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    Steve Srader
    Steve Srader

    Cricket I Love the things you do and just thought I would point out all the tunes you have posted this year so far , only going back to January of 2018 I loved them all of course not counting the ones you posted and took down I found 56 tunes Thank You Cricket , Your really not doing bad for someone that can’t remember anything to play Ha ! Don’t Stop You inspire me !

    1 Which side are you on
    2 The Blackest Crow
    3 Mike in the wilderness
    4 Sal’s got mud between Her toes
    5 Hangman’s reel
    6 I Heard My Mother weeping
    7 June Apple
    8 A sacred harp
    9 Cotton Eyed Joe
    10 Blue Railroad Train
    11 Short life of trouble
    12 Bear Creek blues
    13 Windy and warm
    14 Groundhog
    15 granny does your dog bit
    16 Cumberland Gap
    17Pallet on the floor
    18 Spotted Pony
    19 Come back boys and lets feed the Horses
    20 Speed of the plow
    21Cluck Ole Hen
    22 What will I do with baby o
    23 Step around Johnny
    24 Old Aunt Jenny with Her Nightcap on
    25 Jenny Lynn
    26 Ashokan Farewell
    27 Willie Moore
    28 Come all ye Fair and tender Ladies
    30 Julianne Johnson
    31 Bonaparte Crossing
    32 Cripple Creek
    33 Turkey in the Straw
    34 Little Sadie
    35 Ole Jake Gillie
    36 Shove the Pigs foot a little further into the fire
    37 Over the River to feed My Sheep
    38 Fly around My pretty Miss
    39 The Rangers Command
    40 Boating up the Sandy
    41 Hop light Ladies
    42 Bonaparte crossing the Ryne
    43 Old Ballad
    44 Handsome Molly
    45 Sourwood Mt
    46 Hard is the Fortune
    47 Singing A Liottle
    47 Down in the Valley to Pray
    48 Kitchen Girl
    49 My old Kentucky Home
    50 Fishers Hornpipe
    51 Victory Rag
    52 Poor Little Turtle Dove
    53 Over the Waterfall
    54 Going Down that Road Feeling Bad
    55 Crawdad Hole
    56 Just a little Moodiness


    Good grief…lol…I’ve gone over the deep end, looks like.  That’s a lot of youtubes.  Well, our computer is now messed up and I can’t use my recording studio right now…so…trying not to go crazy…back porch fiddling only, for the moment.  Hopefully we’ll get our technological woes straightened out and I can get back to it before long.  Wow…I’ve played too many tunes…lol…maybe I wore that computer out!

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    John Cockman

    Oh my gosh! Steve, thanks for posting that comprensive list. I knew Cricket was getting close to having her own five box-set anthology but I didn’t realize there were quite so many!


    Fiddling + Presonus has turned me into a crazy person.


    It’s also possible I was just a crazy person before, just waiting for fiddling + Presonus to hit me like E=MC2…lol.  I hope we can get the presonus woking again…I’m way stupider than stupid with technology, Mike’s my tech guy, but he’s been sick and I hate to get him worrying with it.  He had hearing damage since we met…finally got hearing aids about two years ago…they weren’t helping…so the hearing aid people said wear them a whole lot so his brain could get over the confusion of sounds he hasn’t heard for decades, etc.  He tried wearing them a lot…hard since he teaches GED, as a volunteer by this point…but his students speak in the ranges he can’t hear and so do the heaters and air conditionsers, etc., anyway he wore them for several weeks in a row, cleaned them the way they showed him, but got ear infections.  Been around and around with the ear infections, medications, etc., and they never get better, only worse.  I’m pretty much convinced there are many doctors that just don’t know how to handle stuff…anyway…he can’t sleep and can’t hear because he was getting used them and now can’t stand the thought of trying to wear them, plus he can’t hear good because his ears are raw on the inside…then I read the drops they keep giving him can actually damage hearing permnently if you used them over and over, etc.  Gosh…now we’ve gone to herbal ear drops we bought off Amazon and hoping they will help…been a long haul with his ears.  Anyway, if he feels good enough I’ll see if the Presonus can get going again…I can’t figure out stuff like that myself.  The back porch is about as high tech as I go.


    John Cockman

    I know we’re all thankful for that back porch picking!

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