Ookpik Waltz

This is an online fiddle lesson for both the Frankie Rodgers' and western versions of "Ookpik Waltz."

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Genre: Old Time
Skill Level: Intermediate
Key of G

You may download and use any of the MP3s and tablature for your personal use. However, please do not make them available online or otherwise distribute them.

NOTE: If multiple fiddle lessons and MP3s are loading at once, this page will get slow! I recommend that you refresh the page each time you open a new video or MP3.

Video #1: Here is a video of me playing "Ookpik Waltz" by Frankie Rodgers.

Video #2: Here is a video of me playing the western version of "Ookpik Waltz."

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    Oh yeah!  That’s a good one!  Thanks!


    Are you going to post the music for the Western version John?

    Whoops, forget it…I found it….

    John (BGD)

    I love both versions, but the Frankie Rodgers original is my favorite.


    love this song! been wanting to learn it so it’s the first lesson I picked!



    I love this tune so much! I can’t wait to smooth out my playing it with this lesson! I like the Tolkien shirt, Mr. Cockman. I bought my Dad one with the white tree of Gondor for Father’s day 🙂

    John (BGD)

    Ha it’s cool that you noticed the shirt. You should wear yours in your next video!

    Janet, I hope to hear you play it some day. Are you learning the western version, or the Frankie Rodgers version?


    I wondered about the shirt…everybody I’ve ever known in my whole life read Tolken…I tried several times but never could get interested in it.  That or Star Wars…can’t get interested in that either but everybody has characters from Star Wars on T shirts.  Gosh I gotta join in some day!


    John, I prefer the western version, maybe because that’s the first one I heard.  Waltzes are may favorites too so far. I have trouble with fast tunes so I do like the slower ones for that reason too I guess

    John (BGD)

    The western version is much more well known. However, when I heard the original by Frankie Rodgers, I immediately fell in love!


    The western version really gets my attention and am printing out the tabs for practice.   I’m finding  that the waltzes are really getting to the top of my favorites to play.  Much appreciate having  so many to draw from and to   learn in your archives.

    John (BGD)

    I’m loving waltzes more and more. I used to love the fast songs, but the more I play the more I appreciate the slower tunes. 🙂


    Boy, I really like the Western version of this song!

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    Steve Srader

    Ed I like this one too ! I have been kicking it around for a year , one of these days I will put it in the lions den !

    Great Scott

    Great lesson, John!  I know the interruptions that you endured while making this lesson.   😉

    Steve, what can I say to encourage you to post your performance of this song, except:  LION’S DEN!  LION’S DEN!  LION’S DEN!!!!!!     🙂

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