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    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Hey friends! I know this is predominately a fiddle forum, but I couldn’t help myself — I just had to share this beautiful piece of music. This one’s for you Peggy! — as per our other discussion on vibrato. This is the “Love Theme” from the Italian movie “Cinema Paradiso”. It is a beautiful emotive piece of music, and this is the best violin solo that I have heard. I felt every bit of this woman’s pain. 🙂

    I highly recommend watching the movie — it is funny in parts and sad in others. It is simply a beautifully crafted movie, but quite long, from memory. It has English subtitles.

    This violinist appeared to be using the Bon Musica shoulder rest but with different colored feet. You can see it clasped over her shoulder.

    My ultimate goal in learning to play the fiddle is to be able to play this beautiful piece of music with as much finesse and emotion as the violinist in this video. Check in on me when I’m a hundred and one and see if I reached my goal! 🙂

    Please enjoy!

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    What a beautiful production of a wonderful tune. Thanks for posting, Scott. I am thinking that it must be quite a challenge for the sound technician to get all the music balanced so beautifully. I will bet that a lot of time went into the positioning of the mics.

    The violinist is amazing, and her visual performance is perfect. We should all take note of the expression on her face as she plays the final note. It says, “I have just heard the most beautiful sound in the universe, and it came from MY violin!” When we perform, we often forget that the audience connects visually as well as aurally. What we do with our face and our posture is every bit as important as the sounds coming from our instrument.

    That is great news for the rest of us, because the visual aspect is really much easier to perform than the music itself. How hard is it to dress nicely, to smile, to make eye contact, and to move with expression? Yet so often, musicians neglect that aspect of their performance.

    When I play on stage, I always try to appear relaxed and comfortable, to help put the audience at ease. And when I take a solo break, I try to convey confidence and emotion. I want the audience to know that I believe in what I am playing and that I am having fun playing it. Even if things don’t go exactly right aurally, it is important to maintain the visual side of your performance. Chances are, your audience will never know that a mistake was made unless you tell them about it with your facial expressions and body posture.

    So even if you know you are scratching and noodling, take those pained expressions off of your faces! Make your audience believe that every scrape, slide, and whistle was placed there intentionally and with loving care! If you act as if what you are doing is totally awesome, a good portion of your audience will actually think that it really is! For example:



    That was heavenly! I bet if you check her fiddle top it’s tear stained…
    The talent in her pinky would be enough to make me a happy woman 😉
    As far as confidence in front of an audience…I’m “afraid” mine is minimal, but I’ll try to fake it next time out…I think we have a blood donor clinic coming up in October.

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Peggy, be sure to get some video or at least some pictures of the October concert. That would be a great one for the “Musical Outreach” forum!

    Avatarfiddle camp

    Chloe Hanslip did a great job performing that piece from “Cinema Paradiso”. Not bad for a 26 y.o. that started when she was 2 y.o.!

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