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    I got myself a cute little MP3 and downloaded a few songs.  Is it just for listening to when I’m not fiddling?  Because thats all I use it for.


    An MP3 is an audio file.

    Guess I don’t understand your question? Did you mean you got a player?

    Steve SraderSteve Srader

    I personally use the Mp3s John has on his lessons for back up rhythm and play along , I also use the  performance Mp3s with fiddle to play along with so I can have twin fiddle , I make a CD with about 20 to 23 tunes on it , and when I play at a event and I don’t have real people to play with I use the CD for back up and play along ,  It’s better that playing solo fiddle without back up !

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    I would say that Lee means a MP3 player, from the sound of his post.  Thanks for letting us know, Lee.  I’m gonna have to get me one.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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