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    That ol’ song, How Many Biscuits Can you Eat this Mornin’?  Yeah…we have put that onto our list for set number 2 that we plan to play at the little nursing home type place in Feb.  But I finally had a revelation about that kinda stuff…

    Biscuits, being…musical bites.  Yes, little musical biscuits. How many can we eat?  49 and a ham of meat?  Well, the reason I’m thinking about this is because I realized the other day as we were finally trying to put together a second set for our second time playing at that place, there are several people I have been when it comes to playing music.  Back in the old days, I played in my way…mainly guitar and ballad singing…picking with a certain rhythm, etc.  Also putting some simple banjo in.

    Then…moved up here…my guitar playing jazzed up somewhat…not really jazz, but just how it evolved after I left all my friends who played with me back before…just evolved into a different rhythm, etc.

    Then, daughter started singing ballads with me sometimes, and once again, my playing evolved to fit her singing voice and style.

    Then, she stopped doing that and once again I was left to my own devices…speaking of which, I began to seek out other devices, like fiddles and, yeah, fiddles, mainly…various shapes and sizes…

    So then, the presonus came along and my style…my biscuits so to speak…began to take on an entirely different character…one which I’m still happily learning…seems to be no end to the learning and changes…

    But now…we have gigs.  So…I just realized while going through that little song…How Many Biscuits…etc., etc., etc., that I’m going about this little gig thing with my daughter all wrong.  I’m playing from my newest self…the one with the biscuits of today…I mean, all those biscuits of yesterday I left behind, for the birds to eat.  I can’t even play half of that stuff anymore…I’ve gone through so many style changes and mindset changes I just can’t get back there.

    So..I’m realizing…I can’t approach these new gigs, which I’ve waited for for such a long time now, can’t approach them from any of my old musical selves…musical biscuits of the past.  I need to approach them from a new here and nowness…like a new approach of where I can be with them, the songs, and with my daughter and what she does with them…so, really it’s just a whole new biscuit I’m eatin’ here these days.

    I’ve left a lot of other biscuits behind, because I just can’t fit all of them in at once…don’t wanna leave my ever-changing and exciting presonus biscuits behind…wanna keep working on that, BUT, I also realize now that’s not the same biscuit that I need to be eating while playing with daughter at the nursing home place.

    So…it’s kinda like the hidden meaning of How Many Biscuits Can you Eat this Mornin’?  Ain’t it?  I have to play however I am at any particular point in time.  And there’s been a lot of changes over the decades.


    Very interesting perspective, Cricket. Interesting read. Thanks for posting.


    lol…thanks for reading it, Fred.  Next, I guess I oughta find something meaningful in  The Possum’s Tail is Bare!  Yeah…that means something profound, I’m sure!

    Gunnar SalyerGunnar Salyer

    What Fred said

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