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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Iam very proud! Goneworkin and thank you for your comment. We played that very song while he was passing and yes it was so hard and this time of year is hard without them both.. my dad had a few cds with that band and another and I absolutely love them and wish I could share them with you all.. means a lot to have my dad be remembered</p>

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    Oops here is the first one I tried putting in


    my dad on the right

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>No my father passed away shortly after my mom.. they were 56 yrs old.. my dad was diagnosed 6mos after my mom death with glioblastoma and died 11 mos later.. he was an amazing talented lead singer and guitarist for many of bluegrass band.. but if you would like to hear his music I do have some links</p>
    Phat Grass! My dad on the right
    <p style=”text-align: left;”></p&gt;
    My dad wrote this song

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    I love this tune.. my dad did this song but now also my son that is 21 is doing this song.. I seen more of a beginner version of this song on a fiddlehead video.. I wish I could get my hands on the tabs for that.. I’ve been trying very hard with double stops but I’m just not there yet..

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    Wow they are very talented!! Wowza

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    Wow you are all amazingly talented.. I paint.. but I guess you could call me an all around crafter from jewelry to polymer clay sculpting recently got into the epoxy resin.. been doing nails and nail art for 25 years.. o also crocheting and knitting.. I made rustic home decor signs for a long time that I carved stained and burned.. I also sculpted or carved wood.. ummm yeah.. soo here is one of my recent things.. but you all can find me on my social media account @mainelynailart and also @mainelyclayart I love all of your artworks they are gorgeous!!

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Lisab</p>
    I don’t know if your a beginner but if so Trala is my go to app.. I pay subscription price monthly but it’s worth it! It’s helped me a lot but I wanted more bluegrass stuff so I came here too and the combination is just right.. Trala is my go to app right now.. it also has a tuner. It picks up your notes and the length of note you are supposed to be playing and if it’s wrong it stops.. it also will have you go over it in sheet music as well so that you aren’t just focusing on the practice sheets that just tell you the note to play.. it’s the best

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    i think that the bowing direction when learning fiddle is important as well but not for like aesthetics but for speed.. I think once you play for years and you can play faster comes natural but I asked my self this question as well before

    Ive been learning old joe Clark and I think learning bowing for that correctly helps your speed because of the slurs in it but also because John when he plays the tune he is super fast but I think that’s how it goes with a lot of bluegrass tunes.. I’m hoping that after years of playing direction of bow eventually comes natural..

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    what do you use for a smartphone or do you have a computer. iBooks is an app on a iPhone that comes preinstalled

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    I couldn’t post the video.. I will try agian 

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    Love this song too

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    I was able to save right from this very site and it saved to my iBooks app.

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    I live in state that my friends in California didn’t even know existed… so yeah.. even though Iam in the capitol of Maine.. which is Augusta.. I had no such luck of finding a professional Luther 

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    ok so now I’m very nervous about my fiddle.. my dad was a very experienced bluegrass musician and could play any stringed instrument he picked up.. I know things are probably off with the fiddle because of my lack of experience but when the bridge and soundpost fell.. there was a mark with a pencil that Made it easier for me to put back.. the bridge not so much.. I did post pics of the bridge in my introduction post.. also 2 of my dads band mates have played this fiddle and said they think it’s good to go.. but the sound post and bridge thing happened after that.. I did look for a luthier around my area but I was unable to find one.. the local music store that’s been around for all my lifetime who also knew my dad well had a look and said it looks just fine.. but the problem is where I lack confidence in their opinion is that they are not experienced with the fiddle.. not like a luther.. I’m working on 1 income home with 5 kids.. one isn’t mine. Especially with covid things are even tighter budgeted.. but I’m willing to do what it takes to have it at its best.. plus there are some scratches and dings I would like repaired because of its age.. 

    well very soon I will be posting in the lions den!! Then you all can hear my fiddle and let me know what you think as well.

    thank you for all the input and appreciate and value all the info

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    He was 80 something years old.. he traveled and loved what he did.. he made unforgettable music!! I guess he fulfilled his life’s purpose what more is left.. I do feel the pain for his family! Because nothing not even time can take that dull forever aching pain.. I hope that he sends them signs from where ever he is!! Death is just another chapter! Not the end! He did leave his mark here and he is unforgettable!

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    Love that fiddlerman video but also love the video about the rosin.. I have bass rosin but it’s not dark..

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