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    I was wondering what everyone likes to play the most on fiddle?

    Obscure, popular, what you feel like playing, whatever the jammers are playing,etc?

    Although I know how to play some popular tunes. I know some obscure tunes and just play what I like. There are millions of fiddle tunes I think, and I’m always looking to learn most anything I like.



    Gunnar SalyerGunnar Salyer

    All time favorite tune is probably Cooley’s reel. But I love several, at the moment, I’ve been having fun playing the temperance reel, the Gael, fire on the mountain, and Ashokan farewell. And that’s the short list


    If I had lots more time, I’d consider learning contest-style western swing fiddling. I love how the guitar chords are fragmented and changing nearly every beat and the melody is stretched over the top like a fine tapestry. But all in all, I like the fiddle tunes I now play just fine; just need to rehearse them more often.


    I most enjoy learning something new , so the tunes change with the passing of time…


    I love to play dance tunes, especially old time and bluegrass waltzes and Irish and a Scottish jigs and Strathspeys.

    My favorite things to play are ‘The Ookpik waltz’ and I medley I made up of ‘The Dark Island’ and  a jig called ‘Maureen’s Fancy’.


    For the most part, I play what I like.  If I hear a tune and I like it, I’ll learn to play it.  So my go-to list of tunes includes a little bit of old-time, celtic, bluegrass, klezmer, popular tunes and etc. I play at jams and an Irish session, but don’t like to be boxed into only one type of music.  All that said, I probably like celtic and old-time waltzes the best.




    I learn what I like too even though I love Old Time the most. I feel also I need to branch out a lot more. I like some Cajun some tunes for example.



    I like the old whiney-sounding, lonesome, contemplative-complainy-sounding old things, and wish I knew more of them.  I like modal-sounding stuff too…stuff that’s impossible to find the right chords to go along with.  But I also like something melodic that goes good with basic I IV V chords and a good singing line to go with it, which morphs me into more of an old country sounding thing, I guess.  Once in a while I enjoy a peppier fiddle tune too.  I guess my favorite tunes to play, although I rarely play at this point except to make a video for youtube from my presonus, but if I ever get time to just sit and play for fun again…my favorites would be things like…Old Aunt Jenny with her Nightcap on, or Sal’s Got Mud between her Toes…those kinda tunes.

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