A gold mine of tunes for Scottish, Irish, Canadian, maybe, etc.

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    Hey, guys…

    Sittin’ here with a cup of coffee while everybody around me is napping…nosing around all over the net and found this linked over on Fiddle Hangout.  I don’t think there’s any Old Time or Bluegrass tunes to be found in this gigantic list of fiddle tunes, but from the handful I listened to, I’d call it Scottish, Irish, sorta, hints of Canadian…reels, jigs, etc., and I know there are lots of folks here who really enjoy playing and excel in those types of fiddle tunes.  They’re all played on this guy’s youtube channel…which he oughta get a gold medal for, and he puts the musical notation up at the end.  I figured lots of people here might like knowing about that youtube channel, so here’s the link:



    Oh wow! Thanks for sharing this. I’ll have to check it out!

    From what I’ve seen, he plays really nicely!


    I hope you enjoy it, Aywren…with over 1,000 tunes, it’d take a person a long time to just listen to all of that good stuff!!!  Maybe you’ll be playing some of those for us here one day!


    What a collection, and he plays so well! I went through the list and noticed quite a few that were played by the colonists during the early history of America, like Flowers of Edinburg (a favorite of Thomas Jefferson, who played it while courting his future wife, Martha.) and Smash the Windows.  Subscribed to his channel. Thanks.


    Smash the Windows…hmmm…wonder what sort of history goes with that one…lol.  Glad you like it, Jim.

    I’d like to find something like that with the kinda tunes I love to play…well, I think there is stuff like that out there already…Carter Family, Old collections from upper south, etc., here and there…it’s just not all compiled neatly onto one youtube channel like what this guy here has done with this.  I’ve played about everything I can think of I ever heard of I think…on the several years I’ve had my youtube channel.  I wanna play some more stuff, but here recently I just can’t think of anything to play…lol.  Time to learn new ones, I guess.

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Outstanding link!

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