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    Hi John,

    I am obsessed with the group Mandoline Orange. Could you do a lesson on one of their songs? My choice would be “Daylight” because it has such a wonderful fiddle voice throughout the song. I would just love to be able to play it with my friends and husband who play guitar.
    Thank you for considering my request,



    I second this request!!!  They are my favorite band and honestly inspired me to start playing my violin again.  I would be so grateful to be able to learn any of their songs.  They have a newer fiddle tune (not album released yet other than on their “live at Austin” album that was recorded on their last tour) called “the hawk is a mule”.  I’ve started learning to play it by ear.  The fiddle part is repetitive, so once I get it, it should be easy to play, but I am having trouble doing the same with any of their other songs.  Emily and Andrew are really something special, and the music they have created is so beautiful.

    Other MO song requests:  Golden Embers, Gospel Shoes, Lonesome Whistle, Time we made time, Daylight (agreed with Carole’s request above! :)), House of Stone, There was a time, Turtle Dove & Crow, Settled Down, Old Ties and Companions, Cold lovers waltz, Buried in a cape.

    I understand gaining rights to their music might not be an easy task, but please consider adding some of their songs to your lessons if it is possible.  My heart would probably explode! 😉

    -Jennah B.


    I’d love to hear some turnpike troubadors!! Namely the bird hunters and long hot summer days

    -Toby Jordan2

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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