual…

    People’s Choice Award

    This year’s award goes to…


    Jan 4th- Rattlesnake/Muskrat
    Jan 15th- Down in the Willow Garden
    Jan 26- Freight Train
    Jan 28- Oh Babe it ain’t no Lie
    Jan 30- Be it ever so Humble, there’s no Place Like Home

    Feb 2- Liberty
    Feb 6- Bonaparte’s Retreat
    Feb 10- Shady Grove
    Feb 11- How Many Miles to Barley Town
    Feb 24- Booth Shot Lincoln

    Mar 1- Old Dan Tucker
    Mar 8- New Five Cent Piece
    Mar 9- Boll Weevil
    Mar 17- Deep River Blues
    Mar 20- Cherokee Shuffle
    Mar 22- Coleman’s March
    Mar 29- Abe’s Retreat
    Mar 31- Old Dog Blue

    Apr 5- Mississippi Blues
    Apr 13- The Eight of January
    Apr 18- The Girl I Left behind
    Apr 26- Over the Waves

    May 12- Over the Waves with Viola and Cello
    May 13- St. Anne’s Reel
    May 20- Mississippi Sawyer
    May 21- I am a Pilgrim
    May 24- Black Waters
    May 31- Way Downtown

    Jun 7- Open up them Pearly Gates
    Jun 8- Pear Tree
    Jun 12- Blue Belle
    Jun 28- Elk River Blues

    Jul 10- Wild Hog in the Woods
    Jul 11- Papa’s Billy Goat
    Jul 12- How Come that Blood on your Shirt Sleeve
    Jul 17- Wild Bill Jones

    Aug 3- I’m a Long Time a-Travelin’ Here Below
    Aug 10- Southbound
    Aug 18- Listen to the Mockingbird
    Aug 21- Chicken Reel
    Aug 30- Cherry River Line

    Sep 2- Piney Woods
    Sep 10- Newcastle
    Sep 11- Windy and Warm

    Oct 4- I’m Thinking Tonight of my Blue Eyes
    Oct 6- Dead Man’s Piece
    Oct 21- Faded Love
    Oct 22- Walk Along, John, to Kansas
    Oct 25 – Pretty Little Shoes
    Oct 26- Say Old Man can You Play a Fiddle?
    Oct 31- Bury me under the Weeping Willow

    Nov 1- Railroad Bill
    Nov. 4- Year of Jubilo
    Nov 12- Soldier’s Joy
    Nov 16- Big Scioty
    Nov 22- I am a Pilgrim

    Dec 3- Cold Frosty Jam Plus


    Oh gosh…did I miss the ceremony?  Is it still going on????  Congrats to winners…thanks for my People’s Choice award!  Is it still going on?  I’m sorry I missed the first part!

    Where’s the toxic guacamole???? I gotta join this party!


    Honestly, I didn’t realize today was the 15th…I was thinking that was tomorrow night!  Gimme a grasshopper tortilla…or taco or something.

    Great Scott

    Congratulations to the above winners!  Well done!


    Cricket, fer sum rezon thar’s stil plenny a possumcwakamoley lef. dig in!

    Steve Srader

    Congratulations to everyone at BGD and to the winners in all the category’s and congratulations to my friend Cricket for getting the top win two years in a row which I think is very deserving you really are great , love everything you do !


    Yes, FRed…I’m with you on that.  Well, I’d like to congratulate JBounds, who is at work…come back home, JBounds, and Edmo, Kaeleigh, Gunnar, and everybody else who participates here at BGD.  Seems like it’s been a pretty good year…lots of playing and talking and such…not too much eating except for tonight, of course…but all gross…uh, I mean GOOD stuff here for the partiers to consume.

    Well all day I thought it was the 14th, and was reminded a few times, but just got it in my head it was the 14th…so…I’m sorry for coming in late.

    Thank you so much, John, and Scott…this is a great place to hangout, share our music, learn from the lessons, learn from each other, just be together with friends.  I love the site and very happy to be a part of it.’

    Thanks again for my award…I’m sure I could never deserve such a thing.

    Congrats again to all winners.   Thanks to all members for just being here all year…I love everybody here!

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    Oops…didn’t see your post, Steve.  Thank you so much for those encouraging comments.  I love seeing you post your music too and I hope to see a lot of it throughout 2020!


    What Cricket said. I couldn’t have said it any better. Congrats everyone! 🙂

    John (BGD)

    GOLDEN LION / Composer’s Corner

    And now for our last award of the night! This is a combined award for both Composer’s Corner (original tunes) and for the 2020 Golden Lion Award for contributions in the BGD Lion’s Den forum. I am very pleased to announce the winner of tonight’s award:


    O = Original; I = Instructional; BG = Bluegrass; OT = Old Time; CT = Celtic; CA = Canadian

    Independent Fiddle Posts (5)
    O Maggots Ate the Termite* (D) (CC) 2/16
    O The Bitten Finger Rag* (A) (CC) 2/18
    O The Snobby Fiddle Rag* (D) (CC) 3/1
    O Down in Bluegrass Hollow* (Dm) (CC) 3/8
    I Bluegrass Licks for Bluegrass Daddy, 8/11

    Fred’s Fiddle Forum 1 (73)
    CA The Quebec Reel (D) 7/1
    OT Arkansas Traveler (D) 5/31
    OT Woodchopper’s Reel (D) 5/28
    OT Happy Acres Two-Step (D) 6/6
    CT Sweet Journeys Waltz (A) 5/23
    BG The Dreamer’s Waltz (G) 5/22
    CT Ashoken’s Farewell Waltz (D) 6/27
    OT Silver Bells (D & G) 7/1
    CA Saint Anne’s Reel (D) 5/24
    O Jay Mountain* (Am) (CC) 5/21
    O Cajun Blues* (A) (CC) 6/3
    BG Smokey Mountain Rag (F) 5/24
    OT Cricket on the Hearth (D) 6/3
    BG New Camptown Races (Bb) 6/10
    BG Dixie Hoedown (G) 6/21
    BG Laughing Boy (A) 6/29
    BG Scotland (A) 6/11
    BG Missouri Road (A) 6/11
    BG Footprints in the Snow (E) 6/19
    BG Indian Killed a Woodcock (G) 6/7
    BG Dance with Me, Kenny (G) 6/19
    CT The Galway Reel (D) 6/6
    CA Little Burnt Potato (D) 6/10
    O Braw Birks* (Bm) (CC) 6/1
    OT Whiskey Before Breakfast (D) 6/6
    BG Amanda Jewell (A) 6/19
    BG South Wind (G) 6/20
    BG Harlan County 5-String (G) 6/1
    O Higden Reunion* (D) (CC) 5/20
    O Rustler’s Creek* (FCAF) (F)(CC) 5/1
    I Noodling the Stops* (D) 7/1
    BG Blue Mountain Waltz (A&E) 7/2
    OT Billy in the Low Ground (C) 7/2
    I Noodlings for Kenny* (E,F,G,A) 7/3
    OT Lost Indian (D) 7/4
    I E Lesson for Kenny et al* (E) 7/4
    BG Acoustic Toothpick (G) 7/4
    O The Backwoods Reel* (Bb) (CC) 7/5
    BG Lonesome Moonlight Waltz (F & Dm) 7/5
    BG Cincinnati Rag (G) 7/7
    BG Uncle Pen (A) 7/7
    BG Baker’s Breakdown (G&D) 7/7
    BG Roanoke (G) 7/7
    OT Jennie’s Waltz (G) 7/8
    OT Goodbye Liza Jane (A) 7/8
    OT Cherokee Shuffle (A) 7/8
    BG Panhandle Rag (D) 7/9
    O Shanty Brook* (Bm & D) (CC) 7/10
    OT Westphalia Waltz (G) 7/12
    BG Louisville Breakdown (G) 7/14
    BG Arab Bounce (A) 7/14
    OT Durham’s Reel (A) 7/15
    OT Roxanne’s Waltz (C&A) 7/17
    BG Denver Belle (C&G) 7/17
    BG Bill Cheatum (A) 7/17
    BG Ashland Breakdown (C) 7/17
    OT Jennie’s Waltz (Violin Duet) (G) 7/17
    OT Centennial Waltz (Bb) 7/18
    OT Londonderry Air (three violins) (C) 7/19
    BG Somewhere in Texas (C) 7/21
    OT Tuesday Night Waltz (D) 7/22
    BG Orville’s Waltz (Bb) 7/23
    CA Angus Campbell (A) 7/23
    CT Liverpool Hornpipe (D) 7/24
    BG Dry and Dusty (E) 7/24
    OT Teatotaler’s (Temperance) Reel (G) 7/24
    CT Cuckoo’s Nest (D) 7/24
    BG Carpetbagger (G) 7/25
    CA Big John McNeil (A) 7/27
    BG Black Mountain Rag (AEAC#) Calico tuning (A) 7/27
    BG Gold Rush (A) 7/31
    OT Red Wing (G) 7/31
    BG Shucking the Corn (G) 7/31

    Fiddle Forum 2 (30)
    CA Joys of Quebec (A) 7/31
    OT Angeline Baker (D) 7/31
    CA Maple Sugar (A&E) 8/2
    BG Big Country (A) 8/2
    CT The Irish Washerwoman (G) 8/2
    BG Pike County Breakdown (A) 8/2
    BG Pass Me Not (Bb) (in Pass Me Not thread)
    OT Flop Eared Mule (G & D) 8/4
    OT Golden Slippers (G) 8/4
    BG Frost on the Pumpkin (A) 8/4
    BG Jerusalem Ridge (Am) 8/4
    OT Minstrel’s Fancy (D) 8/4
    OT Liberty (D) 8/5
    CT Dogs Among the Bushes (E) 8/5
    BG Shiloh 3/(G) 8/5
    BG The Boston Boy (C) 8/6
    BG Southern Comfort (Em) 8/6
    BG Across the Big Sandy (A) 8/6
    BG Home Sweet Home (D) 8/8
    CT Red-Haired Boy (A) 8/8
    OT Old Joe Clark (A) 8/8
    BG The Old Mountaineer (G) 8/8
    BG Big Mon (A) 8/9
    BG John Hardy (G) 8/9
    BG Monroe’s Hornpipe (A) 8/9
    BG Daley’s Reel (Bb) 8/9
    OT Stone’s Rag (C) 8/9
    BG On My Mind (C) 8/9
    BG Panhandle Country (C) 8/12
    OT Back Up and Push (C) 8/12

    Fiddle Forum 3 (24)
    BG Ground Speed (G) 8/19
    OT Spider Bit the Baby (C) 8/20
    OT Turkey in the Straw (G) 8/20
    BG The Grassy Fiddle Blues (C) 8/27
    CT Paddy Fahey’s Reel (G) 8/26
    BG China Grove (A) 8/29
    O I Can’t Take Any More of Your Hurt* (G) (CC) 8/29
    OT Soldier’s Joy (D) 9/4
    OT Salt Creek (A) 9/4
    OT Katy Hill (G) 9/4
    CA Growling Old Man and Growling Old Woman (A) 9/6
    O Alder Brook* (Bm) (CC) 9/6
    OT The Squirrel Hunter (A) 9/8
    BG Sally Goodin (A) 9/9
    BG Road to Columbus (A) 9/9
    OT Ragtime Annie (D) 9/9
    OT Cold Frosty Morning (Am) 9/9
    BG Santa Claus (G) 9/10
    CA Mrs. Watson’s Henhouse (D) 9/10
    BG Virginia Darling (A) 9/11
    CA Gatineau Reel (F) 9/12
    BG Dance Around Molly (A) 9/13
    OT Whiskey You’re the Devil (A) 9/13
    CT The Mason’s Apron (A) 9/15

    Fiddle Forum 4 (18)
    BG Nashville Grass Breakdown (A) 9/17
    BG Washington County (A) 9/17
    CA Snowflake Breakdown (D) 9/17
    CA Dick Sand’s Hornpipe (G) 9/18
    CT The Linen Cap (A) 9/18
    CT The Disappointed Coquette (D) 9/19
    CT The Humors of Castle Bernard (D) 9/22
    CT The Top of Cork Road (D) 9/22
    OT Year of Jubilo (D) 9/24
    OT Fifty Years Ago Waltz (D) 9/25
    CT Sweet Biddy Daly (A) 9/26
    CT Gracie’s Hornpipe (G) 9/26
    CT Harry Bradshaw’s (A) 9/29
    CT Where the Moorcocks Crow (Bm) 9/30
    CT Molly Ban (Em) 10/1
    CT Road to Boyle (D) 10/2
    CT Virginia Hornpipe (Em) 10/3
    O Green River Blues* (A) Calico tuning (CC) 10/6

    Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5 (24)
    CT The Piper’s Despair (Em) 10/7
    CT The Star of County Down (Em) 10/10
    BG Walking Back to Bluefield (G) 10/14
    CT Lord Gordon’s Reel (D) 10/14
    CT The Mason’s Apron (A) (repost of 9/15) 10/14
    CT Hard Hearted Maiden (violin duet) (F) 10/15
    O The Road to Melbourne* (A) (CC) 10/17
    CT Hand Down the Tackle, Boys (D) 10/22
    CT The Flowers of Spring Hornpipe (D) 10/25
    O Goin’ to Pearson* (G) (CC) 10/25
    O Trip to Stone County* (D) (CC) 10/27
    OT The Saratoga Reel (A) 10/27
    O Kick Them Feet* (G & D) (CC) 10/28 (Composed 3/2018)
    O “Chicken and the Ground Hog” an original poem 10/29 (What’s on your mind forum)
    O Chicken and the Ground Hog Shootin’ the Breeze* (A) (Calico tuning) (CC)11/1/19
    CA Genevieve’s Waltz (A) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5) 11/3
    O The Round Pond Reel* (D) (CC) 11/3 (written 4/30/1995)
    CA The Mouth of the Tobique (G) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5) 11/5
    CA Jessica Waltz (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5) 11/9
    CA Reel de Sherbrooke (G & D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5) 11/10
    O The North Country Reel* (G & D) (CC) (written 9/25/2010) 11/10
    CT Prince Albert’s Hornpipe (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5) 11/10
    OT Peekaboo Waltz (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5) 11/11
    CT The Green Fields of Glentown (Am) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5) 11/12
    OT Sail Away Ladies (G) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5) 11/13
    OT Sail Away Ladies (re-posted in Fred’s Fiddle Forum 5) 11/16

    Fred’s Fiddle Forum 6 (12)
    CA Le Reel des Jeunes Maries (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 11/17
    CA The Gaspe Reel (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 11/19
    OT Coming Down from Denver (A) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 11/22
    CA Red Carpet Waltz (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 11/29
    BG Give Me the Roses While I Live (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum) 11/29
    CA Black Velvet Waltz (C) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 11/29,2019
    CA Country Waltz (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 12/1
    BG Blue Violet Waltz (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 12/3
    OT Wednesday Night Waltz (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 12/4
    OT Kelly’s Waltz (G) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 12/5
    CT Trip to Durrow (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 12/6
    OT Spanish Point Waltz (D) (Fred’s Fiddle Forum #6) 12/12

    Misc. Other Composer’s Corner (3)
    O The President’s Cap* (Bm) (CC) November, 24
    O The Maiden’s of Hickory Hollow* sheet music only, 12/1
    O The Maidens of Hickory Hollow* (CC) 12/5


    I vote BGD the best place online!

    John (BGD)

    Thank you all and congratulations to all of our winners! I was awed and humbled by all of the incredible music in this year’s forums. There were so many others that I couldn’t even begin to thank and mention them all! Thank you all for a wonderful year here at BGDU. I hope to hear much more from all of you in the coming year!

    PS – Don’t forget to clean up on your way out. I will need at least two volunteers to put up chairs and to clean up under the guacamole table. Please use the trash bins around back — don’t leave the bags up by the mail boxes like you did last year.

    Good night everyone!


    Fred!  Congrats on that Composer’s Award!!!  Great job!  You sure deserve it too.

    John, I’ll help with the chairs but I refuse to go near the guacamole!

    Thanks again, John.

    Great Scott

    Congratulations JBounds, Fred and Cricket, Edmo, Kaeleigh and Gunnar!  All very deserving recipients.  To those members who entered the Lion’s Den and Composer’s Corner in 2019 but did not receive an award, I would like to thank you all very, very much for posting your videos and sound clips in these forums and for sharing your fiddle journey with us.  I hope to eagerly follow your fiddle journey in 2020.

    WOW!  I can’t believe how quick the evening went by.  BUT, what a wonderful night it was, indeed.  Man, we are so lucky to have such wonderful people here at BGD.

    Goodnight, good people.  My carriage awaits to take me back to the graveyard.  Sleep tight.

    This is Great Scott signing off.   🙂


    Thank You all so very much. This is incredible.

    Congrats to Kaeleigh and Gunnar for such a demonstration of talent. It’s so wonderful to know that fiddling will be passed on and stay alive for generations to come.

    Edmo, the porch and now inside has certainly heard some wonderful fiddle tunes that you’ve developed and shared with us all. We all appreciate and congratulate you on your great progress throughout the year. Keep it up, we need to hear your fiddlin’ now that we’re hooked on it!

    Cricket, you’re just incredible at all the talent you have. Congrats! Your talent knows no ends! It’s a pleasure.

    John congrats on the Moderator’s Award. What an honor. Keep up the wonderful fiddling. I really enjoy it.

    Thank you all so much for my awards.

    (If y’all don’t mind, I’m gonna take the possum-guacamole casserole with me. It’s yummy! lol)

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