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    Hello again all,

    My fiddle came with rock hard black rosen and I am wondering if it is the best thing to use for a beginner. I have done some research and understand that there is light and dark. What do you recommend for this newbie?

    Thanks in advance!

    Steve Srader

    There are so many rosins , light rosin is good if you are in a damp/ humid area , dark is better in a dry climate , I like , Andrea A Piacere is soft and less scratchy or Andrea solo is more grabby , both of these are considered dark , not all rosin is equal , fresh rosin is better than old and dried out rosin , I have found that a smaller size of rosin is better because the big size last so long , they dry out , I have full size cakes of rosin that are three years old and are dried out and only was able to use one forth of them !


    Hi Leiah! I experimented a lot with rosin before I found something that I loved the sound of but at the same time was easy to find— I’ve a whole basket full of rosin 🙂
    Personally, I don’t like dark rosin, like Steve said, it’s tougher and more ‘grabby’ but I don’t care for the extra scratchy sounds it makes and I think, for beginner, in my experience, it squeaks more and can be frustrating.
    My personal favorite among the other lighter rosins is D’Addario Kaplan Art-craft rosin which is actually very cheap 🙂 I tried it after having a conversation with the national Scottish fiddle champion about rosin 😀 it has a really smooth pleasant sound and is not unnecessary sticky! Hope that helps!!! 😉


    Thank you Kaeleigh! That scratchy sound is really frustrating me and I had a feeling it was because of the rosin. I will try the D’Addario one you suggested. I really appreciate this group! 🙂


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