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    Fred…could we just chocolate-coat our sardines?  That way they could go alongside the guac…I mean, if you REALLY want that sort of thing.

    Great Scott

    Congrats, Gunnar.  You posted some really neat tunes with some cool titles.  Well done!

    But where are you.  I have looked everywhere for you tonight but I can’t find you anywhere.


    Yes, Peggy but be sure to melt the caramel over top.


    Where in the world is Gunnar?  He could be anywhere in the world right now.  Hopefully he won’t stay away too long.


    Ohhhhhhh noooooooo…… I’ve almost missed the whole thing! (Excuse me, excuse me) who are all the motorcycle people. I had to make my way around all the Harleys


    Oh Fred…just be careful with those concoctions…my advice…don’t, do not add the fireball.

    Great Scott

    I LOVE fairy dust, but only if it’s made from freshly ground fairies.  Yeah, please save some for the end.


    Congrats to Ed, Dave, Kaleigh and Gunnar! All well deserved!


    Oh Hi, Angela…just watch out for my tricycle please and enjoy some…some of that awful stuff we’ve been eating.


    I Give Dr. John a great big round of applause for his wonderful gift of this website that helps so many of us along our journeys. THANK YOU!


    Scott…I can run outside, catch some fairies, and grind them up quickly.

    John (BGD)


    Now we are down to our final award, the prestigious Golden Lion!

    First, we have no lack of honorable mentions. So many contributed this year, including those these honorable fiddlers:

    Fred –
    Alder Brook
    Footprints In The Snow
    Your Selfish Heart
    When You’re Lonely
    Ashland Breakdown
    Ebb Wren’s Hornpipe (Jan 21, 2020
    Jingle Bells on Banjo
    O Christmas Tree
    Ashland Breakdown at Heber Spring Fish Fry 2019
    Irish American Waltz
    Lake Dore Waltz
    You Are My Sunshine
    Southern Flavor
    Cherokee Shuffle
    Eddie –
    Tone and Bowing feedback
    BearDog –
    New 5-string fiddle
    Wade –
    Old Rugged cross (mostly mandolin
    Ashokan Farewell — First post
    Bird Dog Bruce –
    Been working on ‘Cajun Fiddle’ for a couple months
    Gunnar –
    The Gael
    Tommy Tarbukas
    Where the Soul never Dies
    Pike County Breakdown (on banjo, mandolin and harmonica)
    What a Friend We Have in Jesus (guitar and mandolin)
    Bluegrass in the Backwoods
    Caledonia (no fiddle)
    Tamlin (on a cool old fiddle)
    Ashokan farewell (dobro)
    The wren
    Down yonder
    Flowers of Edinburgh
    March 32nd (mandolin)
    Gentle On My Mind (guitar and vocals)
    East Tennessee Blues
    Chinese Breakdown (one leg version) Back Up and Push
    Gunnar’s Guitar Goulash 2020
    – The Gambler
    – You’ll Never Leave Harlem Alive
    – Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
    Chinese Breakdown
    Over the Waterfall
    Clawhammer thread
    Ashokan Farewell
    Happy January 8th
    Black Berry Blossom
    Seminole Wind (guitar and vocals)
    Arkansas traveler
    Blackest Crow
    Sally in the Garden
    Flowers of Edinburgh
    Mississippi Sawyer
    Pretty Little Mary (Jan 1, 2020)
    Fran H –
    O Sacred Head
    Kaeleigh –
    Joe –
    Easter quick medley
    Kimberley7 –
    I’ll Fly Away
    Soldiers’ joy
    Block Four –
    Squirrel Hunters
    Golden Slippers
    Nancy Bitter –
    Clinch Mountain Backstep
    Angeline the Baker
    Angeline the Baker —again
    Wayfaring Stranger
    I’m learning play ‘Redwing’
    Corona jammin’
    Salt Spring
    The Girl I Left Behind
    Seminole Wind
    IceBike –
    The Bocurly Waltz (check spelling)
    Two Rivers Waltz
    Da Slokt Licht
    Josefins Dopvals
    Steve Srader
    2nd week into ‘In The Mood’
    Ookpik Waltz (9/24/2020
    Ashokan Farewell
    Amanda For Amanda
    Ashokan farewell
    Marion in the Hill
    Cowboy Waltz
    Silver Bells (western)
    Kentucky Waltz for Cricket
    MariaR –
    Danny Boy
    Brandon F –
    Fiddle repairs / four tunes:
    Jole Blon
    Black Mountain Rag
    Tom and Jerry
    I Don’t Love Nobody
    Jole Blon
    Boil ‘em Cabbage Down
    Over the Waves
    Westphalia Waltz
    Angela –
    Ashland Breakdown
    Ashokan Farewell
    Cajun Fiddle
    Big Sandy update
    Girl From West Virginia
    Big Sandy River (campground jam)
    Dear Ol’ Dixie
    Dixie Hoedown
    Wagon Wheel
    Backup track for ‘You Are My Sunshine
    Good Time Mountain Man

    But tonight’s award ultimately goes to this prolific writer and performer who is no stranger to the BGD forums. Here are the tunes:

    Ragtime Annie
    Down in the Valley
    Mid-Night on the Water (viola style)
    What I’ve learned on harmonica during my time down
    Old Molly Hare
    Jenny Lynn
    I wish I Were a Mole in the Ground
    3 weeks and one day after wrist surgery
    First time fiddling since breaking my wrist
    Maiden’s Prayer
    Shakin’ Down the Acorns
    Satan, our Kingdom Must Come Down
    Sally Ann
    Tombigee Waltz
    Elzick’s Farewell
    The Old Angeline
    Loving Hannah
    Ol’ Jimmy Sutton
    Black-Eyed Suzie
    Golden slippers
    Fly Around, Little Miss
    Simple Gifts
    Oh Eliza, Little Liza Jane
    John Brown’s Dream . . . Jimmy Johnson
    Willy Moore
    Sail Away, Ladies
    I Wanna Go Home
    Abe’s Retreat
    Possum’s Tail Is Bare
    Little bit of banjo school
    Cumberland Gap
    Wildwood Flower
    Groundhog choir
    Oh Susannah
    Nine-Pound Hammer
    Look Down That Lonesome Road
    Groundhog guitar pickin’ school
    Wednesday Night Waltz
    New improved attempt at Wednesday Night Waltz
    Westphalia waltz
    Windy and Warm attempt
    Red River Valley
    In the Sweet By and By
    Here’s a Bonepart that’s weird
    Jesse James
    Cricket’s daughter singing Danny Boy
    Sally in the Garden
    Kentucky Waltz
    Over the Waterfall
    Blue Moon of kentucky
    My old friend’s got me playing the Beatles
    Shoot the Turkey Buzzard on banjo
    Here’s the hardest thing I’ve done on guitar
    Cricket plays Beatles song
    Grounghog Peggy music school
    Old Mother Flannagan on viola
    Name the song contest
    Cherokee Shuffle in A-D-A-D
    Chickens a Crowin’ at Mid-Night
    Johnny, Don’t Get Drunk
    500 Miles Away From home
    Drunken hiccups
    Jack of diamonds
    Rye Whiskey
    You Are My Sunshine
    Tennessee Waltz backup in A
    Life Gets Teejus, Don’t It
    A little singing and picking while waiting for Thanksgiving dinnertime
    The Girl I Left Behind
    Boil ‘em Cabbage Down
    Poor Wayfaring Stranger in A
    Soldiers’ Joy — belated Veterans Day
    Big Scioty
    Wildwood Flower
    Year of Jubilo

    Now please join me in congratulating


    For winning our 2021 Golde Lion Award!


    I had python nuggets but got hungry on the way….and….well….


    (applause, applause applause)  Yes, John…great website and endless amounts of learning to be gotten here.  Nice folks too.


    Oh didn’t you even save us one to divide?


    Congrats Cricket! You’re an inspiration! And standing ovation to John!


    Save me the venom next time, ok?


    What, did I miss something?


    YAY! Cricket, Peggy! YAY YAY YAY! I’m so happy for you. You so much deserve this award. Yes!

    John (BGD)

    I would like to thank all of you who contributed and of course to all of this year’s winners! I am extremely proud of each of you and I hope that you will continue to produce and to improve in the new year.

    OK, please put your masks back on before leaving the table, and Great Scott, I’m not talking about the scary clown mask you donned last year and chased me around the building until I nearly died of terror and exhaustion. Please do NOT do that again.

    I love you all and I hope to see more of you this year!

    John Cockman

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