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    Gosh, Great Scott…sorry to hear about your injuries.  I hope things are healing well for you and you are all better very soon.

    Now…2020 is getting out of hand on us…besides the corona virus goings on and associated miseries and terrible things, now the weather has gone nuts on us.  I hope everybody here’s ok and the weather is not driving them out of their homes.

    Well I’m hoping to get the time this morning, mainly possible because of our lousy weather…lol…can’t really get to anything outside…anyway, I’ve had this music idea I wanted to try, although not sure I can do it.  I’ll tell what it is…On and off during my Presonus adventures, I’ve gotten into some groundhog/cricket “choir-like” adventures.  I first started that when daughter and I had to do choirs for her opera she did back, whenver that was…so once in a while I’ve toyed around with throwing a few “quasi-choir” snippets into some tune or another.  Here lately I’ve gone choir crazy…lol.  I wanted to just try and see if I could become a choir, all of us drinking out of the same cup of coffee while sangin’ away at some good choir tune…ignoring the virus down there at the presonus…just sangin’ my heart out with a dog in my lap and a cup of coffee in my hand…kinda hard for me to sing without holding onto an instrument…so…maybe I’ll have to bring one down.  It might not work…might be too hard to do.  I’ll see if I can get the time to try it.  It would be fun if it was doable.

    Hope everybody’s hanging on and doing ok.  One of these days, 2020 has GOTTA give us something good!


    My goodness, Scott! I sure hope you recover quickly. That’s just awful to have happen to a nice guy like you. I sure do wish you the very best. My thoughts are with you. Best Wishes.

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Thank you for the kind words, Cricket and Fred.

    I just jumped on here for a few minutes to check things out and to thank you guys for your kind words and for thinking of me. You are all such great friends to have.

    Cricket, sounds pretty neat. Go for it.  A choir adds a wonderful element to any music. Maybe with the dog on your lap you could squeeze it a little and get a voicing out of it that sounds like a boy soprano, hopefully from the front end. I really admire your dedication to experimenting with musical ideas. Keeps the mind young. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with, Cricket.

    And speaking of choirs: I will perhaps (I say perhaps) be posting something next week concerning choir.  I hope to be a little more agile by then. It was prepared back in 2015 but not put on the forums. I will talk more on it after it is posted. I am glad to know that everyone is finding something constructive to do. Stay safe everyone.


    Scott…I don’t know if you heard that our little doggie, Cricket, became very sick and passed away during the first few months of the year.  So now, after a lot of mourning and missing her, we still do have our other two Chihuahuas to carry on.  The boy, Buttons, has a habit of getting involved in his high pitched, eardrum piercing yappin’ habit whenever he sees me getting an instrument ready to play…lol…he’s been in almost every youtube I’ve put up…yappin’ in the background.

    Yesterday, the girl, Taffy, decided she wanted to sit with me during some of my choir singing…I didn’t ever notice her doing this before, but she was sort of moaning in a low bass voice along with me here and there…lol.  They certainly do their parts.

    Hope you are feeling better and better.

    Hoping all are safe and well here.  I hope Dave didn’t get washed out of his place by the dam collapse in Michigan…maybe he’ll hop on here with some beautiful sliding double stops and we’ll know he’s ok too.  Hope everybody here is.

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    I’m am so sorry, Cricket, I was unaware that little Cricket had passed over. My heart sank when you told me in your reply above. I am sure little Cricket will be sadly missed.

    R.I.P Little Cricket

    I am an old dog lover from way back since I was a kid, and it always breaks my heart when they go to Doggy Heaven. I love a dog’s loyalty: it is steadfast and unquestionable. This quote by Mark Twain pretty well sums it up regarding a dog’s loyalty:

    “It is always painful when someone ditches you, but even more so when you gave them your all, and loved them to your fullest limit. We should show even more emotional awareness than dogs, but sometimes we seem to be completely self-absorbed and run away once we have taken what we need.”

    He also wrote:

    “The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man’s.”

    Me too!  Beam me up, Scotty.


    Thanks, Scott.  I agree with Mark Twain.  I always say dogs are good people…lol.

    Well the weather is still pretty dismal here this morning…lol…supposed to get really hot before the day’s out…so…might be out working today. Of course, though, I might get lazy and just play some fiddle instead…lol…sounds better to me right now.


    I really feel like playing something today…but…I think there’s just too much work to do.

    I am curious, though…I mean…ok Mike and I have been retired for a few years now…let’s see…I’m on my 12th year of retirement (took the earliest possible retirement package because office drama drives me crazy…lol…I feel better with a quiet and productive life) and he just retired maybe 5 years ago…anyway…so we’re kinda used to being home and we’ve always liked being home.  But seems there’s unending, never-ending, always lots and tons of work we can never seem to even come close to catching up with.

    I know this lockdown has been hard for lots of people…but seems so many are bored to stay home…I’m like…what?  Bored?  Don’t they have all this work to do all the time like we do???  Food to cook…food to prepare for putting by…fixing broken stuff all the time, like daily dealing with repair of one thing or another…mowing, weed-eating … working in the gardens or whatever anybody grows out there…painting…cleaning…laundry…etc., etc., etc.  Not to mention, when I had one kid at home, we played and worked on creative projects all the time too…so, gotta be even busier for most people with more kids…I know people aren’t used to feeling stuck…at home…but I’m confused as to how come, if what I see on TV news is right…how come they are all going crazy from boredom?  I mean, to me, the work place had so many more boring moments than the homeplace ever has.  Anyway…I do feel for them, because from what I’ve heard they are just going crazy…not to mention the worst part, going without paychecks…now, that one I do understand, and that is very, very tough.

    Well but anyway…I’m not bored, ever, at home…can’t keep up, really…but if I do get any free time to myself today…it’ll be spent playing a little music.  It took me a long time to say that, didn’t it?  LOL…and if you are reading this, I sympathize with your boredom…I’m sure I didn’t help it any…lol.  You could always read a Russian novel, I guess.  Naaah…just play some fiddle.  I’ve read lots of Russian novels…I mean, they’re ok…but…well they are absolutely great, really…very thought provoking…yeah, ok, read one.

    Or, better yet…since the Russian names and such get so confusing…there is an American “Russian-type” novelist…she was great like Dostoevsky and Tolstoy and the rest, but just not well-known…from Kentucky no less and buried just a short ways from where we used to live.  Harriet Arnow.  Read her stuff.  If you read her greatest work…The Dollmaker…it’ll blow your mind.  Don’t try to cheat and watch the movie…nope…movie ain’t nothing like the novel…gotta read that novel.

    Actually, it’s the final part of what could be called a trilogy…although I don’t guess she meant to do it that way…she wrote one called Mountain Path…about a school teacher who went way out into the mountains to teach in a log school house in a small, isolated community.  She did such a thing herself, so I guess it was inspired by actual stuff she experienced.

    Then she followed up with another novel situated within the same region, dealing with how the culture changed with the advent of the gravel road coming into being.  She wanted to name that one Gravel Road…to followup from the previous, Mountain Path.  The publishers didn’t like the name and changed it to Hunter’s Horn.  Either than one or Mountain Path are currently out of print…amazing that somebody so great is out of print…gosh I can’t believe it.

    Anyway, I think she followed up with the one that causes people from the region to abandon their family farms, during the WWII era, and go north for industrial jobs.  She wanted to name that one…Highway, or something like that…again, the publisher didn’t like it and renamed it The Dollmaker.  It pretty much follows the lives of rural Kentuckians as they migrated for better lives.  That novel, though, stands alone without the need of reading the other two.  My gosh it’s just great…can’t believe most Americans have never read it and probably don’t even know about it.

    Ok…I’m rambling at this point…stream of consciousness takes over and messes up my day, speaking of never getting caught up with one’s work.  Now I hear Mike out mowing…he got tired of waiting for me…lol…ugh…I gotta run…the weed eater calls out my name…Help Help…I’m a helpless weed eater without a human to push the controls and wave me all around!  Gotta run.


    OK Peggy, in accordance with “Sam’s Rule”, I read the first two paragraphs of that post! So you must have retired at about 38, since you are in your 12th year of retirement?! LOL.

    And I have found that one can never “catch up”.  Ain’t gonna happen. Just tread water and keep on keeping on!


    Glad you didn’t bore yourself with all my blabberin…lol.  My husband gets all over me all the time saying I write too long posts and emails, etc., and that he’s afraid I will bore everybody to death…but ya know…it’s all exciting to me, being a basically boring person who is thrilled over boring things…lol…so it’s hard for me to get it.

    Yeah i think you must be right…the work just never, ever, ever ends.  Oh, and thanks for the compliment…yeah I was 38…lol…although I look about 80 to myself these days.  I should do what my dad always did… of course he’s just a few weeks away from 95 years old right now, so he doesn’t really have to do it…but he used to tell people he was like, say 82, when he was 62, or whatever…then they’d just pour on the compliments…and he’d eat that up with a spoon…lol.  Now he just tells his real age and lives with it…lol.  95 ain’t so bad I guess.


    We had a fiddle jam today @ Laurie’s farm near Lacombe.  Turned out real good.

    People there were saying no one knows of any actual cases of the Covid anywhere here in Central Alberta.  The Red Deer hospital had hastily set up a large wing of the hospital dedicated to Covid and preparing for an epidemic, but lo & behold there’s not one case in the hospital…not one person to put in the ward according to people I talked to today from there.  So go figure?  Obviously we don’t have anything here.  I question how many of the so called tests are accurate, and how much of it is just regular stuff.  There’s places up here that the media says has x number of cases, but when you talk to people who live in those areas there aren’t any cases.  The only real cases we know of, are in the cities where people came back from a cruise ship and passed it around, or meat packing plants that are staffed by foreign workers.

    Your Dad must be a lot of fun to be around Cricket….sounds like a real character.  My Dad was always telling jokes & laughing at em….didn’t have a very big repertoire of jokes…jokes were just an excuse to laugh & be happy.


    Hope it continues to stay away from your area, Rodger.  Yeah, my dad has told the same handful of jokes my whole life…lol…somehow they are still funny, though.

    John (BGD)John (BGD)

    Hey, we all need our own set of Dad jokes, right??? 🙂

    Rodger, I’m glad to hear you are well up there. I really enjoyed seeing the familiar faces in your last newsletter. We miss you all!


    Bored at home? Never going to happen.  There’s always something to do: mow the lawn, plow the snow, plant and keep the garden going, preserving food, repairs, volunteering, and on and on. And music has to fit in there somewhere. I retired 10 years ago and have never been busier, but on my own schedule. My sons say I have been social-distancing all my life.

    The Covid issue has been interesting.  We have had very low numbers here and too many people are becoming very complacent.  The state is now “back to normal” with no real restrictions.  I fully understand the need to open things up and get people back to work, but I think there is a need for some caution and common sense in doing so.  It pains me when I see someone mocking another for wearing or not wearing a mask.  Find your own comfort zone and respect others.  I was getting complacent too until I lost one relative in the lower states and another is on life support.  Live life but take care and respect each other.  Now, should I cut the lawn or go play the fiddle?


    • This reply was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by IcebikeIcebike.

    John, maybe the dads in question could do some sort of joke exchange and give us all a break…lol…you know, like a cookie exchange…just, with jokes…that could work.  Although, I personally have no memory in my 67 years of ever having had a conversation with my dad when he didn’t ask me if I had heard the weather forecast from Mexico: Chili today and hot tamale.  Yet, I guess it’s all in the delivery, hey?

    Great ScottGreat Scott

    Me neither, Cricket. I simply can not comprehend why so many people are going stir crazy staying at home, or even being limited to their own neighborhood. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Or is this reporting of people going stir crazy and incapable of handling the lock-down simply more propaganda from the usual FAKE NEWS nightly TV channels in order to make the whole situation of lock-down appear more intolerable than what it really is. When many people are at work they complain about all the problems of their job and wish they could be at home doing things and spending time with their family. Then they are given the opportunity to spend time away from work and be at home with their family. AND THEY STILL COMPLAIN. Typical human nature. Nothing will ever satisfy these kinds of people.

    Kudos to the people like many here on BGD who have kinda relished being at home and being able to do things there and spend time with their families. Though I do understand the anxiety of the people who NEED to return to their jobs — either self-employed or otherwise — in order to pay rent, feed their family, or save their own business from going down the tube.  I feel greatly for these people.

    Icebike, play the fiddle. The lawn is less important, unless you need the exercise.


    Yes, Icebike…play that fiddle!  That’s the one thing I always have to squeeze into the day, somehow…lol…if I can get that lucky.  Scott, you’re right…people can’t be happy at work or at home, seems.  I do hope the economy can recover, but yes, if you know someone who has suffered through this disease, you know it ain’t nothing like the flu.  It’s really a scary illness…hope everybody will be cautious so we don’t just go back to the big outbreaks again.

    Gunnar SalyerGunnar Salyer

    Well, I just made a rash decision and will now be building a mountain bike from a frame….. the frame ships out today and I should have a fork coming in soon and we’ll see where it goes from there.

    I’m still playing music here and there, and I got some rollerblades so I’ve been riding those a bunch. And my work has started up again so I’m back at work 19 hours a week


    Cool.  Sounds like you’re staying active and busy.  Thanks for the update.

    I spent the late evening shaking, house closed up, un-airconditioned house, lights out…cops up and down the road…hoping the shooting and yelling would stop.  Happens too much around here.  Yet, the police just stay and talk for an hour or so and tell them to come and get their guns when they’ve sobered up, oh, and to have a wonderful evening, as they leave, we can hear that…then the rest of us wonder if we’ll end up at the wrong end of their bullets anytime soon.

    Seems nothing you can do when your neighborhood goes to thugs…it ain’t fun being here.  Go outside and they come up screaming at you for calling the cops when they do stuff.  Yet, nothing they do is ever against the law.  Very frutstrating…if I has any money, I would leave.  Neighbors who have the means are making arrangements to move out, so the rest of us will be drowing in thugs.


    That’s a terrible way to have to have to live, cricket. Isn’t there any way you can get out of the neighborhood?

    I haven’t been on the forum much lately. Our business is going great guns. Most of the little stores we service are still closed, but the farm markets we service are selling really well. The more they have to offer customers, the better they are doing. Seems many folks don’t want to go into super markets and big box stores to shop, so they are getting what they can at farm markets.

    I’ve also been very busy getting everything planted outside: tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, cucumbers, squash and flowers, flowers, flowers! I also planted grass in a few sections that were rather bad. It is taking me 1 1/2 hours just to water everything every day.

    As a result of these two things, I haven’t been playing my fiddle much, plus my shoulder bursitis was bad there for a while. I had to get a cortisone shot. It feels much better now. The Doctor wants me to go to PT, but I don’t think I can handle that 2-3 times a week wearing a mask. I get a bit crazy wearing one for more than 5 minutes! So, I found a few YouTube videos for shoulder bursitis, and I am doing the exercises myself at home.

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! Have a good day, all!


    Ok, that’s good ’nuff excuses for not fiddling…lol…I do hope your shoulder gets better.

    We are ok with masks…we’ve had to wear them a lot because it seems we are always cutting something dusty to rehab somebody’s house, etc., etc., etc.  We still have our dusty old masks, so now we wear them if we go anywhere…nothin’ like a mixture of treated wood dust, tile dust, rock dust, and virus dust…lol…on a hot day.  Cant’ buy masks, so we wear the old ones we’ve hauled up and down the road working with.

    We do wear them…daughter was very sick with a serious condition a few years back and she worries it wouldn’t be good to get this thing…grandson has a lifelong condition and it wouldn’t be good, we are old and it wouldn’t be good…plus son-in-law has an essential job and he’s supposed to go to whatever measures…so…at least we can all hang out together because we all know we all have to be paranoid and wear those dirty ol’ masks.

    The drugs and violence around us are really taking a toll…it’s getting too stressful.  We can’t go…our houses aren’t worth much…we didn’t expect much when we moved up here and settled for a small house that needed all kinds of work all the time, dealing with constant erosion, etc., and daughter got to move next door after drugs ruined that house…there was no drywall, no plumbing, no floors, not stairs, no windows, foundation needed to be rebuilt…there was old wiring and amazingly it was still hot…we got it on auction and we all worked ourselves to death rewiring, doing the foundation by hand, putting up drywall, installing plumbing, building stairs putting up joists and flooring, etc. etc. etc.  It was great to have them next door.  Now we all hate every day…whatever new horrors the days and nights will bring.  Grandson cannot go outside to play…we don’t have air conditioning in our little houses so sometimes we have to keep it all locked up and stay inside and boil because if the neighbors are out, well it’s not a good idea to be outside.  It’s really gotten awful here.  None of us ever sleep anymore.  They’re up all night fighting and shooting…but never get into any real kind of trouble from it.

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