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    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Hi guys and gals!

    It kind of seemed inevitable that the topic of the Corona virus would arise at some point, and after reading the thread titled ‘Please pray for our country‘ that was created in the ‘Prayer Closet’, I felt it would be more appropriate to create this separate thread titled ‘Corona thread’ in the ‘What else is on your mind?” forum as a place for those members who would like to discuss the topic. You are invited to  share your thoughts, your personal experiences, your concerns, your knowledge.  I have to say that the BGD members are some of the nicest, most courteous people I have got to know over the past several years (this is my seventh year as a moderator). I respect their opinions and feel confident that each member will respect the opinions of others who post, regardless of a differing personal view. So, no bullying or threatening, no kicking, no yelling and screaming in disagreement, no nasty words, and definitely no hair pulling, biting or scratching. LOL!

    I can not move those ‘Corona topic’ posts over to this thread. So, if you have already posted something regarding the Corona virus in the ‘Prayer Closet’ forum, then please feel free to re-post it here in the ‘Corona thread’.

    Thanks, GS


    I talk and yak so much I’m figuring I probably had something to say, but don’t remember now what it was…lol.   But, it’s been a trying year…like nothing seen for a good hundred years.  Plagues do come and go and many people suffer or die or go hungry as a result.  We are unlucky enough to be in a generation to have to deal with one.  It’s been a very sad and frightening year.

    I guess if and when I ever hear of the vaccine being available to us here in Ky, I’ll muster up the courage to get it.  Feel a little bit afraid, since I tend to have some pretty significant allergic reactions to medications, foods, stings…etc.  So I hope I don’t react to it.  I also hope it doesn’t cost a bunch of money or whatever…getting my wrist put back together again rang up a 37, 000. 00 medical bill, mostly paid by insurance…but the part we had to come up with left us in the hole.  I had a friend who got shingles shot…he and his wife…then got slapped with a bill for 250.00 each…once they called their insurance company, they were told insurance paid ONLY if they got the shots at a pharmacy clinic, not at their doctor, where they had gotten the shot, thinking the insurance would pay.  So he had to come up with 500.00 to pay for those shingles shots.  A few months later, they came out and said oh shucks, those shots weren’t good afterall and now they have new shingles shots…lol.  So…yeah I knew another woman who went in for surgery and thought everything was taken care of and then got bills saying the anesthesiologist she had wasn’t in the network…etc.  You just never know with our insane medical system IF you can afford to get whatever medical care you might need, regardless of if you have insurance…anyhow…yeah lots of worries…will I react to the vaccine?  Will I get a big unexpected bill for it while still paying for my right wrist? Will we get some notification that they need to change to a different vaccine?  Nobody can know all of that.

    But for sure we need to do whatever we can to end this thing and get life back to normal…I think that’s gonna require getting the vast majority of the entire human population on earth vaccinated…big job…hope we can do that before too many mutations cause the vaccine to become ineffective.


    I got the first moderna shot yesterday. My next door neighbor died of covid virus about 3 weeks ago. My county commissioner died from it. My 2 sons and there wives and 3 grandkids all have covid right now.  Thankfully they have only had fevers and lost sense of taste and smell so far. Both hospitals where I live the covid floors are completely full of patients. This covid virus is real.


    People have different opinions regarding the virus and I respect that.  I think for most, their opinions are formed by their personal experiences and what is happening in their own families and communities – what they actually see.  I lost a brother and his wife this summer to the virus and  ten days ago I lost another brother to it. I know the trauma their children and grandchildren went through and continue to experience.  At this point, I’m rather numb.  I will do everything I personally can do to protect my family, friends, and anyone I encounter from getting ill.  I can’t wait to get the vaccine and move forward.  Joe


    How do you guys know when , where, how, how much it’s gonna cost…etc., about the vaccine?  We are both 67 and haven’t heard one word about if it’s available or anything else.  Like I said above…scares me to get the vaccine, knowing my tendencies toward allergic reaction…but covid scares me worse, and it’s never gonna get gone unless people move quickly to achieve herd immunity…but…I don’t know how to find out when or where or how or whatever…haven’t heard anything about it.


    Peggy,  It appears that it is up to each state to prioritize when you are eligible to get it and when\where it is distributed.  In our state, health care workers were first and now anyone over 65 can get it.  However, it has been a mess.  An online signup began Wednesday, and within 5 minutes all available appointments were filled, with the majority of folks put on a waitlist with no further information.  We are still waiting for any more information.  Hopefully, they get it sorted out soon.  We are being told the the vaccine is at no cost.  If you have insurance, they will bill the insurance company for the cost of administering the vaccine; this includes Medicare.  If you don’t have insurance, you will not be billed.  You need to find out what the plans are for your specific state.

    Gunnar SalyerGunnar Salyer

    I personally don’t trust vaccine companies, because they have no liability. If their vaccine literally kills you, there’s no legal recourse to hold them accountable. Thus, they have no motive to ensure safety of vaccines. For this reason, I won’t get any vaccine. But especially the covid vaccine and here’s why: it is a vaccine with a 95% claimed success rate for an illness with a 99.9% survival rate. Also, no vaccine has ever been approved for humans in under five years, while this one took only a few months. Thus they have had no time to conduct studies of medium and long term side effects.

    If you’re really concerned about it, take zinc and tonic water, it has as good a success rate as the vaccine, as well as being good for you in general as an immune booster.


    I’m wary of how greed has affected the pharmaceutical industry, but at the same time, I’ve known of a family member who died of tetanus (terrible way to die),  a friend who died of rabies after a cow bite (terrible way to die), kids who were very sick with polio and to this day suffer physical problems that fortunately can now be prevented by polio vaccines, I almost went deaf at the age of three from mealses in my ears…somehow they were able to keep me from going deaf, but to this day if I ever go to a doctor they wince when they look into my ears…my ear drums are nothing but scar…I’ve had dogs that suffered terribly until death from parvo, or distemper, oh yeah, I almost forgot, we knew a little girl who got menningitis who will never walk correctly her whole life.  So… yeah, there’s some greed in the pharmaceutical industry, but vaccines have prevented a lot of these types of suffering and death…so, needless to say, any kids in my life (only two…lol…kid and grandkid) get vaccines for appropriate ages growing up.  Our dogs and other animals we’ve had get their appropriate and recommended vaccines.  I don’t like the idea of kissing a doggie and then finding out they have rabies…lol.

    There’s really no good stats on covid at this time…it’s new to our species and it’s unknown how the immune system deals with it, and since our testing capabilities is a few steps behind the advancement of the virus, we don’t have accurate stats as far as percentages.  One thing, athletes who tested positive but didn’t get symptoms later had enlarged hearts on MRIs…nobody knows what that means…but it remains to be seen if there is any longterm heart damage from having this virus, even without symptoms or apparent illness.   So far what IS known is that the course of the disease is wildly unpredictable in all ages.

    It’s kinda scary when you see more and more people around you coming down with it, when the local hospital says people with other illnesses or injuries might not get in because the beds and oxygen and all staff are too overwhelmed with covid…this ain’t nothin’ to mess around with or take lightly.

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    Gunnar SalyerGunnar Salyer

    Vaccines have been a huge help for many people, and they have essentially eradicated several diseases. I don’t deny that, and I agree that those particular vaccines you mentioned are life savers. But the sheer volume of vaccines they put in kids these days is unthinkable. And all the aluminum and nickel, and possibly even parts from aborted babies……. that are in those vaccines.

    Diseases or no, those things are inexcusable. I have heard firsthand accounts of vaccinations giving kids autism and other awful diseases too. And you can’t just get the necessary ones, they either give you everything or nothing.

    I could not in good conscience support such an institution that has no accountability, no history of ethical practice, no motive to operate ethically, is built on pure greed, and would inject pieces of murdered humans into people. I just can’t.


    I also don’t believe that the virus is new. My entire family had it almost five years ago. It was a really bad cough for about a month, such that you strained every muscle in your torso coughing. It came and went, through the whole village, and we all survived.

    Also, 99% of people who had covid last year survived, and 90% of those who didn’t had underlying health problems like diabetes, obesity, lung cancer, etc. To me, that says that we have a pretty good idea how the immune system responds. Based on that data, unless you’re immunocompromised, you will probably survive easily. And if you are immunocompromised, you would die from any bug anyway, so you should be in a position to not contract any, period.


    Peggy the vaccine shot is free. In Oklahoma I just called the county health department they scheduled  me and wife  for shots we got them and said they would call us back when the next one is due. I have seen the effects of what covid has done around my area its not good. If I was 20 something years old I probably wouldnt think to serious about it either, but I am 67 so thats why I got the shot.



    Thanks, Joe.  I think we are way behind in getting the vaccines here in KY.  I’m also 67…but, I’ve seen so many heartbreaking stories from people in KY dying of all ages…even young children…rare, yes, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.  We’ve had people of all ages die or become disabled when the virus attacks vessels or nerves, etc.

    Gunnar,  my daughter has gotten the shots as she wanted for her son…no pressure.  The scheduling for children is based on their maturing immune systems and what ages and combinations are most likely to not only protect them long term, but also afford herd immunity for the population.  For instance, once they started vaccinating young children for pneumococcal disease that cause certain diseases for young children, the herd immunity helped to wipe out forms of the disease that occur later in life, from the rest of the community.  No vaccine is 100 proof that you wont’ get a disease, but get the community vaccinated and protection spreads around and really, that’s how they wiped out small pox…I remember getting my small pox vaccine as a child…they still hadn’t wiped out the disease.  Small pox killed many people around the world.

    I wouldn’t be too quick to assume a bad cough as having had covid…I’ve had several bad coughs that last a long time and you feel like you’re coughing up a lung…stuff like that tends to go around…this one is different and hasn’t been seen in human beings since it was first discovered in 2019, thus the name.  New Zealand wiped it out way before a vaccine could be developed…by the way, they were working on mRNA style vaccines for years before, so part of the development of the vaccine went on for a long time before it was used for covid.  As far as fetal cell lines, I believe those were from cells taken in the 60s.  But as far as medical ethics go…big can of worms…many procedures that save lives now might have something involved that many people would consider unethical…if you look it all up.  Even eating you lunch might have a lack of ethics involved…eating chocolate, bananas, drinking coffee…very disturbing things involved in getting that stuff to people.  But as far as medicines or procedures go…there’s a lot of weighing out to be done…do we stop the vaccine because fetal cell lines from over 40 years ago went into the reseaarch and development, and let millions of people here now suffer and die?  Is that ethical?

    My biggest concern is with the greed the pharmaceutical companies have shown over the years.  Don’t even ask me about what happened when the Swine Flu of 76 epidemic failed…but the shots came anyway…lol.  I don’t even wanna remember that.  Mike and I thought for sure we would not live through that one.  It was rough…and if I could do it over again, that’s one shot I would have skipped.  Long story…it was bad for us.  Anyway, I’m inclined to trust this one…hopefully that’s not a mistake.



    More thoughts for this corona thread. I was discussing this with my daughter this morning.

    She said she had seen where some doctor somewhere pointed out that if we would do widespread antibody tests, the questions like what Gunnar had pointed out…i.e., I had a terrible cough that lasted forever…could this have been corona?  Could this bring immunity???? etc., etc., these types of questions could be answered…antibody test says you are or are not immune…if you don’t know how long your immunity might last, have access to regular antibody tests and you know…how cool if we could actually KNOW something about this thing, hey?

    Also, they could save on vaccine doses by skipping those with anitbodies and keep it for those whose immune systems don’t seem to know this virus…that way there’d be closer-to-enough vaccine to go around.

    Now…I don’t consider myself a very smart person…lol…seriously…and I do consider Gunnar a very smart person…so let me say I do look for valid information but I don’t mean to make all of my statements seem to be totally correct, because with so much info floating around, if a person doesn’t take the time and effort to check, recheck, check some more, each source and trace all info back to the beginnings…then they can’t definitely know what’s correct and what’s flawed…I won’t say what’s true and what’s “fake,” because I don’t like the deliberate notion that falsehoods are purposely strewn about…although I know they are, mixed in there with true things…but I’d rather think I’m either finding correct or incorrect info…I’d also like to think my critical thinking skills are, maybe not sharp as a tac, but let’s say edgy enough to discern somewhat most of the time.  So nothing I say or think is solid evidence and is likely to change as time goes by and I hear something else. But my point is that so little is known…I’ve even read recently that some virologists don’t think it started in Wuhan…but think it was just hitting hard there and first recognized there.  Who knows?  I don’t have the resources (academic and research library databases, scientific literacy, time, etc.) around me to search back through everything…just saying…we don’t have good information, wherever it is coming from.  I’m doing my best to understand, because I’d love to see the world, our country too, wipe this thing out and get life back to normal, and I’ve seen stories where this thing has caused a lot of hardship and suffering that we are compelled by ethics to intervene in and try to stop with everything we have going for us.

    But I guess I’m saying here…whatever doctor, whoever she heard that from…I think that idea, testing antibodies to know how to proceed…how to open up safely again, how to distribute vaccine…etc., sounds like a great idea…I hadn’t run across it before.   Anybody have any thoughts?


    Well I heard that if you donate blood they test for corona virus antibodies. Whether that is true or not I do not know. I think the science is what to follow. The CDC and WHO have been around a long time.


    Great ScottGreat Scott

    For anyone remotely interested in hearing the TRUTH about the SARS-CoV-2 (corona virus), then I strongly suggest that they watch the video below (well worth one hour of your time). The vaccine is also mentioned.  In the video, Dr. Bhakdi mentions the peer reviewed paper written by Prof. Ioannidis of Stamford University — world’s foremost epidemiologist — and published on the World Health’s own website. The article in the picture below speaks of his initial vilification by the mainstream media and other entities, and his eventual vindication. And then read the article in the  second link.

    I will write my own personal comments in a separate post.







    Well you all know I always freely spout out an opinion…lol.  I have no degrees in virology or public health, so of course I have no idea what I’m talking about.  But I didn’t have time for the whole video…I’ll just say if people would wear masks this thing would probably go away without lockdowns or vaccines either one.  But around here you won’t see many wearing masks…people just won’t do it.  As far as corona viruses being around for a long time and not wanting to kill their hosts…yes I do agree with that…I’d said earlier in some post here about when I remember the fascinating stuff in microbiology…where I believe if I remember right from 50 years ago…lol…that it was the herpes virus that causes fever blisters that was held up of an example of an old virus that knew us and we know it…it comes to live in its host, without causing any harm, really, just annoying blisters that pop up at times and can then spread itself to others freely, go back into dormancy for a while and live peacefully in the host for decades.  That’s a highly evolved virus.  The newer viruses are wild and unpredictable…they kill too fast and can burn themselves out if they don’t change and adapt along with their hosts well enough.  Corona viruses have been around…the common cold is one and probably used to kill cave men…but now we know it…it knows us…it comes around and makes us mildy or badly miserable for a while and then moves on.  But this one is new…even though it’s a corona virus (just referring to the shape), it’s a new one for humans, which makes it wildy unpredictable.

    But if we would wear masks we might remove the host long enough for the thing to burn out.  If it’s jumped species…they’ve thought from bats, maybe…then it could behave wildly and unpredicatably in its new host, people, for hundreds or thousands of years before it becomes a normal thing…that’s just my understanding…of course I could be wrong.  Lockdowns only work because people won’t wear a mask.

    I would love to believe only a small percentage of unfortunate people die from this, but no matter how big or cruel a flu epidemic we’ve ever had, there’s been no need for refrigerated trucks to handle all the dead bodies, no shortages of oxygen or hospital beds so that injuries or heart attack patients can’t be seen, never been the need to use extra tents or makeshift hospitals to house all the sick…I mean…this ain’t the flu.  This is not anywhere near a normal illness that we’re all used to see going around.  In my lifetime I’ve never seen anything like this happen.  So I have to disagree when people say it’s no big deal, it’s like the flu, people aren’t “really” dying left and right from this, doctors are fudging on a sudden surge of death certificates to make it look like covid…etc., etc., etc.  That’s just not what I’m seeing around me.  This is a global pandemic, and it’s bad.

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    Gunnar SalyerGunnar Salyer

    I don’t think the masks help at all. I’ve noticed, as have several people I know, that all of the folks that are getting it are the religious mask wearers, and the folks that eschew masks don’t ever seem to get it. Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it.

    If you ask why there’s been no flu this year, they’ll say it’s cuz people are wearing masks and social distancing. If you ask why corona is spiking, it’s because people aren’t wearing masks and social distancing. That’s a ridiculous violation of logic. Either they are or they aren’t, and they can’t be both.

    Also, wearing a mask actually spreads germs unless you change your mask each time you touch it, only touch it with fresh gloves on (so you have to change gloves twice for each mask change) and wash your hands between gloves. Nobody except medical practitioners do that, because they were trained to, and we weren’t. I personally got a sore throat from wearing a mask at work, which could’ve easily become strep throat with a little more time.

    Masks collect germs in high density, and then each time you touch your mask, to adjust it, defog your glasses, etc., you are releasing those germs onto your hands, from whence they get on everything you touch.

    The cure is zinc and quinine (found in tonic water) which has been proven by several different doctors to cure it. You haven’t heard about it because they don’t want a cure. They want fear, and they want control. A cure brings hope, and hopeful people are not easily controlled. Fearful people are. They also want a vaccine, so they can line their pockets.

    Bill Gates used to literally write viruses for windows so he could sell the antivirus program. Now he’s the one receiving boatloads of money for both the corona tests (almost $200 each) and the vaccines.

    I believe it’s a real disease, but it’s not an actual epidemic. It’s a panicdemic.

    The good news is, within a couple of weeks, once the political motivation has ended, the corona hype will end to be replaced by whatever else the mainstream media can find to complain about, if they’re even around anymore.

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    I think one really needs to watch the whole video. That way they will be well-informed when they comment.

    I’ll start by saying that I DO believe the current SARS-CoV-2 (Corona virus) to be real.  It is the handling of it that reeks like a fish market. I’ll also say:

    This virus did NOT come from someone eating a bat or some poorly-educated pangolin in a Chinese wet market. This particular corona virus is specific to humans and can not cross the species barrier.

    Instead of believing everything one hears through the main-stream media, one should do their own serious investigations: asking questions, and digging deep to uncover the truth.  EVERYONE should be asking the following questions to the their elected representatives who claim to represent them, as well as to the mainstream media:

    Q 1 – Why have they (the politicians) and the mainstream media vilified every person of REAL science who has spoken out against the Corona virus fiasco and suppressed their scientific evidence that is in stark contrast to the narrative that we have all been subjected to.

    Q2 – Why has the peer reviewed paper written by professor John Ioannidis of Stamford University (the world’s foremost expert in epidemiology) that was published on the World Health Organization’s own website been completely ignored by the mainstream media as well as the governments of the world? Why have the governments of the world never made their citizens aware of this paper’s existence? Why has the World Health Organization’s own representatives never spoken about or informed the public of this papers existence and its findings.

    Q3 – Why have governments around the world blatantly chosen to listen to their own so-called Chief Medical Officers (some of whom have no medical qualifications) instead of listening to the world’s foremost epidemiologist Professor John Ioannidis and other leading scientists who have spoken out against the current rhetoric?

    Q4 – Why was the article in the well-respected medical periodical ‘Lancet’ from circa May 2020, completely ignored and suppressed; the article that said, “Lock-downs, social distancing, the wearing of masks (by the general public), and border closures have nothing to do with the virus. They are political.”?

    Q5 – Why is the healthy public being ordered to wear masks (non-surgical made of any material) when venturing into public places, when it has been scientifically proven that those types of masks do nothing to stop the spread of any virus or air-borne pathogen? Would you wear that type of mask in an operating surgery or hospital? Of course not! Where is the scientific evidence to the contrary that proves the efficacy of these types of cloth masks? The scientific evidence – the REAL scientific evidence – says that regular cloth masks are totally ineffective.

    Q6 – Why are they using PCR testing when the PCR is not a test in itself. A PCR test is used to substantiate the findings of a lab test. When testing an individual by means of a PCR test, the result will not prove conclusively that the individual is infected. That individual may have at one time been infected with the corona virus, but may no longer be infected, and yet the PCR test will “light up” as being positive (due to the residual genes /markers left by the virus), and the tested individual will be deemed SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19 positive), and added to the list of positive cases, and forced to quarantine, when in fact, the person is NOT SARS-CoV-2 positive. They may have had the virus but they are actually perfectly healthy.

    Q7 – Why are the deaths of UN-infected people who have died naturally from old age or other natural causes, or died as a result of accidents (car crash, fall, strokes, drowning, etc) and who are NOT infected with the corona virus being added to the list of actual corona virus victims?

    Q8 – Why are the governments NOT telling their citizens the truth about the numbers: that more people have died WITH the virus than have died FROM it. The governments are skewing the numbers. Why?

    Q9 – Why are the governments NOT telling us that in a world population of 7.8 billion people that (and the following is according to the governments’ own hugely inflated casualty numbers) that five out of every ten thousand people have died, presumably as a result of contracting the Corona virus?

    Q10 – And why have the governments of the world NOT told their citizens (by any medium) that a positive diagnosis does NOT mean that that person will die? That upwards of 99% of cases are mild, with just 1% fatal.

    Q11 – Why are we being bombarded with corona virus statistics every second of the day when they have not bothered to bombard us with statistics from 2019 or previous years regarding the death toll from influenza, or deaths from cancer or deaths from strokes, or deaths from heart attacks: the latter being the biggest killer of all time, second to the millions and millions of people actually murdered by their own governments.

    Q12 – Why were liquor stores allowed to remain open as an “essential service” and people allowed to gather in those liquor stores, and yet people were forbidden from attending their church, their synagogue, their temples and mosques. These places were crucial for their attendees to find fellowship; a place to find the necessary strength to make it through the horrendous restrictions that their governments had placed on them; a place where they could find sanctuary, solace and peace. And yet the government deemed these places unworthy and unsafe, but found the sale of whiskey far superior.

    Q13 – Why have the governments, WHO, and NGOs NOT spoken out and informed the world of the millions of people in India alone, who have died and those that are still suffering from starvation as a result of the lock-downs.

    Q14 – Why was Doctor Pierre Kory, who has recently appeared before a senate inquiry talking about his ongoing research on the efficacy of Ivermectin and his continued vilification, ridicule and silencing, when way back in 2019 he tried to tell the world about the positive effects that Invermectin has on the corona virus. Ivermectin: a relatively inexpensive, affordable re-purposed drug that could have saved thousands of lives if it had been utilized when the virus was first detected. Why have the governments denied the use of Ivermectin as a treatment for infected people? Why have they also prohibited and outlawed the use of Hydroxychloroquine when its efficacy has been proven beyond doubt to attack the corona virus without harm to the patient? Why have the governments denied these two proven treatments and, in lieu, busted their butts to get big pharma to produce a vaccine? There are some who might suggest it could be that many in the government are in the pocket of big pharma; bought and paid for. That they hold huge shares in the company. That they receive hideous amounts of dirty money to deny the use of any inexpensive treatment in favor of big pharma’s atrociously priced vaccine.

    And finally,

    Q15– Why have the governments continually bombarded us with corona virus statistics on every news channel, in every news paper and other media outlet, and yet they have never provided us of the numbers, the REAL numbers of the people who have committed suicide as a DIRECT result of the governments’ handling of this debacle. The real numbers of the innocent people who have killed themselves because of their continued isolation as a result of the government’s heavily enforced lock-downs. Innocent people who have taken their own life due to the loss of their business and income and subsequent depression that lead to their suicide. Innocent people who killed themselves due to the loss of their marriage or relationship.

    And where is the continuous assault on us with the government statistics that inform us of the number of divorces. The real number of broken relationships. The real number of children now left without a parent. The real number of broken homes. The real number of people now suffering from clinical depression. The real number of people who, through no fault of their own, are now homeless. The real number of people now suffering other mental illnesses due to loss of their family, friends, jobs and businesses because of the forced lock-downs. The real number of businesses that have closed permanently. The real number of people who are now unemployed and who may not find a job any time soon. The real number of people who are now in financial debt after losing their job or having to shut down their business. The real number of mortgage and loan defaults. Well, here’s the rub: you won’t be bombarded with these statistics because the government doesn’t have them. They have never bothered to research this. Why? Because the government simply doesn’t care. All it cares about is wielding absolute power over the people it claims to represent.

    The mechanical introduction of the corona virus maybe real, but the reaction to it and the handling of it by the world’s governments has been nothing short of treachery, intimidation, heavy-handedness, an all out assault on the freedoms and civil liberties of their citizens, and totally criminal. This alone amounts to wholesale treason on an industrial level by those we trusted. The continued lies, the cover-ups, the misinformation, the deceit, the hypocrisy, the silencing of experts in the field of epidemiology and others has all been nothing more than a mentally warped exercise in control, compliance, and ultimate surrender. They have denied us our God-given rights to due process, freedom of assembly, the right to travel unhindered, the right to worship, the right to own and run a business, and denied us our many of our civil liberties. We did not want any of this to happen. But we allowed it to happen because we were denied the TRUE medical and scientific TRUTH from the beginning.

    FACT: More people have died as a result of the lock-downs than have died from the actual virus.

    I am not into conspiracy theories. I simply do not like conspiracies!

    There are no over one million scientist and doctors who have had enough of being suppressed and have now dissented, and are speaking out to inform the public of the truth.

    There is also a massive class-action lawsuit currently being built and perhaps underway against the governments of the world, brought on by many who have suffered financial losses due to their government’s atrocious and abusive handling of the situation. If you are reading this post and you are one of the many millions of people around the world who have suffered financial losses as a result of your government’s lock-down and closure of business, then I encourage you to do an internet search for it and how to register as a plaintiff.







    First…who here has enough education in virology plus public health to know they are understanding everything involved with a new virus and global spread?  Once again, sorry I don’t even have time to read all of the above or to watch the videos entirely…don’t even have time to tune my instruments much at the moment…but I’ll get back at some point…because…you guessed it…I’m not in agreement.  No time now thouogh…gotta run in a minute…as Arnold sez…”I’ll be back.”  See y’all later.


    Well we are back…lol…not for long, though.  I’m never gonna have time to go through all of this, but let me say, infectious disease is different than, like a heart attack…a heart attack is individual illness, all about the person involved…infectious disease is all about the community involved.

    I would love to believe this whole thing is no big deal, being inflated by media, etc., etc., etc.  It might even be comforting to think all the scientists who’ve spent their lives and rest their reputations on studying pandemics and viruses, etc., are involved in some big world-wide conspiracy to lock down everybody on earth at the same time and destroy all the world’s economies.  Economies are suffering…but which came first: the chicken or the egg?  Letting the infection rates go out of control caused the actions to be taken…was it right to lockdown?  Who knows…the generations living today and the ones in charge of decision making and policies have never lived through a global pandemic…everybody is learning how to handle the virus itself…which seems wildly unpredictable…people over 100 years old have survived it and preschool children have died…middle aged healthy adults have lost limbs from it, people have and continue to suffer long term effects and nobody knows what to expect from that.  Some people have had to get double lung transplants to survive…I mean, it’s wild, it’s all over the place with unexpected results.  Scientists, who know a lot more than you or me, who have spent their lives studying this sort of thing, are trying to scramble for information to make recommendations.  I haven’t seen statistics of how many refrigerated trucks, morgues and body bags have been called in for those affected by the lockdown, but for those affected directly by the virus it’s unheard of.

    These are my opinions, as I said, I’m not a scientist and have only taken a handful of biology and physics courses in my life…but common sense wise, my own common sense, my own senses to try to discern what is going on, tells me that we are seeing a pretty significant and dangerous natural event that has affected all walks of life…we can’t blame and get anywhere with this one…gotta try to figure out what we can do to respond in the most helpful way.

    I don’t see doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, or vets or dentists getting sick from spending 8 or more hours a day in masks…it isn’t going to hurt us either.  When I had my arm operated on, I was happy the doctors, nurses and others involved were not opposed to wearing masks while they put me back together again.  If you want your doctors to skip the mask…ok.

    But I’m saying I don’t have time to go through all of it…conspiracies don’t settle well with me…I think most scientists rely on other scientists to keep their thinking straight (scientific method, ya know) and it’s a major happy event when one scientist finds the flaw in the thinking…yes, there is always a greed factor…it’s in everything, but hopefully the scientific method will win out in the end over that.  I mean, if you like your cell phone, thank a scientist.  If you got your polio vaccine and still have moving legs that work for you, thank a virologist who studied public health and communicable disease.  This is all new to everybody…it’s messed up our lives…the virus has, not the people trying to figure out the way to respond.  That’s my opinion in a nustshell.  Gotta run…times are busier around here than I like it to be for now.

    Great ScottGreat Scott

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