All I want for Christmas is some quiet please


The "Twelve Tunes of Christmas" had to be put on hold for a couple of days because my house was not quiet enough to record any lessons.  I am convinced there is no sound in the world to equal that of 15 girls crammed into one house.  15 girls in my usually quiet house, all talking, playing, singing, laughing, screaming.  Screaming for no other reason than just the love of life.  To preserve my sanity, I finally went off into the woods - just me and the dog.  It was twenty degrees, the wind was howling, the snow was blowing but it was so... quiet.

To be honest, though, I am very thankful for all these young ladies.  They are wonderful and sweet.  They all get along perfectly and they obviously love one another.  They all love music, too, so there was always someone on an instrument or singing.  And when one starts a song it doesn't take long for them all to join in.  It's a bit like living in a Broadway musical for 24 hours.


They fixed all the food.



They played music.



And did I mention the music?


They also packed gift bags to give away.





Here is a montage of highlights from the night:

Jammin' on White Christmas:

The First Noel:

The following day, they gave out gift bags and blessings all over town and did some really beautiful caroling.  I'm pretty proud of these young ladies.  And we were joined by one young gentleman who wasn't afraid to be the only male in the group.

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We ended the evening with friends at a local church's Christmas program.  Some of our Fiddle Campers were performing.  I can't tell you how I enjoyed seeing this family play together.