Fiddle Camp 2015

With summer just around the corner, we are excited about planning our seventh annual Fiddle Camp.  Fiddle Camp 2015 will begin Tuesday, June 2 and will be held every Tuesday evening until the recital on August 4.

Everyone is welcome to Fiddle Camp. You do not have to let us know in advance that you are coming, you can just show up.  Fiddle Camp if free.  If you would like weekly updates about Fiddle Camp, please send us an email and we will add you to our email list as we send out specific information concerning upcoming events, lesson information, etc. via email. This year at Fiddle Camp, the fiddlers will be learning a new tune every week plus harmony singing and jamming. We have found that Fiddle Camp offers a wonderful environment for fun learning and real inspiration and we hope you can join us for a summer of fiddling fun. Keep a watch on the Fiddle Blog for posts about each week's exciting camp!

Fiddle Camp 2015 Schedule
6:00 - 6:45  Beginner Fiddle
6:45 -  7:30  Intermediate Fiddle
7:30 until...  Advanced Fiddle and Jam

The Ten Fiddle Camp Commandments
1. Thou shalt not touch the tent
2. Thou shalt not bang on the metal canopy
3. Thou shalt always leave snacks for others
4. Thou shalt not interrupt lessons
5. Thou shalt not mistreat the instruments
6. Thou shalt not harass the dog
7. Thou shalt always keep thy fiddle in tune
8. Thou shalt not chase the cats
9. Thou shalt not feed the dog
10. Thou shalt always be respectful of others