Apples in Winter

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Genre: Celtic
Skill Level: Intermediate
Key of Em

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Video #1: Here is a video of my daughter playing "Apples in Winter."

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"Apples in Winter," also known as "Kennedy's Jig" and "General White's Jig," appears in Joyce's Ancient Irish Music, Dublin 1890. The melody is at least as old as the latter 19th century, for O'Neill (1913) records it was the first jig learned as a boy by Callinafercy, Kilcoleman, County Kerry fiddler and uilleann piper William F. Hanafin, born in 1875 (who later, as an adolescent, emigrated to Massachusetts). O'Neill (1922) remarks: "Known to the fiddlers and pipers on this side of the Atlantic in later years as 'Apples in Winter', it was printed under that name in the O'Neill collections, but no variant of the popular jig so far in circulation, displays the skill of that played by the versatile Billy Hanafin, proficient on both instruments."

source: wikipedia

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    I first thought you found a way to produce apples in the wintertime!  Sounds good…your daughter is really a natural on the fiddle.  I think I’ve heard this before…sounds vaguely familiar.  One of these days I plan to get to Celtic…lots of everything you need right here.  Good stuff, as always!


    Bravo! Your daughter was wonderful … enjoyed listening.


    That is nice. The tune does sound similar to something else I have heard before. Great job of playing.


    Thank you for another great tune, John! Arwen  is very good!


    Wow , so beautiful, I m hooked ! Got to learn it . Arwen  , you sound great ! The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree they say :O)

    John (BGD)

    Haha thanks everyone. I hope to get her to crank out some more Celtic tunes for us in the near future.

    Great Scott

    Very nicely played, Arwen.  Thank you for brining this to us.  Very catchy tune.

    It reminds me of an old sea shanty.  Thinks me might do a wee jig around the poop deck after we’ve scrubbed it down, before that blighty old Captain Ahab decides to scratch it up with his splintery wooden leg.  Come to think of it:  this tune has overtones of Fisher’s hornpipe.  Maybe ’twas the same sailor who penned both of ’em, just before old Ahab made ‘im walk the plank.     🙂


    I have to take this one to work with me and start practicing…sounds much like another favorite “Swallowtail Jig”

    Thanks for the lesson…I haven’t felt like learning anything new for a while 😉



    Peggy, I hope you will learn it and put it in the Lions Den.

    I hope you and yours are doing well.




    Very nice job!  I can’t play at that level …yet but this certainly increases my awareness of my need to practice more.    Your daughter seems to have inherited dad’s skills. and that’s splendid!


    awesome job Arwen.

    With St Patty’s around the corner, I’m looking for some more Celtic tunes!!!  Beautifully done!  Love Gu’s comment….the apple has not fallen far, for sure!



    Thank you Mr. Cockman for such a wonderful tune and lesson! This is just the kind of tune I like to play! Surprisingly, I’ve never heard it before, and I thought I was pretty well informed as far as Celtic music goes! So excited to learn this one!

    Also, Arwen, you’re a superb fiddler! Thank you!

    Does anyone think the tune is a little reminiscent of the road to Lisdoonvarna?

    John (BGD)

    It does sound kind of like Lisdoonvarna!

    Arwen has been enjoying Celtic recently. I think she wants to play the Kesh Jig next.

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