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    These virtual, cyber books are a very practical way to go.  They come as a PDF file you can keep on your hard drive.  I put the file on a thumb drive and go to a Staples type store that has the photo copier/printers that are much cheaper than using an ink jet printer at home, and if the music has harmony parts, I print two complete copies of the book to start with, so both players can have their own music.  I put each page in a clear plastic sheet protector made for binders, and it’s much easier to use as the pages stay flat in the binder, whereas in a book it’s hard to get the pages to lay flat on the music stand.

    But the really great thing about these e-books is that many of them come with a library of mp3’s that cover all the songs so you can learn exactly how it sounds and get it all in your head from the mp3 audio file.

    Mel Bay has an amazing collection of these e-books. They have done us a tremendous service in how they have actually initiated the process of contracting out specific projects to professionals that are the highest qualified people in their field to do these books.  It is astounding to me to see what they have accomplished in their perception, quality, and volume of content.  For fiddle & violin music, they have hundreds of books and many, if not most are available both as hard copy or ebooks, and many of the ebooks include these audio mp3 files as a separate download.  In the detailed description of the book it will say if the audio download is available.  The audio is not included for a lot of the books.  (If you search the Fiddle section you will get a lot of different books from the violin music section, but there is a lot of crossover)

    Anyway, for cyber Monday…Nov. 27th, they have a 35% off sale on all of these ebooks.  The discount code is CM35



    thanks Rodger


    John Cockman

    Mel Bay has been a consistent source of great musical instruction for as long as I can remember. Thanks for the information, Rodger!

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