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    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Hey John! Sorry I missed your lesson when you first posted it. I was held up by Immigration!

    WOW! Now that information is worth its weight in pure gold! When I first read that you were going to discuss physics and chemistry in the same post — and me not having fond memories of either — I thought of skipping class and standing in the corner so I could watch the wall paper peel. However, my curiosity peeked, and I decided to sit in on the lesson (front row!). And man! … Am I glad I did! YOU RULE, TEACH!
    Why didn’t I have you as my Phys / Chem teacher in High school? This is the best information on the subject of rosin build up that I have come across to date! You have now got me thinking about a lot of other stuff! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Thank you also for the information regarding the corks. I have recently been using micro-fiber cloth to give my strings a wipe over. I guess my question regarding the cork is ***raises hand earnestly*** What is preventing the cork fragments from getting into the windings of the strings? I really do want to give this a try! Really, I do!

    Now I am in search of corks! *** Bashes head against wall in repeated manner*** When is my journey …… ever ……going …… to ….. end? OUCH!!!!!

    Love your Chemist’s verse, by the way!

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Dear friends, and fellow fiddlers — Here is my update for you!

    I have now put my fiddle journey on hold for a few weeks, and have put my fiddle back in its cage (er, … I mean, case!), so I can get to the bottom of my G-string problem.

    You see, the Rozerem had stopped working, and I needed to find a solution — quick smart!— if I was to impress you all this December, with my rendition of ‘Oh, heilige Nacht’ on my new Christmas album, titled ‘Great Scott’s New Christmas Album: Painful Renditions of Your Beloved Christmas Carols’. 🙂

    Not knowing where to begin, and unable to locate a G-string analyst in the yellow pages, I decided to contact the ONE person who I believed, just may be able to help me — Professor Theolineus Borgus — renowned world expert on all things beginning with the letter ‘G’ , and head of the ‘Bulgarian Institute of G-string Research’.

    I first became aware of Professor Borgus whilst fumbling through the pages of an old National Geographic magazine, where I read of his studies on the mating habits of the Australian Goanna. (‘G’ – oanna). 🙂 So I decided to write to him, and enclose a VERY brief outline of my problem, and ask for his expertise. Here is his very speedy reply to my fifteen-page letter:

    “Не знам нищо за прашки или цигулки …..или goannas! И много, честно казано, аз не искам да знам за вашата G-низ! И аз съм сигурен, че светът е също уморен да слушам за това! …. Особено John Cockman! Моля, да ни направи услуга на всички и да го преодолееш! Така че, моля, направете ни услуга на всички и да го преодолееш!
    Дадоха ми работа тук, защото брат на жена ми тук е портиер в института. Намерете лицето, който е построил си цигулка и ги питам защо те убиха жилото G. Hint: Търсене в землището на велосипеди. Сега, ще ви моля, спрете да ме притеснява!”

    Професор Theolineus Borgus (A.k.a професор ‘G’)

    Naturally, being fluent in Bulgarian, it was easy for me to ascertain that Professor Borgus was terribly busy, and had other things on his mind. Roughly translated , he says in his reply:

    “I don’t know anything about G-strings or fiddles ….. OR Goannas! And quite frankly, I don’t want to know about yours! And I am certain the world is also tired of hearing about it! … Especially John Cockman! So please, do us all a favor, and get over it!
    I got the job here only because my wife’s brother is the janitor at the Institute. Find the person who made your fiddle, and ask THEM why they killed your G-string! Hint: Search in the land of bicycles.
    Now, will you please stop bothering me!”

    Professor Theolineus Borgus (A.k.a Professor ‘G’)

    So, having now made a new International pen -friend, I cashed in my boat ticket to Bulgaria, and bought one on a slow boat to China ………..

    (Voice -Over)…….. “Be sure to stay tuned for next weeks exciting Oriental adventure, as Great Scott confronts the maker of his fiddle, in ….. ” Shanghai Shenanigans!” or “Hey Diddle, Diddle! …….. What’s wrong with my fiddle?”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    I have given up on getting to the root of Scott’s lifeless G string. As such, I have referred to him the unparalleled services of the greatest detective ever to draw a bow across the strings…

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