Hello, Ma Baby

This is an online fiddle lesson for the ragtime song "Hello, Ma Baby."

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Genre: Old Time
Skill Level: Intermediate
Key of F

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Video #1: Here is a video of me playing and singing "Hello, Ma Baby."

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"Hello! Ma Baby" is a Tin Pan Alley song written in 1899 by the songwriting team of Joseph E. Howard and Ida Emerson, known as "Howard and Emerson". Its subject is a man who has a girlfriend he knows only through the telephone. At the time, telephones were relatively novel, present in fewer than 10% of U.S. households, and this was the first well-known song to refer to the device. Additionally, the word "Hello" itself was primarily associated with telephone use — "Hello Girl" was slang for a telephone operator even through the first world war — though it later became a general greeting for all situations.

source: wikipedia

Hello, Ma Baby

I’ve got a little baby but she’s out of sight
I talk to her across the telephone
I’ve never seen my honey but she’s mine alright
So take my tip and leave this gal alone
Every single morning you will hear me yell
Hey Central, fix me up along the line
He connects me with my honey then I ring the bell
And this is what I say to baby mine:

Hello my baby, Hello my honey
Hello my ragtime gal
Send me a kiss by wire
Baby my heart’s on fire
If you abuse me, honey you lose me
Then you’ll be left alone, so baby
Telephone and tell me
I’m your own!

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    ??. Nice…what a great friend you are, John…enjoy, Rock!


    Awww….how wonderful!  Hand shake for John and a Hug for Rock.  Hugs all around!



    John,  I just now seen this and LOL LOL  and the tears are streaming down my face at the same time.  How special this is to me.

    Thank you my brother!

    Now I will have to learn the wonderful new version.

    John (BGD)

    Rock, I hoped you would like it! It was a lot of fun going back and watching all of those classics. 🙂


    That’s a good frog, right there!  A little shy, maybe…


    Great John, and Rock you enjoy:)

    Great Scott

    Can’t hear it today, Johnny but will hopefully be able to listen to it when next on the computer with my own ear buds.  Computer has public headphones but I won’t touch them.  I value my health.   :

    John (BGD)

    I don’t blame you! Maybe you could request a brief soak in some alcohol?


    I wouldn’t think ear phones would transmit too many horrible things, but…well it’s good to be cautious, in case, depending on the little bitty microbe bugs going around wherever you are.  If you’re in an unusual climate, your immune system could get tripped up, I guess.

    Great Scott

    I had to ask for another hour on the computer so I could continue with my drivel.

    I forgot to bring my own ear-buds and just now saw what looked like a bit of road kill stuffed into the headphones (run over by a horse and cart).  An in another, I saw a nice healthy cabbage growing out of one of the public headphone set.  And there was something moving inside the cabbage.  I thought it might have been a giant caterpillar until I saw its head pop out with a big cheesy grin on its face.  I was my very own Cabbage patch baby!!!!!  Yay!!!!!  I’m a daddy!!!!!!    🙂  Just what I need!!!!!  Another mouth to feed!!!  As if Sue Ellen doesn’t eat enough!  Man, she eats like a horse!!!!!  And sings like a Llama!!!!!   🙂

    John (BGD)

    I’ve decided to change the lyrics to “Hello Ma Cabbage Patch Baby.” My sister used to collect those dolls. She should have saved them; we would have been richer than J. R. today. Speaking of Sue Ellen — if she eats like a horse, she must have a really high metabolism. 🙂


    shoulda made sauerkraut before you let all that happen!

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