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    Hi all.

    Not sure if I should put this here or elsewhere.  If the mods need to move it to a different forum area that’s cool.  I was wondering if you can do the song If You’re Gonna Play In Texas by Alabama.  Or if its somewhere on here already and I missed it. Eventually, when I get decent enough at playing, I’d like to learn that one.





    Could you please put Peace in the valley on the site.  Thank you.

    Great Scott

    Hi Squeaky and weskim, I will try to move your posts to the proper forum.

    Just a reminder for anyone with future tune requests: these requests need to be posted in the ‘Tune-specific help and comments’ forum.

    John also has a PAID request section, but I think he has put that on hold for a while due to his work schedule. However, you can always e-Mail him and see if he is doing that again. Thanks.


    Hello all! I have a request for Tablature of three Fiddle Tunes. I’ve no idea what the required process is and if I’m violating rules,,,,, kick me hard.

    Sir John, if you do requests….. i’d gladly pay  you for the written Tablature as on Bluegrass Daddy.

    If not, i’d reimburse anyones time to help me with the Tablature.

    Please reply to:

    I’ve found three fiddle tunes on YOUTUBE that I’d love to learn.

    City Lights: As played by Ashley Giles (Day 62 City Lights) same key

    Fraulein: As played by Aynsley Porchak (Fraulein-Tone Tuesday) same key

    Silver Wings: As played by Ethan Harty (Silver Wings) possibly a higher key

    Just a frustrated old man trying to learn a few tunes.

    Thank you, Rayburn May


    Hakan Lindholm

    Very good tunes and versions.

    There is good version of Fraulein, the basic melody, on One can chose the key for the notation. I think she plays in A-major. One can listen to the tune from the site in the different keys.

    From that notation it should be possible to figure out some of the embellishments that she does in her performance. It seems like she plays A4 instead of the open E and D4 enstead of the open A.

    YT video Fraulein – Tone Tuesday.


    In time for Halloween:  How about Eli Renfro?  And Bringing Mary Home?

    Any other good Halloween bluegrass songs?

    Hakan Lindholm

    Re: Fraulein. Maybe this one is closer to the basic meldy line.

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