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    Hakan Lindholm

    I have big problems with the sound of my fiddle when it is a low pressure weather or raining outside.

    It becomes:

    • low in volume
    • very nasal sound
    • poor ignition of the sound from the strings when bowing (big problem)

    I have had this problem with several violins and I wonder if this is a common problem and a general problem with violins. Or if there are instruments (for a normal budget) with good sound independent of weather, and if so what to look for.

    I also wonder if there is anything one can do about it.

    Would be nice to hear from experience on this subject from others on the forum.

    I am especially interested if there is a cure for it and if so how to fix it.

    Also interested in knowing what is causing the problem in the first place (technically). Is it that the violin is adjusted for good weather condition as a start and in low pressure weather the wood get swollen with an increase in pressure of the plates or anything else?

    (I have even tried to change the adjustments for low pressure weather, tried to release the sound post sligtly and changes of the position for the bridge. Have even tried to make a compleatly new sound a posts and bridge and adjust it for best sound for low preasure weather but without any success)

    Would be nice to hear from others experience with this.


    Seems to be a common problem…I think more so with fiddle than with guitar.  I’m guessin’ it’s because of the fact that they are put together with hide glue, and the whole thing swells like oak shake roofing shingles when the humidity is high…same with the bow…the horsehair turns wonky with high humidity like our own hair does.  Rosin gets stickier…it’s just a lot to deal with.  In my own case, no air conditioning and I record on my computer recording setup and all that is going on plus everything just gets sticky…so my fingers won’t behave on the fingerboard the way they should…fingers scoot along, sticking to the sticky fingerboard, bow hair acts funny, etc., etc.

    I think the way out would be to use man made materials…I’m not sure about that, but guessing electric fiddles made with plastics, etc., might not have as many weather issues…also the graphite fiddles, one would think, might not be as weather-sensitive either.

    How ’bout the wind?  Playing on a hot day in the wind is like scooting along a beach with a sail boat in your hand…lol…the wind just picks up the bow and makes it go all wacky, on top of all the other problems.


    Changes in humidity, air pressure, and temperature all affect the fiddle.  Some days the tone sounds fantastic and the next day it is dull and a struggle to pull the sound out. I like playing outside, but find it hard on partly cloudy days.  It is amazing how quickly the strings and bow hair stretch or slack as the air temp cools or warms with each passing cloud.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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