Fiddler’s Grove 2015

Beginner fiddlers workshop

Fiddler's Grove is the beginning of our summer of music.  I can't say enough great things about this festival and the fact that I have been to Fiddler's Grove every year for the past 27 years probably says it all.  Here are some highlights from this year's festival - fun, sun, music, ice cream, and the sound of the bass fiddle thumping into my dreams...



These girls were just interrupted from their beautiful singing for a picture. I wish I could capture all these little moments and bottle them up for later.


The fun of Fiddler's Grove is friends...
We brought back more children and instruments than we went with. You can't see it, but these girls are packed in like sardines. Who do you think is most ready to get home?

A video to highlight the weekend.  The one thing I most look  forward to is the jam in the barn with my brothers and whoever else is brave enough to join us.  This jam usually runs for most of the night because none of us has enough sense to know when to quit and go to bed.

Two of my fiddle campers made it to the Fiddler of the Festival Playoffs.  Way to go Kathleen and Anissa!

Mel Jones and His Bag of Bones is always a highlight for everyone.  Here he is with one of his many original songs.

One of our goals at Fiddle Camp is to encourage families and friends to play together.  I was so pleased to see a good many of our fiddle campers organize bands and compete in the youth band competition.  Here are some highlights from all the youth bands.

Fiddler's Grove is the first, and perhaps only, festival I know of that has a hot licks competition.  Pickers line up for a chance to show off their best licks.  This has become such an anticipated part of the festival.
*I apologize for the shaky camera.  This was due to the fact that several children were trying to use me as a climbing tree. 🙂