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    I’m not exactly sure where this list of songs come from.. but I found it in my dads song sets for his bands and flyer ls for different bluegrass events.
    There are many songs that I can’t find on the internet but many of them I know.. just thought you guys would having this. I know I sure did.
    I posted in my introduction a video of my dad and he was bluegrass right down into the roots of his soul and I’ve formed the same love for it.
    The writing is very small. So download maybe and zoom in to see. If you guys would like I can type it out in bigger text.. I like seeing the little notes and things he wrote on the paper. I thought maybe you would too..

    Temperance is the only song you can’t see the letters well.. I’m assuming this is the name from what I can see..

    Enjoy guys


    Amanda Jane or Mandy


    That’s quite a list. Sounds like fiddling in your blood line. Must have been great to have grown up around music. Great find! A real legacy there, and a few titles to keep an eye out for around the internet or at festivals and such.

    Is your dad still with us to ask about them?

    A real keepsake. You might want to have it framed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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