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    OKay so – I have a habit of allowing the left hand to over-extend and the wrist is not straight! More like waiter! I even tried a wrist brace – but its just too uncomfortable. Anyone had experience with retraining poor posture?!


    The training process, (my experience is training the kids, but it’s the same with everyone) is to set up and focus on getting the correct posture set up ‘before’ you start playing.  Then relax and go through the motions a little…sort of fake playing, some real slow long bows, etc. all the while focusing on keeping that weak point just right…then start out your practice session with something you know best and can play real well, all the while keeping tabs on that bad habit weak spot.  The point is to get real familiar with how it feels done right.  Then just on and go through your normal practice without worrying about it very much…just take note once in a while.  Before long the habit will be corrected.  It’s the same principle as when  you go out the door and forget your wallet…and you get so used to knowing what it feels like in your pocket that you sense it if it’s not there.  Eventually, with this training procedure you feel your hand, bow or whatever is not right when it gets off.

    There are a number of very prevalent weaknesses that we focus on right from the start with beginners, and we use this procedure to make sure we get it right from the start.

    Steve SraderSteve Srader

    Shar music has a thing called , wonder thumb , that’s supposed to help !

    however I bought it , tried it and do not use it, You have to be somewhat flexible depending on what notes your trying to play , some positions do not allow for  a strait wrist , I struggle constantly after learning bad habits early on ! Just don’t give up , Watch other various people play like John on the lessons , Then monkey see , monkey do , it will happen for you , good luck !

    Nancy ParkerNancy Parker

    Check out this video.

    <see below>

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