2016 Fiddle Camp Recital

IMG_0051How hard it is to put into words all that Fiddle Camp entails:  Old friends, new friends, family, watermelon (always), tennis, ice cream, the Fiddle Camp News, jackets, blankets, strings and tape, children buried in the sandbox, laughter and a whole bunch of music.  We hope you enjoy a peek into the Fiddle Camp Finale and all the wonderful musicians and their families that make Fiddle Camp so special!

Fiddle Camp Finale
I arrived early at the Blowing Rock Park
And wandered around without much to do.
With a newly made friend I had a nice talk;
Played a tune with another who was there early too.

Once the beginners began to assemble
I wandered away to the cookies and melon
And joined a bundle of girls in a gaggle
That included some Harwells, and Powells, and Lorien.
After long consultation, we all went to sample
The fudge being offered for free down at Kilwins'.

The we marched up the street -
A few with bare feet -
To the end of the block,
And returned to the park.

With music and dancing the night wore away;
Then we went out for ice cream to finish the day.
Outside on the sidewalk, we kept folks awake
With singing and laughing and some boisterous play.
Kilwins' was open till nearly eleven
And not till they locked up did we think about moving!

What a fitting finale to Fiddle Camp, friends!
Like that evening, we wish that it never would end.
With Fiddles so lovely and campers so kind -
If we played here forever, would anyone mind?

~ by a veteran Fiddle Camper

Beginner Fiddle - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Beginner Fiddle - Liza Jane

Beginner Step Dance

Beginner Guitar - Amazing Grace

Intermediate Fiddle - Soldier's Joy

Intermediate Fiddle - Scots / Irish Medley

Intermediate Guitar - Soldier's Joy

Advanced Fiddle - Gospel Medley

Advanced Fiddle - Bluegrass in the Backwoods

Advanced Fiddle - Bobcat Bounce

Advanced Fiddle - Two Rivers

Advanced Step Dance

The Burgess Family

The Echemendia Family

The Greer Family

The Harwell Family

The Kennedy Family

The Little Cousins

The Oliver Family

The Petrey Family

The Rusgrove Family

Samuel and Isaiah - Blackberry Blossom

Sophie and the Brothers Two

The Weigl Family

The White Family

The Wingo-Pierce Family