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    Ok so I have an iPhone.. so I will check for androids but this lil app is pretty amazing if you ask me. Here is what it does took some screen shots and screen recorded the app in actionSee the grassbeat app right next to bluegrass guru







    That looks like a pretty cool app!


    I couldn’t post the video.. I will try agian 


    Looks neat–I may have to check that out! Iphone here, as well.


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    I don’t know if your a beginner but if so Trala is my go to app.. I pay subscription price monthly but it’s worth it! It’s helped me a lot but I wanted more bluegrass stuff so I came here too and the combination is just right.. Trala is my go to app right now.. it also has a tuner. It picks up your notes and the length of note you are supposed to be playing and if it’s wrong it stops.. it also will have you go over it in sheet music as well so that you aren’t just focusing on the practice sheets that just tell you the note to play.. it’s the best

    Steve SraderSteve Srader

    Sounds really nice Amanda , I usually play along with Johns performance videos , I do use a program to slow some of them down until I can keep up ! There are some tunes John does that I prefer slowed down permanently !


    I use Strum Machine.   It’s a web site, but also an app.   So I can use it at my PC and it’s also installed on my phone and tablet.  I never buy software or pay subscriptions.. except for BGD and Strum Machine.

    It has a large library, but you can also “build” your own chord progressions.  Once built, you can change the key, or even add a capo setting.  For instance, I can set it up to show the chords G, C and D but PLAY the chords A, D & E.  Helps your guitar playing buddy get up to speed.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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