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    I’ve been laughing for some time now……….:)

    John (BGD)

    Good grief…


    Charlie Brown!


    will youse fiddlers stop yer fiddlin’ ‘roun? lol


    Scott…hurry…now…stop, drop and roll!!!!

    Great Scott

    It’s not just the tie turning green, Cricket.  All of me is turning green. What is it my alien friend, Kevin always tells me via a little song he sings, “It’s not easy being green.”


    Oh poor Kevin.

    John (BGD)


    Good greif… OK, taking the mic back. Ladies and gentlemen, just in case of his mental absence, our esteemed moderator Great Scott requested several days ago that I present the Moderator’s Award in his behalf. Please allow me to read his prepared remarks:

    “As most of you already know, the Moderator’s award is presented each year to the person who the moderator(s) feel has shown consistent improvement in their fiddle playing throughout the year. 2020 saw one particular member demonstrate a vast improvement in their string crossings, their use of the bow, and general fiddle playing; as well as providing us with a number of laid-back videos and an assortment of wonderful tunes.

    But before I announce the recipient of this award, I would like to thank all the members who posted their fantastic videos in the Lion’s Den in 2020. All your videos were excellent, and were a treat to watch. Thank you all so much for being a very talented part of the BGD family.

    And now to the award. (opening the envelop. leaning forward to the microphone) The winner of the 2020 Golden Lion Moderator’s award goes to (drum roll please) . . . Edmo. Thank you Ed for sharing your fiddle journey with us. It has been a real pleasure hearing you play your beloved Celtic tunes and watching your fiddle playing improve with each one. We are all very proud of you and we’re looking forward to watching more of your videos this year. Congratulations, Ed. (big handshake. Ed leaves the stage with his award). Thanks everyone. Enjoy the rest of the evening. (GS gives a big wave to the audience as he exits stage right).”

    Here are the tunes:

    In the Bleak Mid-Winter
    O Tannenbaum
    My Gallant Hero
    Little Brown Island in the Sea
    The Tom Bigbee Waltz
    The Parting Glass
    Varso Vienne
    The Ookpik Waltz
    The Eagle’s Whistle
    The Log Driver’s waltz
    Flat Water Fran
    Star of the County Down
    Wayfaring Stranger
    Club Ceili
    The Music of Spey
    Coilsfold House
    Fear a Bhata (The Lonesome Boatman)
    The Aaran Boat Song
    Over the Sea to Sky
    Going Home
    Giving Up the Fiddle
    Farewell to Whiskey
    For Ireland, I’ll Not tell her Name
    Ae Fond kiss
    The Green Hills of Islay

    Now a big thank you to Great Scott for providing this award, and congratulations


    for winning our Moderator’s Award! Your certificate is in the mail.


    Someday you gotta get them eyeballs looked at.

    Great Scott

    I really didn’t need to hear that, Cricket.  Throat, stomach, rear, all on fire at the same time.  And now my tie.  But thanks for the heads up anyway. WHERE IS THAT SNOW?


    Yay…congrats to Edmo… great job!  Wonderful playing over this past year.


    I didn’t even wear a tie. Come to think of it I barely wore anything. I’ll be back shortly. I wondered why I was gettin’ cold.


    Kaeleigh has the snow…she needs to fling a few snowballs out this way.


    Fred, at least put your shoes on.


    I’m so happy for my buddy, ED. Congrats. You’re doing so good. Keep up the fine work. Keep on posting, my friend.

    Great Scott

    Big CONGRATS again to Ed.  I hope he can buy something awesome with his gift.

    John (BGD)

    YOUTH AWARD $100

    This year’s Youth Award goes to a very deserving young lady who has worked very hard on her fiddling and continues to improve, day by day and week by week! Below are a list of her entries to the Lion’s Den and Composer’s Forum. Between writing, performing, singing and branching out into other instruments and genres, this Golden Lion certainly deserves recognition.

    7 o’clock Waltz
    Waiting to Waltz
    My newest
    Un-named Waltz

    Mo Bhuach Ilian Donn
    Calliope House (with piano)
    Sally Gardens
    Some tunes
    Caravan girl (duet)
    The Ookpik Waltz (duet)
    Tabhair Dom Do Laimh
    Waiting For a train
    Loch Lomond
    Waiting For the Federals
    Another twin – fiddle tune
    McGuire’s March
    You Are My Sunshine (not Fiddle)
    Planxty Irwin
    Messing around with Audacity
    McArthur Road Reel
    Bill Mailly’s Barn Dance
    Empty Saddles (piano)
    500 Miles (on harmonica)
    Mrs O’Sullivan’s Jig
    The Morning Dew
    Lieutenant McGuire’s jig / Gloucestershire Wassall

    Please join me in congratulating


    For winning the 2021 Golden Lions Youth Award!


    Ed usually has a new tune ready anytime I sit down with a cup of coffee and log on…it’s so great with a cup of coffee.  Enjoy your prize, Ed!


    I’m so happy for you, Kaeleigh. You certainly have worked hard. And every bit of it shows with each post. Congrats.


    Yay!  Congrats to you, Kaeleigh!  Thanks for all the wonderful music you’ve shared with us during this past year!  (But you din’t bring us the snow like you said…lol).  Congrats again…you’ve made it a great year around here!

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