Bluegrass in the Backwoods

This is an online fiddle lesson for the bluegrass tune "Bluegrass in the Backwoods" by Kenny Baker. is your best source for Bluegrass, Old Time, Celtic, Gospel, and Country fiddle lessons!

Genre: Bluegrass
Skill Level: Advanced
Key of D

You may download and use any of the MP3s and tablature for your personal use. However, please do not make them available online or otherwise distribute them.

NOTE: If multiple fiddle lessons and MP3s are loading at once, this page will get slow! I recommend that you refresh the page each time you open a new video or MP3.

Video #1: Here is a video of my daughter playing "Bluegrass in the Backwoods."

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Online Fiddle Lesson

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    Nancy Parker

    Hi John – I am so glad that you posted this lesson.  It’s definitely a tune I want to be able to play.  You must have read my mind!

    Question:  How do I download the MP3s with my iPad?  I don’t have a “right click”.  – n


    How do you bring up a drop-down menu? Should be able to use the same procedure.

    John (BGD)

    Here are some suggestions for Nancy:

    Get a DropBox account (FREE)

    Whence Dropbox is installed and setup, navigate to the mp3 file, tap and hold the link and a pop up will display list of options, including save to Dropbox.

    Another method is to install iCab mobile:

    iCab mobile will let you download mp3 files directly onto your iPad and store them there. Additionally, you can play back mp3 files within iCab.

    Further, iCab offers Dropbox integration, which brings us back to the top.


    Very impressive playing Arwen!

    Maybe someday I’ll play like that 🙂 years from now!

    John (BGD)

    I thought you all would enjoy this video of Arwen fiddling live this past Thursday morning. She arranged “Bluegrass in the Backwoods” and “Czardas” into a medley. I included her “Fiddler’s Dream” medley as well.

    This was a special St. Patrick’s day luncheon honoring the seniors in Catawba County, and entertainment was provided by the Cockman Family grandkids. All the ones you see at the front tables are over 90 years old!




    She sounds even better everytime I hear her!  I’m convinced y’all stuck a fiddle in her hands before she even learned to burp!?


    Go Arwen!!! That is great playing. Is she still taking classical lessons too?  Was it hard to keep up with her on the drum box? Ha


    Beautiful playing, Arwen! You are a great fiddler!


    Great job by both of your girls.  Looks like brother Ben is doing well. So glad for that.

    Great Scott

    Fantastic playing!  What a treat!

    Happy belated St. Paddy’s Day!

    John (BGD)

    Thank you Great Scott!

    John Tait


    The two jam tracks for BGITB:  MP#2 and MP#3 are not linking with the appropriate backing track.

    Instead when right-clicking and Saving Link, it comes up with “Silver Spear” on both.

    Perhaps you can check this minor glitch?



    John (BGD)

    John, thanks for letting me know about that. I fixed the links and also added some slower speeds.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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