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    Steve SraderSteve Srader

    I thought I would make a list of Songs I have Sponsored as this year I have not posted many tunes into the lions den , But I do think I have been able to do the ones I have learned justice , I have sponsored and added to Blue Grass Daddy quite a few great tunes and bless be Dr: John for doing great lessons on over 20 tunes I have kind of lost track but my paid lesson contributions are close to the end as I am happy with my list of tunes that I care to learn , at least for now , So 1 Over the waves , 2 Beer barrel polka ,3 Last Date , 4 Silver Bells Western , 5 Prairie Spring Waltz , 6 Home Sweet Home 7 Riding Down the Canyon 8 Rubber Dolly 9 Aly Bain Bonaparte 10 Pee Wee King Bonaparte 11 William Steppe  Bonaparte 12 Cowboy Waltz 13 Don’t Be Angry 14 Westphalia Waltz 15 Old Spinning Wheel 16 Blue Violet Waltz  17 In the Mood 18 Just a Closer Walk with thee 19 The Last Waltz 20 Sing Me Back Home key of G and E  21 Daddy My Daddy  22 Crystal Heart 23 Jesus I Pray  24 In the Book of Life  25 Acken Breaken Acken Broken Hearts , I may have missed a few , but all in all I am happy and proud John did these lessons for me and for all at Blue Grass Daddy to share , These tunes were spread out over the last three years , The last tune I have sponsored that Dr: John is doing to be released soon is the 26 Panhandle Rag , maybe before new years ? Merry Christmas !

    AvatarHakan Lindholm

    Great list of songs, many of my favorites.

    Many thanks for these.


    You’ve managed to inspire many new lessons for BGD, Steve!  Thank you, Steve, and thank you, John, for constructing those and all the great lessons here.

    I’m forever messin’ with Over the Waves…lol…that tune alone could occupy a fiddler for years, i think.



    Many, many “Thanks”, Steve. You’re very generous and I know we all appreciate it. Also, “Thanks” for all the original songs you have written and shared with us here on BGD. 🙂

    AvatarTerry Sylvester

    Like some others, I’m still hoping for “Great High Mountain” 🙂

    AvatarGerald Schofield

    Still waiting for Diggy Liggy Lo

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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