A Guide to Using the Forums. Plese read.

Best Online Fiddle Lessons Forums What else is on your mind? A Guide to Using the Forums. Plese read.

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    Great Scott
    Great Scott

    A Guide for using the Forums

    We have a wonderful forum here at BGD that has built up over the past few years to become a great resource of knowledge as well as a warm and friendly meeting place for the members. This forums user guide has been composed to help the newcomers to BGD (as well as some longer-term members who may be unfamiliar with forum usage) get the most out of using the individual forums, and how to use them for creating threads and posting replies.

    You will notice that there are a number of ‘Private forums’ here. These private forums were developed in order to make the BGD members feel more secure when posting their videos etc. in these forums. Only BGD members can access and view the Private forums.

    Please submit your posts in the correct forum as this will save admin a LOT of time having to move them (and their replies) to the correct forum if posted incorrectly.  DOUBLE-CHECK before posting in any one particular forum.

    The forums are as follows:

    Introduce yourself (Private forum):

    If you haven’t done so already, please drop in to this particular forum and briefly introduce yourself to the other members. The welcome mat is out; and we would really like you to drop in so that we can give you a very big warm BGD welcome.

    Tell us about your musical outreach (Private forum):

    If you play music at a Senior Citizen Centers, Hospital, Rest home or any other venue that makes the lives of others more comfortable and enjoyable, or if you teach music as a profession or as a part -time interest, or if you inspire others through your music, then we would really like to hear all about it. Please post your experiences right here in this forum.


    Stings and Things:

    On this forum we discuss a whole bunch of topics related to the fiddle and fiddle equipment, including the equipment needed for recording and videoing your performances. Topics include: Strings, rosin, bows, sound posts, chin rests, shoulder rests, pegs, fiddles and fiddle repair, fiddle sizes, bow hair / re-hairing, video cameras,, video editors (needed for creating your videos and posting them on BGD), microphones, other recording software programs such as Band-In-A-Box (BIAB), product reviews, and buying a fiddle. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Fiddles For Under $500’ thread.

    If you have a question relating to any of the above topics, or if you wish to post your thoughts / experience / or own review pertaining to a particular ‘fiddle’ product, or recording hardware / software, then please create a new thread in this ‘Strings and Things’ forum and post your question / thoughts here.


    General Help:

    If you are in need of advice or help regarding your fiddle playing then please feel free to post you question in this ‘General Help’ forum, and either John or a few of the other members will be only too happy to offer their assistance. Please note that due to time zone difference, your S.O.S. might not be answered immediately; but fear not: A rescue ship will arrive in time to save you from your grief.


    Specific Tunes and Comments:

    If you have a question or a comment regarding a specific tune that John has taught, then please post it here.


    Request a lesson:

    If you have a favorite tune in mind and would like to request a lesson on that tune, then please post your request here in this forum.


    The Lion’s Den (Private forum):

    ‘The Lion’s Den’ was created for members to showcase their own progress / performance videos; and where they could ask for a critique or advice on their performance, or submit their video for entertainment purposes only and not be critiqued. When posting your video, please stipulate if your performance is for critiquing or simply for entertainment purposes only.

    ‘The Lion’s Den’ has since expanded to include not just your own performance / progress videos but also videos of your family or your band performing and singing and playing the fiddle or other instruments. In order to help streamline the forums, you are kindly asked NOT to post videos in ‘The Lion’s Den’ forum that are not your own creation.


    Video Collaborations:

    This forum is where you will find all the information and discussions regarding the latest video collaboration. Each year there is at least one video collaboration for you to take part in; and our previous collaborations have been a huge success with more and more members joining in the fun.  So, if you want to join the gang and be part of something really special while having a mountain of fun no matter what your skill level, then we would love to invite you to join us in the next video collaboration (yet to be announced).  Our last collaboration was the beautiful waltz tune ‘Amellia’s Waltz’.


    Composer’s Corner (Private forum):

    This particular forum was created specifically for music composers among our membership— both budding and seasoned. If you are a singer / songwriter or a composer of music then this is YOUR forum. Here, we discuss music (tune) composition / song composition, song / tune structure, song lyrics, and all things related to the creation of your own original musical composition. If you are an aspiring composer or an old hand at it, you are welcome to come here for some guidance or even to share your knowledge. If you wish to submit samples of your own music for discussion or for entertainment purposes only, then please post your compositions in the form of MP3s or videos on this forum.

    We will soon have a separate section within this forum which is dedicated to the poets among our membership; likely to be called “Poets Corner”.

    Please be advised that the “Composer’s Corner” is strictly for YOUR OWN ORIGINAL compositions.  Do NOT post third-party videos or any music in this forum that is not you own original work.


    What else is on your mind:

    This is the thread where you can share your thoughts and your everyday experiences with whom ever wants to listen. This is your chance to share what ever is on your mind.  There is already a myriad of topics in this particular thread ranging from the deep and meaningful to the out-right ridiculous; with lots of fun topics in between. In this same forum is the outrageous ‘Pet Peeves’ thread, which is where you get the opportunity to voice your own pet peeve(s) and have a really good whine about what ever it is that sticks in your craw. Please note that this is more or less an ongoing light – hearted thread. The golden rule here is: NO anger, NO harsh language, NO malice, and N0 guns!

    The Prayer Closet (Private forum):

    If you would like a prayer or two said for yourself or a loved one, or friend, then please request it right here.


    How to post something in the various forums:

    If you want to post something in one of the various forums, then follow these instructions:

    To post a reply:

    1.  Select the forum you want and click on the thread title that you wish to post a reply to.

    2. To the right of your name and avatar  you will see some text that appears grayed out.  Select ‘REPLY’.  In the box that now appears, type tour reply.  When finished creating your reply, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the ‘SUBMIT’ button at the bottom right of the page.

    Congratulations!  Your reply has now been posted!      : )


    To create a thread:

    1:  Select the particular forum (that you wish to create a new thread in) form the list of forums.

    2: Go all the way down to the bottom of the page and you will see a rectangular box where you can place the title of your thread.

    3.  Once you have created the title of your thread, you might like to make it a little easier for other members to locate it again sometime down the track, so if you like, in the rectangular box that says ‘Topic Tags’, type in more than one word that best describes your thread.  Example:  Your thread is about your holiday in Britain.  You would type:  Britain, holiday,  Please make sure that you place a comma after each word and a comma after the last word that you use.

    4.  Type your text in the large window at the very bottom of the thread page. When complete, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the ‘SUBMIT’ button.  Your new thread has now been created.  That’s it!  Too easy!

    To post a Youtube, Vimeo or other video from the Internet:

    1.  Click on the video that you wish to post a link to.

    2.  Copy the link in the URL (found near the top of your browser)

    3.  Go to Bluegrass Daddy, sign in, and choose the forum that you wish to post the video link in.

    4.  Begin either a new thread or a new post by typing your text in the box at the bottom of the page.

    5.  Left-click in the box under your text and from the menu that appears choose paste.  Your Youtube video link has now been embedded in your post.


    To upload an image (picture):

    1.  ((TO BE CONTINUED….)


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    Whoo Hooo…Let’s have fun on the forums!


    John Cockman

    Thank you Great Scott!

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