In the Book of Life

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Genre: Gospel
Skill Level: Intermediate
Key of E

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Video #1: Here is a video of me playing along with Steve Srader on "In the Book of Life."

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In the Book of Life , What have You Done?
Key of (E) Written by Steve Srader 04/19/2018 03:00pm

(E) In the book of life ! Everyday is (A) done !
That days (E) recorded ! Can’t be (B7) undone !
Making your (E) choices it’s heaven or (A) hell !
What have you (E) done ? (B7) What have You (E) done ?

(E) Upon Your Death , Your lifes work is (A) done !
On The scales of (E) life, weighs Heaven or (B7) Hell !
Your lifes (E) revealed , to the holy (A) one !
All is (E) seen , All laid (B7) bare
Judgement (E) Day’s , upon Your (A) Soul !
Before Mighty (E) God , Will You (B7) stand or (E) Fall ?

(E) In the book of life ! It’s all your (A) choices !
Your days (E) recorded ! Can’t be (B7) undone !
Ask Yourself (E) Your work this (A) far !
What have You (E) done ? (B7) What have you (E) done ?