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    Steve SraderSteve Srader

    I was thinking about trying a set of Helicore  strings but to many to choose from , heavy , medium , light , wrapped different E strings what is best for ease of playing double stops this is confusing , does any one know ?


    Medium helicores for me. They last about 1 year on my fiddles. And yes the A string is usually the first to go. Of course its the string that probably gets played the most.


    I use Helicore mediums.  I tried heavies and didn’t like them that much.  Lights are too thin.

    Mine last about 6 months, but I play outside pretty often, so that might affect them.


    Played Helicore mediums (don’t like heavy) on several of my fiddles for a few years.

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    I like the medium helicores. I don’t use a designer E, but a lot of people swear by their favorites.


    I switch between regular medium Helicores and the special E…not a ton of difference between the sets.  It’s what came on the fiddle and I just continued to use them.

    I’ve had no problems with the windings except one D string once…usually they fail to stay in tune, or produce a good tone, well before the winding goes for me.



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    And back to the string talk….I think my Helicores are harder to play in tune.  I have Vision Heavy’s on my nicer fiddle (Thelma) at the recommendation of the Nashville Violin Shop.  I think they’re a synthetic core.  But I’m really liking the way they play and sound.  I might try them on my Goodwill beater (Louise).  They are a little more mellow, though.

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Angela, I have noticed that the helicores are more precise than dominants.  Evangeline is partial to helicores!

    Do you think I could get an official endorsement? Maybe I’ll write them a letter…


    I agree with Angela.  Had never thought about it like that but John’s comment on them being more precise is an good to explain it.  For me, Zyex strings are a little more “forgiving” and my old French girl loves them ( unlike John, my French violin does not have a name).   I’ve played Helicore med. for several years and have a set on my loud “banjo busting” fiddle.  I like trying different brands on my fiddles.  I’ve about settled on Zyex for my French violin and Helicores for  my old “beater” fiddle.

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Zyex makes a great string!


    I use Helicore medium purchased from Shar Music at a discount. They have held up well.


    I have just ordered my first Helicore set, maybe I fall in love This fall too ???


    Shar has good sale prices on strings on a regular basis.  I ordered a set of Zyex the other day from them with free shipping for a lot less than Amazon.  Zyex and Helicore’s are the only strings I play ( have several fiddles)




    Will be exiting, test Helicore, but I have Read that the steel core strings need lower gap between fingerboard and the string…

    Maybe I need to set up a new bridge to better sound, what is your folks experience?

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Synthetic core strings move more when you bow them, so they need a little extra bridge height than steel core strings. However, the synthetic core strings tend to hold their pitch better when you apply a lot of pressure to the bow.


    Will try a set Helicore This evening. Will be exciting:)


    I, too, am a fan of Zyex and Helicore mediums. I think I’m a long ways from trying any other brands. Deliriously happy with Zyex! I run Helicore mediums on all of my other fiddles and Zyex on my favorite fiddle.


    Have used some days now, little unused for the bowpreasure, clear sound and find them more had to tune… but I think will be better after few week

    Snap off The soundpost too, when changed the strings, but put back and OK placement I think.

    Now practice no the Amaila´s Waltz

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Steve, if I am correct in reading your initial question, it seems you are wanting to try ONLY the Helicore set of fiddle strings, and you are asking for member’s experience here as to what Helicore strings they use i.e; Helicore light, Helicore medium or Helicore heavy and that they feel plays double stops better (choice between Helicore light, medium, heavy).  I think there was some confusion surrounding your question but if you are curious as to which one (light, medium or heavy) plays double stops better, then I think that would really be a matter of personal preference.  That said (for general fiddle playing), I have read many posts elsewhere where people complain about the Helicore light strings being too weak and too thin ( hurting the fingers). And the Helicore heavy strings being too thick and uncomfortable under finger.  Thus, leaving the Helicore medium strings to be the most popular and apparently the most comfortable and playable.  From the amount of posts I have read, I am assuming the posters were fiddle players from all skill levels with many of them playing double stops.  I would also assume that, like myself, they simply bought the regular set of medium gauge Helicore strings.

    If you were specifically asking about Helicore strings in your initial question then I hope the above helps you in your decision.  And in all honesty, I can not tell you if playing double stops is easier when you are playing Helicore light, medium or heavy gauge strings (or Helicore strings with a wound E string or a silver or nickle D string) because I don’t play double stops… yet.  My suggestion would be for you to grab a set of Helicore medium strings and give them a try.  From my own experience, they stay in tune and last a long, long time and sound rather nice.  John uses them all the time on his lessons videos.  I did however switch out the Helicore medium E string for a Jargar medium E string.  The Jargar gives a more pronounced, stronger and louder voice.

    Hope this helps.


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