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    Sometime within the last year, I came across a post on here from someone who used the app “forScore” to put their sheet music on an iPad. It was just what I wanted to do! I got the app on my iPad, also bought the app “JotNotPro” which is the scanning app.  Now, after months of inactivity, I can’t for the life of me remember how I used it. It seems like it was fairly simple back then!  Help would be very appreciated.



    Nancy ParkerNancy Parker

    I found these directions to “forscore”  that may help.


    FYI: I take a screen shot of the sheet music with my iPhone and then  download the photo to my iBooks app.

    iBooks changes photo to a PDF.  Save dots in iBooks. Works great!



    I was able to save right from this very site and it saved to my iBooks app.

    Nancy ParkerNancy Parker

    P. . .  Mandy

    I do what you do, too, with the BGD dots  🙂

    I think Lukidog has paper sheet music.  So rather than scanning I take the photo of the dots and send photo to iBooks.

    When there isn’t a pdf or png to forward to iBooks; i.e.,  just a photo on the screen . . . that’s when I need to start off with the screen shot.


    I’ve never heard of this app. Will have to check it out. Nancy, what are “dots” that you’re taking pictures? I thought it was a typo at first, then when you repeated, I knew it was “something” lol

    Never thought of using iBooks. I don’t know that I’ve EVER used ibooks except for the occasional newspaper downloaded. Will have to get re-familiar with it…

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    Nancy ParkerNancy Parker

    Dots : notes on the page 🙂



    oh! lol I thought it was some sort of code syntax or something LOL 😂



    what do you use for a smartphone or do you have a computer. iBooks is an app on a iPhone that comes preinstalled


    Mandy, Yes, iOS devices primarily. I HAVE iBook–I just never (or seldom) use it LOL! Never had a reason to… until now 😉

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