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    Thank you, Dave, for putting that into words.  That’s exactly why I feel lost in various keys, not just B.  It’s tuned to perfect 5ths, or perfect intervals in cross tunings, well, mainly…I know there’s some tunings different and there could be a whole nother discussion…anyway, the basic idea of 5ths and 4ths is you have resonance and everything’s sorta just along the same plane, so to speak…once you jump up into other realms…you’re leaving all of that resonance of the instrument and climbing out onto a big limb.  That might work if you can find your way…for me…I guess one reason I don’t enjoy our local BG jams is I don’t have fun in those keys…plus the lightning speed and doing stuff the way big paid musicians do it instead of just improvising together as a jam…it’s done juke box style around here and in weird keys at lightning speed around here…lol…I don’t even listen to radios, CDs, etc., and never heard of most of  the people we are trying to sound like, etc.  I never had an interest in commercial music, just playing it for fun is all. So…well anyway…yes that’s exactly it…in these keys you are leaving the perfect intervals behind and traveling  out there where you must hack out your own pathway…I admire those who can do it. I guess I therefore admire both BG and classical players who can master this sort of thing and be comfortable with it. I’m just not there and at this point don’t see myself heading in that direction…lol.  Good luck to those who travel that way, though…hope B brings you good stuff!  Good music and good times! I feel like now I see why it’s not a comfort level for me personally now…I always thought of it as playing in the cracks…etc., but I thik it’s really walking outside of your perfect interval tunings and creating your own out there, where the B perfect intervals dwell…lol.  Kinda like hobbit land or something.  Clear as a bell…er a fiddle!

    John (BGD)

    Thanks for the diagram and the video, Cricket! There is a term called “boxy” used to describe the music created using this method. It is a good way to ease into B though!

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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