Fire on the Mountain

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    John Cockman

    Catfish Fiddler

    Hello John,

    Thanks again for your great teaching! I’ll try to make my question as clear as possible. When playing fire on the mountain if I start the song out with the traditional “hoedown” lick (long-short-short-long-short-short) I notice that the tune starts on the the short-short part of the luck with the C#,D….does this mean that those are pick-up notes into the tune and if so do I cut the hoedown lick to basically a long-short-short long-short-short long-short-short long then start the tune on the next short-short? Anybody confused yet? Lol.


    John Cockman

    Hi Catfish! First of all, you are exactly correct. The first two notes of “Fire on the Mountain” are the pickup notes, and you have to cut your shuffles a bit short to make room for them. They are two eighth notes that begin just before the first “real” measure of the song.

    Fire on the Mountain Intro

    Here is the original YouTube video that Catfish is referencing:



    Brother John, are my glasses and my old eye balls deceiving me or are you using the (1/8 notes?) ,in the as a slur instead of seperate bowstrokes as in wheelhoss or in Jerusalem Ridge? Just curious.

    In his Awesome Grip


    John Cockman

    That’s right! On this song, I have indicated all of the bow strokes. So, when you don’t see a bowing indicator for a particular note, that means that you just keep using the same bow stroke from the previous note. (This is called a slur.)

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