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    Hey…if you have food growing challenges, as I now do…you might wanna look this one up.  I’m trying it out now, although I have only the 10 oz plastic cups on hand…I think from what I’ve been able to tell on youtube people are using the red 16 oz plastic cups for this idea.  It’s called the “Double cup method,” and you might wanna look it up.   I didn’t look it up enough, just a little and jumped in and tried a few this morning and I’ll see how it goes.  I had gotten way behind in my hydroponics this fall after the work we had outside and then Mike got a strange weird thing that kept us running to the hospital for tests for a while…etc., and just didn’t get what I had planned to get going inside for my hydroponics.

    Anyhow, so with this double cup thing…it’s sort of a compromise between hydroponic and dirt…you cut some holes into the first cup and then set it inside a intact cup…first cup has growing medium (I used coconut coir on some and dirt from outside in others) and so you start your seed or baby plants in the top cup with growing medium…once the roots start growing down out of the holes in that cup, you start pouring a small amount of hyrdroponic nutrients into the bottom cup…do that once a day, from what I gather…I’ve seen youtubes where people are growing pretty impressive stuff with just two solo cups, small amount of dirt or dirt-like medium, and small amount of hyrdoponic nutrient.  I was anti hydroponic nutrient for a long time, then discovered it’s really very cheap and goes a long way…there’s several ways to make it or several kinds to buy…really not bad price and the initial stuff I bought is still a long ways from being used up.

    Well anyway…our yard got destroyed building that daggone wall last summer…then we decided to convert it to a driveway so the drunks and high people won’t hit our car on our little one lane road (there’s been many close calls…lol), but I really didn’t like sacrificing what little, flat and sunny spot we have here for a driveway…so we fenced it in again for the Chihuahuas and the places where I did garden are just not ready…not sure when I can get them ready again…so…I figured…well last summer the hydroponics tended to bring more mosquitoes around, got too hot…etc.  I’m figuring this double cup method would prevent a lot of that, having more growing medium than water, although might take more nutrient added if it gets really hot and the plants suck it up more…plus…I might just keep some going indoors for summertime if I can.

    Might wanna look that up if you’re interested in cheap, easy indoor lettuces, peppers, greens, etc.  Of course you can’t grow beans and corn…well, you could try…but for greens and small tomatoes and peppers this seems to work out well.  You need more lighting for the tomatoes and peppers…I don’t have much light…so I’ll stick with greens for now until I see if I can do this sort of thing outside.

    Ok…there ya go…my latest gardening adventure…since living up here, I’ve spent the whole 30 years trying to figure out how to grow our food in this weird place…lol.  Ain’t been easy, but seems there’s always something new to try.


    In case anybody is interested…here’s this guy’s experience.


    Very interesting, cricket. Thanks.

    I planted some lettuce and spinach in my greenhouse a few days ago. I love salad, and if I can’t get to the store because of the virus, I should be able to start picking baby leaves in a few weeks.


    Yeah, I could kick myself for this year being the first year I got all behind on growing stuff…lol…all because of tearing everything up for that wall we had to build…we’re staying away from the stores for now, because we are surrounded by cases…and from what I hear the store shelves are empty anyway.  Stuff is growing fast though…hydroponic stuff seems to grow a lot faster, at least leafy stuff for indoors, from my limited experience.  Then I’m waiting to see how these double cup things turn out.

    Fortunately, I do still have stuff from two years ago in the freezer for now.  Besides greens, broccoli and green beans, I found 2018 peaches and pumpkin down in the bottom of the freezer…my gosh the peaches are about the best I ever had.  Lots of berries too…so… if I can get stuff growing we’ll have plenty…i hope.

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