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    Well so far youtube is still there for us small-time “creators,” as they like to call it.  I hope it stays that way.

    I’ve missed having fun informal jams and little gigs so much in recent years and then started just hanging out on my Presonus little recording studio thing…now I’ve finally found my way through some possible upcoming gigs…but I find that really, for me at this point, it’s just not as much fun because at a gig I can’t do the kinda stuff I can do on the Presonus.

    I mean…you can do the simplest thing…track one…do something just a little different, track 2.  I mean, sometimes I just put up my guitar scratch track first, to keep a hopefully steady beat.  Then I put the first real guitar track meant to stay.  Next I’ll just slap the capo on and put another guitar track, which to my mind just gives it so much more depth…then I go crazy and put the capo on somewhere else and do that again…or pick sort of against what I was picking on another track.  Then maybe put a banjo track, clawhammer…then go nuts and put a thumb lead or finger lead picking banjo track for kicks.  Then I’ll put a fiddle, maybe go back again and try some twin fiddling on some.

    Then I’ll put on a bass…maybe start the bass once the song or tune gets going good, for kicks.  Then I’ll feel like singing…then maybe sing some more tracks…and sometimes it just makes me go crazy with fun…lol.

    I realize, comparing now, a gig just can’t be that way.  Anyhow…my final step in recording is to put the thing up on youtube.  There…stop thinking about that tune and move on to whatever comes to mind next.

    Simple tracks, on top of other simple tracks…nothing complicated…and it just turns into so much fun.  If youtube cuts my channel…it’ll be a freakout moment for me.  I’ll still have to play around with that Presonus…but having the ultimate goal of posting them on youtube just makes it seem…not useless…lol.

    Well, it seems to be habit-forming…I’m already thinking of what to record next.  Right now, thinking Johnny Don’t get Drunk…that’d be a good one…or, maybe by the time I get a minute or two or a few hours or whatever it takes to do another one…I might think to do something else…just a fun, fun thing.  I don’t ever wanna stop, so I do hope youtube lets us little nothingness “creators” just keep a-goin’ like we were before.

    That’s it…I’m just blabbering out my thoughts at the moment, but now, it’s time to put Chihuahuas to bed.  Just thinkin’ here and lookin’ forward to my next recording time…yee-haw…I can’t tell ya how much I love doing it.

    Missed my calling, I guess…lol…shoulda worked in some music studio somewhere…well, I do now…sorta…lol.


    I think you worry too much about youtube.

    If you’re not targeting advertising toward children,or attempting to mine their personal info, you’re not the problem they are trying to fix.

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    Well that’s a very concise explanation, Dave, but not the one I’d gotten from youtube…theirs was vague and bordered on threatening, as far as keeping your channel, and then they said if we thought we’d have any confusion with this we’d need a lawyer…lol.  Scary talk.  I ain’t got no money and don’t want no money…just trying to have fun.

    Maybe youtube oughta hire you to writeup their “creator” newsletters and videos…lol.

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    Cricket, I certainly understand and share your fun with multi-track recording.

    Since you mentioned perhaps I should purchase a Presonus, I went on their site and I don’t think I’ve ever been so confused as to what I would need. However, I did notice that they have a free download called Prime #4 that I might look into and see if it’s user friendly like they claim. If I like it, I can grow from there by purchasing add-ons, etc. More later….:)

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