2014 Fiddle Camp Recital

Photo from Aug 12, 2014

Sadly, Fiddle Camp is over for the summer - but the final recital was a huge success!  Everyone did so well on their individual tunes and the family songs were just unbelievable.  The highlight for our family is hearing all the other families perform.  Following the photos are videos of all the family songs plus group songs, step dancing and a montage of some of the individual tunes.  We look forward to autumn and settling in to really perfect all these summer tunes!  Hope the end of summer is full of music for everyone!



Photo from Aug 12, 2014-2

IMG_3523 IMG_3527

IMG_3544 IMG_3546 IMG_3550 IMG_3551

Photo from Aug 12, 2014-3IMG_3556

The Beginner Class:

The Barry Family:

The Clayville Family:

The White Family:

The Burnette Family:

The Franklin Family:

The Kennedy Family:

The Brown Family:

The Cook Family:

The Greer Family:

The Jackson Family:

The Harwell Family:

The Cockman Family:

Step Dancing:

Intermediate and Advanced Classes:

Individual Tune Snippets: