Carbon Fiber Fiddles

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    You would have to play really, really hard up here to ever sweat playing a fiddle this far north.  Can’t imagine how my fiddle would react to that humidity down there.  Folks probably have trouble with the seams separating too down there….


    Well it’s a pretty sweaty area here…plus I’m always the person sweating the most wherever I go…lol.  I guess maybe up where you are, Rodger, it’d be more likely my face would freeze to the fiddle…lol.



    I had a carbon fiber fiddle for a while. It was nice, and played well, but I couldn’t get much volume out of it. I haven’t tried any of those $6-7K and up CF fiddles, but I am sure some of them are very good instruments. But, are they better than a $1.5K-4K wood fiddle? How about a $5K-10K wood fiddle? Those would both be huge hurdles to overcome in my mind.


    Started saving some loose change for a Glasser.   They have a pretty fair reputation so…?  Mr. Cleveland’s comments did comvince me to consider it even though it wasn’t a Glasser that he was using.   Want to try an electric type too as Jo A Ram does some fine work with one of those too.

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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