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John Cockman
215 Apple Way
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
[email protected]
(828) 675-6461

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Fiddler Rock
"You got the best teacher you could possibly have, the tabs and measure by measure lessons and a bunch of new friends on a very very good clean forum."-Rock, Northwestern Tennessee

 Fiddler Clint"I have followed you on YouTube for years and am a big fan. You are doing a great job and providing a tremendous resource for us 'flat landers.' Thanks again !" -Clint, Central South Carolina

Fiddler Kevin"(Orange Blossom Special) Wow, John, this is the first measure-by-measure video that I’ve watched here (I’m a newbie subscriber). It’s beautiful because it has such detail — I can see you, see the marks on your bow, hear your words, see a close up of your fingers, watch the bouncing blue ball, hear the notes, and track the beat and notes along on the PDF sheet music you’ve provided. For an advanced song like OBS, that measure-by-measure video teaching method is worth its weight in gold. Easily the best one on the net." -Kevin, Vernon, British Columbia

"I would like to thank you for what you are doing for the young folks and even the older ones like me. I have been teaching myself fiddle and the only beneficial online site has been you on you tube and this site, just wanted to say thank you." -Jason, Texas

"The new website looks great!! The video that includes how to hold the bow correctly is great!!! Well.. I have to admit, I did watch all the videos from beginning to end.. and they were all great!!! We have talked before through email and as I said, you are pretty much my mentor.. I just hope I can someday get at least half as good as you are.  All I have to learn from are your videos I found on youtube as well as a few other ones but in my honest opinion, there isn’t anyone at least that I’ve seen that knows how to teach in such an easy to understand way as you do!! I really appreciate everything you are doing to keep the music we so dearly love alive. Kind Regards." -Jerry

Fiddler Karine"This is amazing. Very clear and great to follow along with the music sheets. Thank you so much for your excellent work. With your patience and the way you take the time to teach the basics, you truly are a blessing for beginners like me!"
-Karine, Ontario, Canada

"This new site is great! Our family has enjoyed your fiddle instruction videos on youtube, and we are glad to find this upgrade to your fantastic service which helps our 3 girls (and boy!) learn to fiddle. Thanks for all the care and attention to the instructions for each song!" -White Family, Western North Carolina

Fiddler Ann"Tonight I decided that it was time for me to learn some basics so I went to Boil Them Cabbage Down. Wow, just what I needed. John taught this lesson perfectly as far as I’m concerned. For me, he taught it better than a fiddle teacher sitting beside me." -Ann, Southern Ontario

"So, John, I have been listening and learning from you for many years. I actually feel like I know you, I've used your site so many times. I see your family and the great work you do teaching and sharing your talent with young people in your area. You are a living testament to your beliefs. What greater honor can anyone attain in their life . I truly believe, that, serving your fellow man, is service to God. This service is a continuous prayer. What could be seen by some as mundane, is elevated to the realm of Spirit.

John, I now would like to formally say,"Thank You"  my with all my Heart for the inspiration, encouragement and gift of music that you have given to me. You did this without ever knowing me ( and the many, many others like me) or expecting anything in return. It's said, that a good deed is it's own reward. God bless you and your lovely family and all the many students you help and inspire. 'A wonderful song giveth Wings to the Spirit and filleth the heart with exaltation....' "  -Dennis, California

Fiddler Peggy"As I wash last night’s dishes and listen to John play Golden Fiddle Waltz, trying to hear it a million and one times to get it into my head good… while struggling through the beginning parts… I was thinking: I’m a self-taught, back porch fiddler…. not been playing that long, about six years.  Here I stumble onto this site, join up… and wow… whether I’ll ever get so good at some of these beautiful things or not, my goals have catapulted bigtime… here I am playing things like Bobby Hicks style Maiden’s Prayer, Gardenia Waltz, and now tackling this Golden Waltz to see what happens with that.  In the mean time, the regular fiddling I do is only getting better and better… then I look at stuff like Candy Girl… John Cockman plays this, these old time dance tunes, then goes on to do Celtic, Bluegrass, Gospel, or these amazing waltzes… like he is definitely comfortable in the spirit of any of these kinds of tunes on the fiddle.  And how on earth he manages to play this stuff and smile at the same time…lol.  I look like something is gnawing my toes off while I’m playing.  Anyway… just stopped the music and put down the dish rag for a minute to say a big thanks to John, for what has happened to my fiddling for these past months.  I’ve got goals way beyond what I ever envisioned." -Peggy, Northern Kentucky

"Hi, John, thank you so much for this wonderful website.  I’ve been playing fiddle less than 1 year, and this website has been a blessing!!  Thanks again, and God bless you." -Mary, South Georgia

Fiddlers David and Norma"Wow John, What a fantastic lesson. This exceeds anything I ever imagined. You are an amazing teacher and if possible an even better fiddle player. Thanks so much for everything you do. I am so glad to have found this site. I will always be in awe of your ability, dedication and sincere appreciation of music and helping others. You are truly an inspiration to us all. THANK YOU!!!!" -David and Norma, Central Texas

"My name is Jeff,and I'm 44 years old.I just started to play violin,and come across your online lessons. I couldn't help but get hooked on your site. You make learning quite easy! :)" -Jeff

Fiddler Gu"Wow ! Just heard the lesson, very awesome John, thanks so much for the hard work and amazing results, those shuffles are going to help A LOT for me, most songs they play here in french are in D and G. After these lessons I will be able to add some quality shuffling to their songs and with colour. Your lessons are so much what I need to learn."
-Nagumaq, Algonquin, North Québec

"Love this awesome performing and lesson teaching. I thank you very much indeed. Your gentle and velvet voice balms my heart to reminisce the beautiful moment in my life." -Mike

Fiddler Justine"I benefit very much from the juxtaposition of your vocal explanations, frontal playing, birds-eye hand view, notes and tablature with the little blue ball bouncing along. This is unique to your lessons." - Justine, Northern Alabama

Fiddler Angela"John, the site is amazing. Not only are you a gifted musician, but you are a gifted teacher and communicator, as well. I appreciate all the personal elements you put into this.  So glad to be part of a community, also, where we can share in each others’ progress. I really love seeing each new step my fellow BGDU fiddlers take…it truly is motivational and inspirational!" -Angela, Kentucky

"Thank you so much for your lessons! This is the first site I have found where I actually understand what is being played and also how to read violin tab." -Rachel

Fiddler Barbara"Thank You’s to you my friend, mentor, & teacher, for all your valuable time and knowledge you pour out for us. Through your website, a special place in my life is being filled and I am so blessed and thankful." -Barbara, Northwestern Oregon

"You're unbelievable. I’m learning more from your site then I’ve learned in 3 months in music school. Your teaching is so easy to understand." -William

Fiddler Christopher"I’m 52 and a beginner to be honest. I am having so much fun. I probably shouldn’t jump around so much but to be honest these sounds are the ones that had rekindled my fiddle interest after so many years. Thanks for a great website."
-Christopher, Hendersonville, North Carolina