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    Great Scott

    Howdy everyone,

    i just got back online 30 minutes ago and read that Joe (Icebike) was looking for the old threads that I made 5 years ago but couldn’t find them. I am including the links to those threads below. They may still be of interest to anyone looking for a new mic, but, being that the threads are now 5 years old, some of the mics may not be available, and some maybe will. Naturally, during the past 5 years, I’m sure that newer mics have evolved, but sometimes the older ones are better built and can still hold up.

    There may be a problem with the first link. It was supposed to be the updated review but just now looking at it, I think there was some text missing. Blame John, not me. LOL!

    Budget USB Microphones under $100


    This second link is for XLR condensor mics (still quite usable for recording, BUT not for simple plug-and-play simplicity like their USB cousins.

    Budget XLR Condenser Microphones Under $100

    Hakan Lindholm

    Maybe one thing to be aware of when using a USB mic is that the “mic” itself has its own built in “sound card” which may be a problem when using it together with an external audio interface/sound card and recording software (if it is only possible to select one sound system in the software).

    The recoring software (I use reaper) may only permit one audio system to be selected and if one wants to use the performance benefits of the dedicated ASIO driver that comes with the external audio interface it may not be possible to use the USB mic at the same time.

    I used to record with the Zoom H1 USB mic and the internal sound card that comes with the PC and Microsoft internal drivers för the sound system. It worked very well and it was very easy to use (just plug in).

    Then I bought an external audio interface in order to improve latency and configuered it to use its dedicated ASIO driver for performance but to my surprice I could not then use the USB mic at the same time.  I had to buy an analog mic and connect it to the external audio interface.

    Maybe there is a way around it. (I find it strange that the recording software would not allow for the use of USB mic together with an external audio interface, but I have only tried it with Reaer have not tryed it with other software).



    Great Scott

    Thanks for the heads up, Hakan. I hope there is a way around what you describe.


    I’ve been quite happy with the refurbished Apogee Mic 96K, so far.  It was plug and play immediately with both and Ipad and a Macbook and worked directly with Garage Band.  That said, I don’t know how easily it would work with Microsoft equipment.  It has been replaced by newer (and more expensive) models but is still available for about $179 new and $140 refurbished.

    Hakan Lindholm

    It works fine for me as well with PC, Windows, Reaper and a Zoom H1 USB mic when using the Microsoft drivers. Very easy to use just plug and play and record.

    The problem I had  as described above was when I wanted to use an external audio interface together with its dedicated ASIO driver for performance benefits (low latency). It works fine if I stick with the windows drivers but then I miss some of the the benefits with low latency with the external audio interface. (I think the problem is if one wants to use an ASIO driver).


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