Golden Lion awards list of entries. Please check your submissions.

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    Great Scott

    To access these lists, click on each attachment to open the PDF.

    Hi everyone!  I’m posting the lists for both the Lion’s Den and the Composer’s Corner forums. The lists are accessible via the attached PDFs, and are not in alphabetical order.  I have limited resources at present in the way of Internet and electricity (due to ongoing travel), and may have only two or three more days where I can access both WiFi and power.

    So, would all the members who’s names are on the PDF list(s) please check the list for your particular submissions and verify if they are correct for January 1 — December 31 of 2019. I have listed several tunes for several members on these lists (highlighted in red) that may be outside the dates listed above. If I have time, I will endeavor to flip through these particular entries on-line and correct them myself, again, if I have the time to do it.  Please let me know A.S.A.P via this thread if there are any discrepancies, or if you submitted something and your name is not on the list.

    These lists (to be updated asap if necessary) will also help the membership see who has posted what in both the Lion’s Den and the Composer’s Corner forums and may help them when they are voting for the People’s Choice award. More about the People’s Choice award will be posted soon.

    NOTE: These lists are viewable by every BGD member, as well as non-members. However, your performances in the Lion’s Den and Composer’s corner are strictly viewable only by the BGD members.

    Cheers, GS



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    Good luck everybody!   I don’t know if I’ll get to my compilation…plus I missed a lot of recording because of illnesses in the extended family, my own broken arm and surgery for it, computer crashing, having to get to know a newer version of my recording studio software, etc., etc., etc., you know, typical 2020 type stuff…lol.  So I’m not sure I’ll bother…been super busy with things going on in the family anyhow…but wishing all good luck with the Lion’s Den Awards!

    Gunnar Salyer

    Vem Kan Segla was a 2019 entry, the rest I think were accurate. I’ll Check the composer’s corner later


    Hi Great Scott: I’ve looked through the tunes that I composed in the year 2020 and the only one I can see that I’ve posted here on BGD is the one I named “Hit or Miss Breakdown”.

    The rest of the tunes you’ve listed were composed back in 2019 or earlier. I wish I had played it better on the recording, but I was anxious to get it online and didn’t practice enough before posting. Oh well, that’s how it goes…..haste makes waste. lol

    Good luck to everyone in this years event. See you at the party. I’ll bring my special dip. ha ha. 🙂


    Oh no…not the dip!!!!!


    I had a lot more tunes than that…. or was that just the composers corner??


    Oh silly me, that was just the compositions… but you missed my last one from December 31st, my unnamed waltz 🙂


    Oh I just finally understood that those were links, oh for heavens sake! I must be even more technologically inept than I thought 🙂
    My last waltz is missing though 🙂


    Within Date requirement:

    Salt Creek at 150 Jan 2
    Bill Cheatum (mandolin) Jan 1
    June Apple Jan 1

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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