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    My father, 84 years young now, recently acquired  HIS fathers old fiddle.   As a child he remembers his dad playing a tune called “Blind Horse in the Wilderness”  I’ve not been able to find any reference to it and thought someone here may have heard it.   I’ve been taking lessons and playing for my father on his dads old fiddle and I’d love to find that tune.



    Steve Srader
    Steve Srader

    Sorry I came up empty . I hope you find it , a lot of old songs had different names depending on the area a person is from , also because they mostly played by ear the songs would morph into something different .


    Thanks Steve!  I appreciate the response.  It was about 75 years ago when he was listening to his dad play that old fiddle so it may well have been named something different.   Dad said that was one of his fathers favorite songs.  Just keeping my fingers crossed I can track it down.  Thanks again!  Much appreciated.



    I wonder if it was “The Old Grey Mare Came tearing out of the Wilderness”?


    Thanks!  I’ll play that link for him and find out!  Again I appreciate the help!


    John Cockman

    Hope you find it! It sounds like it could have been a “tounge in cheek” title, perhaps for the tune called “Yearlings in the Canebreak.”


    Thanks John, he said no..  didn’t sound like it..  “had some finger pickin in it”  😉

    according to my dad..   I really appreciate the help though.


    Don’t give up … I always had the Hump Back Mule song stuck in my head from before I can remember as a kid, but just a few lines of it.  I always went around singing it, but began to wonder if it was really a real tune or not.  Till, lo & behold it came up on youtube…

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